Thursday, April 30, 2009

Soccer Chick

Lawson got a new soccer ball from Nana and Dah, and as any girl knows if you are going to play soccer (or any sport) you need the right outfit. Well, Nana and Dah were smart enough to bring her the perfect soccer outfit.

Check her out...

I am not a huge fan of soccer, but when you look this cute it can't be that bad!!

Having fun kicking the ball...

Thanks Nana and Dah!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The hills are alive....

Do you know what musical those words are from? If you guessed 'Sound of Music' you are right!! My parents just got back from Germany recently and brought Lawson lots of goodies. While they were there they also visited Austria and visited this home.

If you are a fan of 'Sound of Music' you will recognize it is the Captain's home. Can you believe this is still a home??? Just Beautiful!

To play the role 'Sound of Music' you have to have the right Bavarian Attire called, a Dirndl. Look at this gorgeous dress Nana and Dah got Lawson from Southern Germany.

It has a shirt but she didn't want to wear it. Instead she wanted to stuff her shirt with flowers.

She even found heels to make this outfit complete

Lawson dancing and singing with Mr Chew. I can see it now 'Sound of Music' starring Lawson Fitts!!

Thanks Nana and Dah!

Nana and Dah Visit- April

This weekend Nana and Dah came to visit! We always have so much fun when they come. It was a short visit, they didn't get in until 11:45PM Friday night and left 9:30AM Sunday morning. It is about quality not quantity! Thanks Mom and Dad for traveling so far to see us for such a short time!

Lawson got a neat Farm set from the Agri Supply Store. Wesley knows some animal sounds and this set only came with horses and he says "moooooo" every time he plays with the horse. Although he has it wrong it is still the sweetest/funniest sounds.

Hot, Spring day. Just taking a breather!

Lawson just loves this little Farm Set

Nana and Wesley!

Classic Photo!!

More pictures of Lawson in this beautiful dress!! It is from Germany!

Monday, April 27, 2009

MC Accounting Girl Visit

This weekend I went and saw some of my old MC buddies at MC. Not everyone could show up and were missed but it was so nice to see some of my old friends. I got to meet for the first time Nicole's little boy Peyton who is 6 days older then Wesley and Leta's 2.5 yr old toddler, Madison. We met at the amphitheater by the lake, which is just gorgeous. There should be a sign that says "Beware of Geese Droppings" but you figure that out pretty fast.

Leta is a smart mommy and brought bubbles!!

Peyton and Wesley (wish this wasn't blurry)

Lawson chasing the geese!

I love MC !!!

The Class of 2000 Doll (we were all very very hot!!)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lawson Talk

Don't let her looks fool you!!

Lawson, Wesley and I were in downtown Raleigh yesterday and parked right behind a cop car and the cop just happened to be standing by his car. Lawson was in the car saying "Oh no mommy, no!! We don't want a ticket" I assured her I was not getting a ticket and got out the the car.

The cop said 'hi' to all of us and Lawson said "Are you going to give my mommy a ticket?" He chuckled to himself and said "No, I am not going to give your mommy a ticket. Why, has your mommy done something bad?" Then my tell-it-all child said "YES." I am thinking "you little stinker" and walked away smiled and said a little prayer that I did not find a ticket on my car when I returned. When we returned there was no ticket, but it is like she WANTS me to get one. Little squirt!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How I got a black eye!!

I had alluded last week that the adventure getting to the Science Museum was one for the books, so I thought I would share with you. Because I am the type that laughs when people trip or fall, I can laugh at my own self!!

My sister was getting the kids out of the car and I was responsible for getting out the stroller. Simple task. Done it a million times. Not a big deal-WRONG! The stroller is a funky tri-fold stroller and sometimes take a good jolt to open. So I gave it a good jolt and out flying from the seat was a toy that hit me right underneath my left eye. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES??

I never cried but trust me if I wasn't so worried out all the people who could of been watching me through the office windows and from their car I probably would of! My boo-boo immediately swelled and Lawson immediately started crying saying "I don't want my mommy to be hurt." So I gathered myself, not really being able to smile and proceeded forward. Then two steps towards the museum Lawson trips and falls!! Thought about getting back in the car, but we continued to the museum and had a nice time!! Just getting there was the pits!!

Just call me grace! My daughter gets her gracefulness from me!!

Today, 1 week later my under eye is every color of the rainbow and not in a pretty way!

Boy Gift Theory

Give a boy a shiny, new, expensive toy they play with it for 15 minutes

Give a boy rocks they play with them for hours...

Makes you think!!!
Pretend conversation:
Wesley: So what are you trying to say mommy, I am getting rocks for Christmas?
Mommy: Yep, pretty much!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lawson's Knight in Shining Armor

Yesterday, Lawson was having fun outside, not really doing anything out of the ordinary just running around with Mr. Chew. Well, as luck would have it she fell really hard on and scrapped up both of her knees really bad or bad enough for 6 band-aids!

I got Lawson all doctored up but could never calm her down. She kept on crying for 'daddy.' EXCUSE ME!! I am the mommy, I am the one who is suppose to be able to nurture all your needs and you are asking for daddy?!?!?! This was a first. I decided to call Collins in hopes he could calm her down over the phone. Her pathetic cries and her asking "Daddy please come home" it made me tear-up. Oh, my heart just hurt for her!! I calmed her down with food in the den and a movie (both a treat). Everything was back in order, then about 30 minutes later...

Low-and-behold, a Knight in Shining Armor strolled through the back door! Oh the kids just squealed in delight to see Daddy!! So he cuddled and kissed Lawson's boo-boo and made her all better. I have to admit I was very happy to see him too and it MADE LAWSON'S DAY!! What a good daddy!!!

So how is Lawson now? Once daddy came home she was fine and still running on the concrete!!
Her outfits are getting better and better each day!! Notice the Jelly shoes?? Ladies from Class of '00 remember these from the 3-5th grade? What goes around comes around!!
This picture just cracked me up and I had to add it. She is going to love me when she is 13!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lucky Lady!!

I had share some of my good fortune from this weekend. Remember when I posted that I lost a diamond in my engagment ring??? Well, believe it or not, yesterday I found the diamond!!!

I found the diamond on Wesley's changing table under the pad!!

Here is the proof...

I will be making a trip to Bailey's Jewelry this week!! I am thinking I should buy a lottery ticket too. Seems to be my lucky week!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Aunt Lauren is in town

Too busy to post much but wanted you to know I am MIA because my sister is in town. We are having a great time. Yesterday we went to the Science Museum and had a nice time, lots of school kids there but we had fun. The adventure as we got out of the car, to go to the museum, is a post all in it self but I wanted to share some pictures....

Wesley wearing "Future Georgetown Medical Doctor" shirt and a stethoscope!! We have high hopes for this little guy!! (Can you tell my little boy is changing right before our EYES!?!)

At the museum...

Pretty butterflies...

Lawson and Aunt Lauren

My sister and I are the best of friends. It is so much fun to have her around who will eat just as much junk food as me and will not judge me!! Let's see so far we have eaten a month's portion of brownies, marshmallows, and salsa!! Good times!!! We have also got through all of the MLS listings in NOVA and judged every one's home and decorating styles.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Lawson woke up twice Saturday night worrying that the Easter Bunny would not show. Plus worrying about the logistics of how he was going to get in the house. "Well, how is he going to get in?" "How will he know where I live?" "Is Chewy going to hear him?" Seriously!!!

Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny did not disappoint. He left candy and hid eggs in the den. Lawson found all of the eggs and was so sweet she filled up Wesley's jug (go here to read the story of the jug) full of eggs. So he would have some too!! She really loves her baby brother.
Presents from the Easter Bunny
Going through the stash

I like candy too!!!

Taylor joined us Sunday morning for Church. All of the kids were so excited to see him!!

We went to our church and it was a wonderful service- I love our church!! Wesley didn't seem to enjoy the nursery much. He cried on and off the whole time. Poor guy!! Lawson doesn't like Sunday School so she was with us the whole time.

After church we had ham, potatoe caserole, collards, deviled eggs and key lime cheesecake. It was an excellent. Of course, we had to take more pictures of us all cleaned up. I think we all clean up nicely!!

Mommy and her 1st baby!!

Mommy and her kiddos- Typical to have one hanging off my leg!!

Our Family (can you tell she was over pictures?)

Grammy and Pops and the grandkids

The Fitts

Wesley in his Daddy's Easter outfit also worn by Uncle Taylor. I love it!!

Just the boys

Maridith and Collins. (Can't remember when we got a good picture of just the two of us!!)

Happy Easter!!
Mommy also got some Easter goodies. Remember my letter to the Easter Bunny?? He listened!! The Easter Bunny (aka my parents) sent me two packages of Cadbury Mini Eggs, before they left for Germany. What an awesome surprise. I am slightly embarressed to say one of those packages are completely gone!!! Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Easter Weekend- Happy Easter!!

We had a wonderful Easter Weekend and I hope that you all did as well. Grammy and Pops came into town and it was a weekend of fun. Wesley & Lawson got their goodies from Grammy and Pops. Wes was extremely excited to get a swing. He never stopped smiling!!

See now we can all play on the swing set. Fun times!!
2 happy kids!!
Our little Doctor, Dr. Lawson, got a Medical kit. She checked us all out and we are all nice and healthy!!

Saturday we went to to the WRAL Gardens for pictures and then afterwards went to the Farmer's Market Restaurant and the walked around the Farmer's Market. The renovated Farmer's Market was excellent--but just like normal the wait was 45mins.

Below are a BUNCH of pictures from the WRAL Gardens. It was pretty, but I bet it will be really pretty in a week or two.

3 Generations

I like playing in water!!!

Daddy and Son

Trying to get two kids to look at the same time. IMPOSSIBLE!!

Thanks Grammy and Pops!!