Friday, March 29, 2013

Cailyn hitting a Milestone at her own pace

One of the awesome pleasures of being a SAHM is witnessing your child hit a milestone! At Cailyn's 2 yr check up everything checked out great but we still are slightly delayed in her gross motor skills. Not a surprise. The doctor nor I were alarmed and knew she would hit her milestone at her own pace. Probably 2-3 months later. One of the skills is going up and down stairs without climbing them but holding onto the railing. Guess what I caught Cailyn doing 2 months later and right in cue!?!? (Sorry for the blurry picture. I was just trying to capture the moment!! )

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Soccer Season Spring 2013

Although it doesn't feel like Spring around here, soccer season has begun. We are very excited that Lawson decided to play this season for the first time ever.

She got to run though the banner.

She had a great game and played hard. One thing about Lawson she is a very fast runner and she loves to run. She said her first game experience was "awesome!!!" Yippee!

Then it was Wesley's turn. It was cold but he was thrilled to be back on the field.

He had a great game, several assists but most importantly had a fun time with his friends. This is his 3rd season with the same coach, Coach Jason.

We look forward to a fun filled season watching the kids have fun!!

Cailyn says "go La-la! Go Wes-Wes!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Snow Day

It is spring!! I better catch this blog up!!!

In February, we got our first and only snow day.  It was the perfect snow, here one day gone the next.  It was just enough for the kids to get to taste and see the snow but not mess up the roads too much. 

The kids loved it.  This was Cailyn’s official first snow (and she is 2)!!!


Look at this mommy!!


Hooray for snow!!!


Wesley loves eating it!!


The chickens were not scared one bit of the snow.  Just for my records, this is the last picture I got of all three chickens


Happy Snow Day!!!