Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Lawson on her way home from church. She is so funny. Everytime we eat a meal or snack Lawson says "wa wai- wait I have to do my blessings" we all stop and say our blessings. Then at night time she has to have her book "God and Me" in her bed. If she doesn't she will wake up in the middle of the night crying "I want Ga and me" Do you think this is a sign?

I love the pool!
Watch me swim!
Story Time: The lifeguard called break 5 minutes early and no one was at the pool. Lawson stood up, looked right at the lifeguard and said "its not break time yet!" She was right but we still had to obey the rules and get out of the pool!

Welcome to the Fitts Family Blog!

I have been reading friend's blogs for quite some time and it never occurred to me to do one ourselves. But what a great way for our friends and family keep up with what is going on in our household. For a little brief history.

Collins and I just celebrated our 6 year anniversary. We are a little older now a little grayer but still happily in love.

We have a beautiful daughter, Lawson, who is now 2 years old. She is wonderful and everyday I learn something new either about myself or about her. Her favorite things these days is to play with her dolls (and watch out because she imitates everything she sees) and to go swimming. She is a little fish. She loves the pool! We go about twice a week and I think a third of the time she is under the water!

We are expecting our second child. We found out this time that we are having a boy and feel so blessed. Lawson loves kissing my belly and rubbing my belly. She says "that's my baby brother!" I love her enthusiasm for everything. However, she is pretty determined that she is not going to share her toys!

We will post more later.