Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Fun 2013 and Track Out

Track out in the fall for the kids means lots of fun for everyone!!!!
Marbles, Halloween Dress Rehersal, Hayrides, Dress Up dance class,
Girls Night Outs, and time at the park!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wesley's Soccer Season Update

Wesley is having a awesome season. The last 2 games Wesley has scores 5 goals in each game. Today's highlight was he scored the winning goal in the last 30 seconds and it was AWESOME!!! (Not that we we were keeping track) haha!! Thanks, Grammy and Pops for coming up for Wesley's game today.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wesley's Soccer Team -Cougars

Wesley is in a different soccer league this year called CASL. It is suppose to be more competitive but I will be honest at this stage there is no difference. Wesley still really enjoys it and that is all that matters. I have to write this so I will remember later!

When Wes plays he keeps score (even though they don't) when a team scores he will run down the field with his arms by his side showing the numbers with ha fingers. He does this every time! He gets frustrated when the score gets above 5 for obvious reasons he only has 5 fingers.

Last game he made a score card for me to keep tally. Well

New Hens

We have increased our flock by 2. We now have 4 chickens and they seem to be getting along. Our most dominate hen is molting and looks horrible but I hear she will come back prettier then ever. Our egg supply has increased only slightly. Seems like they are temperamental like kids. They lay when they feel like it :/

Cailyn Update- School & Dance

Cailyn has adjusted well to preschool. She loves it walks right in like she owns the place!! She once again loves dance and is quite theatrical!! Cailyn is just a bundle of joy most of the time!!!