Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Fun 2013 and Track Out

Track out in the fall for the kids means lots of fun for everyone!!!!
Marbles, Halloween Dress Rehersal, Hayrides, Dress Up dance class,
Girls Night Outs, and time at the park!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wesley's Soccer Season Update

Wesley is having a awesome season. The last 2 games Wesley has scores 5 goals in each game. Today's highlight was he scored the winning goal in the last 30 seconds and it was AWESOME!!! (Not that we we were keeping track) haha!! Thanks, Grammy and Pops for coming up for Wesley's game today.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wesley's Soccer Team -Cougars

Wesley is in a different soccer league this year called CASL. It is suppose to be more competitive but I will be honest at this stage there is no difference. Wesley still really enjoys it and that is all that matters. I have to write this so I will remember later!

When Wes plays he keeps score (even though they don't) when a team scores he will run down the field with his arms by his side showing the numbers with ha fingers. He does this every time! He gets frustrated when the score gets above 5 for obvious reasons he only has 5 fingers.

Last game he made a score card for me to keep tally. Well

New Hens

We have increased our flock by 2. We now have 4 chickens and they seem to be getting along. Our most dominate hen is molting and looks horrible but I hear she will come back prettier then ever. Our egg supply has increased only slightly. Seems like they are temperamental like kids. They lay when they feel like it :/

Cailyn Update- School & Dance

Cailyn has adjusted well to preschool. She loves it walks right in like she owns the place!! She once again loves dance and is quite theatrical!! Cailyn is just a bundle of joy most of the time!!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cailyn’s First Day in Preschool 2yr old room

Miss Cailyn, Miss Cailyn. 

We were all so excited about our first day of Preschool!!! Cailyn’s first day was FANTASTIC.  We took pictures.



She walked right in and started playing and never looked back for me.


When I was waiting around, wishing for maybe a little whimper, she turned around waved at me and said “Bye mommy, go”


Okay…that went tooooo well.

When she got home she was EXHAUSTED and took a 4hr nap.



The next day (we go 3 days a week) We walked in and I got some more pictures.

IMG_5953 IMG_5954

I love a little kid with a big backpack. 

Well, the second and 3rd day have not gone as well as the 1st.  She was sad, cried or whimpered the whole entire day.  At one point when they told the class they were going outside to play she got so upset she made herself throw up.  The had to leave her in the front office and there she got to entertain everyone so she was absolutely FINE!!! What in the world???? The teachers had to hold her ALL day.  If she was held she was fine. 

Conclusion…I think this is a bit too much change for Cailyn.  At first it was fun but then when it became a regular thing it wasn’t as fun.  PLUS, I think Cailyn might be an “attention hog.”  Just saying it is in the realm of possibilities.  We will try again next week and pray things get better!!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cailyn's Meet the Teacher at Preschool

It is very exciting. Cailyn met her teacher and friends in her 2 yr old classroom. As I walked Cailyn into her classroom I realized I have walked 3 children into this very room. It might of pulled on my heart strings for a little bit but for the most part I was VERY excited. She settled in beautifully and saw several friends she already knew. This is Colby. Wesley and his older sister, Rylie, are good friends! It is going to be an awesome year!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Don't use your teeth!!!

How many times have parents told kids "don't use your teeth you will break your teeth?" Well, Wesley learned a hard lesson. He will be losing his first tooth a little earlier then expected thanks to him yanking on a blow up ball air spout with his teeth!!!

Saturday, he came in with a white face saying he did something bad. And all of a sudden had a very loose tooth. That was very painful and very wriggly!!

By Monday the tooth was turning colors (black) and if you know me I HATE teeth so I though the worst thanks to early childhood trauma with the boys. Tuesday we had a dentist appt. and thankfully all is well. His tooth will fall out on his own and he did not do any damage to his permanent teeth. Thank you, thank you!!! Life with boys....

As I am looking at this picture I see what beautiful baby teeth Wesley has. I wish they would stay this way!!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

We built this city...

On Rock and Roll!!! (You know the song,right?)

Lawson got ahold of Cailyn and she looks like a big hair groupie!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Duck Tape to Bed!

Doesn't everyone wear duck tape to bed?? Especially if it is coordinates with your PJs? No! Well, this is our solution to Cailyn's repeatedly taking off her diaper at night and wetting the bed. Mommy, doesn't like changing sheets in the middle of the night !!! Until she is fully potty trained, this is our solution....(also, the pack in play is up for nap time. Seems she can't settle down for a nap because of all the distractions in her room!). It is quite comical that she hands me the duck tape after I put her in her PJs now!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

School is back in that means..busy busy busy!!!

This week we really kicked off out busy school season. We have activities everyday but we enjoy the busy schedule! Monday they kids started school again. They are so cute (when they get along)! Plus, they had picture day!!!

Cailyn has started dance class on Friday mornings. To say she loves it is an understatement!!

Cailyn was ready for some plié and passé but they pretty much just moved around and had a good time to music. She LOVES to dance!!

Saturday I took my GS troop to Chucky Cheese...we were suppose to go Rollerskating but the silly rink was closed and didn't find out until we were in route to North Raleigh. Luckily with quick thinking I was able to find quick entertainment close by. The kids had a blast and that is all that really mattered!

Do you see the honorary member? Wesley had so much fun too and the girls were so sweet to him!!!

Sweet pictures of Wesley sleeping! This is how I found him last night. Precious!!

Friday night the kids had a sleepover in Lawson's room. Collins didn't want to miss out I guess.

A bit of cuteness...sometimes I like this cat...

Last but Not least, Wesley is in a new soccer league this year. All his games will be Sunday at 2:00! Hope someone can work out to be able to see him!!

Sunday we went to church. The message had me in compete tears most of the time. Then they sang Amazing Grace...really I don't need to say more but I another post. I am still gathering my thoughts.

Friday, August 23, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten for Wesley (3 days late)

My Big Boy is now a Kindergartener!! We had a wonderful short summer but it was finally time to begin a new path in elementary school. Of course, nothing ever really goes to plan around here.  Wesley did his staggered entry the week of July 9th and everything was great.  Sunday before his first real day I took the kids to the pool as one last moment of summer. We got home everything seemed okay, I fixed dinner and that is when Wesley complained he didn’t feel well.  Took his temperature and it was 102!!!


No other symptoms but fever. I was sure it was going to be fine by the morning and he would not miss the first day of kindergarten.  I was wrong…he not only missed the first day but the first 3 days of school. By Tuesday he couldn’t swallow and was still so sick.  OH MY GOODNESS!!! Come to find out he had Hand, Foot and Mouth.  Our first case ever.

Finally by Thursday Wesley was well enough to go to school.  However, the night before his poor little sister got it.  She was up all night crying and drooling and was a mess.  He might of been well but I was a mess along with Cailyn.

First Day of School…3 days late.  We mustard up just enough strength to get pictures… You can kind of tell he is still exhausted but he was ready!!!

DSC_0943 DSC_0947

Then we got to school.  I walked into the classroom but someone else lagged behind.  Here is my sweet, timid boy checking things out and realizing “nope, I am NOT going in there”

DSC_0948 DSC_0949

I tried talking him into going but I was already SO tired and worn out that I started getting tears in my eyes (you know the #1 thing they tell you NOT to do to assure your kid everything will be fine).  That is when he dug his heel in the ground and refused to go in.  I finally got the teachers attention and told her I thought it was best if I just leave him in the hallway and walk away (bawling).  I watched from a corner it take 3 adults to drag my kicking, screaming for mommy child into the classroom.  IT WAS AWFUL!!! I just stood there.  In moments like these you wonder am I doing the right thing, maybe he wasn’t ready, maybe I am not ready…then another teacher asked me if he was my first child to go to school.  I thought to myself “Yes, I am just a crazy women who on the 4th day of school still can’t get my stuff together!!!” 

Well, he made it in.  He only stood in the corner of the classroom for an hour watching everyone… (No words)  The teacher was kind enough during lunch write me to tell me that day he was doing much better and they even caught a few smiles.  Thank you, Lord!!

When we got home he was head over heels in love with school!!! Of course.  All that drama…again no words!!

That evening the school had a Back to School Night. I normally don’t care much for these things but I want the kids to feel like they are apart of the school community so we went.  I am so glad we did.  Check out these smiles.  Yep, it was a hit. 

DSC_0952 DSC_0962

We are officially in kindergarten and Wesley is doing GREAT!! He loves it and Wesley has adjusted very well.  The teachers just rave over what a well behaved child he is!!!!! Let’s hope he keeps that up!!   I should mention thanks to our crazy track three schedule he was in school all of 7 days before he got a 3 week vacation!

Personal Note to Wesley-  I love you son and I am so incredibly proud of you!!! Continue to stay brave and strong and always pray!! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Little Angler

He gets his love for fishing from both sides of the family. Wesley is in his happy place with a rod in his hands!! Very thankful he gets many opportunities to fish with his Pops!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lunch at School

I went and had lunch with the big kids at school on Friday. Lawson wouldn't let me take her picture so it is only of Wes.

 Wes didn't know what to think that I was there. He proceeded to wave at me and sit down to eat with his friends.  I finally talked him into having lunch with me once the teacher told him it was okay.  Then of course he didn't want to eat because he was not fully prepared for this change of events.  Finally, once he realized I wasn't leaving he loosened up, ate, and we talked about his day!

He told me while I was there "I love spending time with you"  he melts my heart!!

When it was time to go he wouldn't give me a kiss but I didn't push it.  I have a feeling this is the slow process of him not needing his mama so much.  I will just treasure the moments he will let me kiss him and not dwell on the fact that my little boy is growing up!!

I am very proud of Lawson and Wesley!!! They are both doing great in school, they seem to enjoy it and adapted nicely.  Of course, now we have a three week break so we will have to start over again but I think they will do well!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Lawson's Last Day of 2nd Grade

2nd grade for Lawson had its fair share of challenges. New school, then 3 weeks later new teacher,LOTS of homework, friend issues, deciding she hates school and making life miserable, to loving school and making the most of it...

What a year. Happy to say we survived, she did great!

Lawson's Teacher Ms. Chesser.

Lawson's picture for LAST DAY OF SCHOOL for at least a week!! Then she started 3rd grade!!

Here are some pictures from Lawson's last few weeks of school.

Field Day

School Spirit Week (wacky tacky day)

Award ceremony

Skit time

What do brother and sister do when we are at the school....sit and wait patiently (most of the time)

We are very proud of Lawson and all she has over come this year!!!