Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cailyn is 4 Months Old

My sweet baby is 4 months old.  I will say this a million times over but how can 4 months go by so fast??? 

She is growing by leaps and bounds these last few weeks.  She might of started off smaller then her brother and sister but I think she is quickly catching up.  We will see next week.

Here is her official 4 month picture.  In this picture she is wearing her Christening Gown and a handkerchief bonnet. 


The symbolic part of this bonnet is she wears it on her Christening Day and then on her Wedding Day it is something old.  It makes me cry…I think that is so sweet.  She thinks it is funny!!!


The dress was mine as a child.  She wore this also on her Christening Day.  I will post pictures of that day this week.

What you can tell from this picture….

1. Cailyn has blue eyes (I think they are here to stay)

2. I rubbed all her hair off in the bath one day (I am assuming it was suppose to do that)…and now it is growing back beautifully….if I was a betting person, I would bet it will be light golden brown like her brothers.

3. She has excellent head control although 9 times out of 10 at tummy time…the child falls asleep.

4. She is the happiest baby!! OMG, the Lord truly blessed us!!


Other things about what Cailyn is doing…she love sucking her fingers. Ugh!!!


Or sometimes her thumb. Double ugh!!


We are trying everything in our power to stop the thumb and go for a paci or a teething ring!!


Cailyn is getting SO big… and she found her feet. 


Lastly, look who is trying to sit up!!


Cailyn this has been the best 4 months!! You complete our family and we love watching you grow, but do your mommy a favor…slow down.  It is hard to explain how my kids keep aging and I do not!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lawson’s Ice Skating Party


Saturday we celebrated Lawson’s 6th birthday at the ice rink.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! It was great because not only did the kids ice skate but so did the parents. We provided ice skating lessons for everyone.  It was so fun to see everyone ice skate. The kids (who are much lower to the ground) pretty much had it going on. 


Even Wesley gave it a good try.  Since I can semi-ice skate I was left holding him up.  Literally!  He is not quite ready for ice skating lessons!!


He is finally getting the hang of it…by letting me carry him.  My back was killing me!!


Grammy and Pops joined in the fun.  They did great and there were no injuries to report!!


Ryan- is just a natural athlete so he had no problem.  Check him out in shorts!!!  Collins comment “it looks a lot easier then it really is!”DSC_0379

Lawson showing us how to go backwards.  I was not moving very fast!! ha!!


Lawson had the best time and showed us all her skills!!!


If you were wondering where Cailyn was during all the festivities Nana offered to wear her.  Nana was a fan of the Moby Wrap!! So sweet!!


After the 30 min. lesson we all came out for pizza and cake.


Lawson with some of her Highland CEC friends!DSC_1596

Here is the Fitts Family!  We had such a great time celebrating our precious daughter’s 6th birthday with family and friends.  I am still in shock that she is 6 years old.  WOW!!


Happy Birthday, Lawson!! Remember all things are possible my darling as long as you believe and work hard!!  We are always going to be your biggest fan. We love you!!

Look who is 6 years old

As of 7:01AM, my precious daughter is 6 years old. Happy Birthday, Lawson. We love you more then you will ever know.

(More pictures later)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Guess who is in the final 2??

Our hometown idol!! Scotty McCreery!!
Last weekend Scotty McCreery came home for his homecoming and we were there to help celebrate.  Our friends the Spesshardts gave us there VIP pass to their neighborhood (they can see the McCreery house from their house) and we were able to walk to the park for the festivities.  The kids had a blast although they were not too sure what all the fuss was about at first. 
Here are our troopers heading towards the park.
Wesley didn’t walk too long and then ended up riding in their wagon….with Brant pulling him.
When we got to the park this is what we saw…
Check out all the port-a-potties.  LUCKILY no one had to use one!!!
Here are our real men…one pushing a stroller the other pulling a wagon. 
Can you tell Cailyn was happy to see Scotty???
We did have to wait awhile and they kids hung out and had the best time together…
Then it was time for the parade.
The parade was cute since they really only had 24 hours to put it together.
I thought this was super cute!!
Then the man of the hour…guess what??? He is a Wolfpack fan!! Ha!!
So proud of our hometown idol!! What a fun memorable day.  So glad we could be apart of something so special for our little town.  Thanks Spesshardts for having us over!!!
Wesley and Scotty 2
Here is my little man with Scotty!!
I should note that Lawson is now in LOVE with Scotty and says “Scotty is a Hottie”  Lord, help me!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Program

Last week we enjoyed a short (I mean REALLY short) program at Wesley’s school.  It really consisted of them saying “Cheers to you mom and dad!”  Or if you are my child…hiding behind everyone and not saying a thing. I have grown accustom to this kind of behavior from my kids at school programs.  Then Wesley gave us our super sweet gifts and we enjoyed donuts and muffins together.
Here is Wesley during the program (using that term loosely!)DSC_1449
Collins was able to take off time from work and be there for him.  I know it meant the world to Wesley!
Here I am with my big boy!! Wow, he has grown leaps and bounds this year!!                                                             DSC_1456
A rare photo of Collins and me with just Wesley.  DSC_1457
Here is the cute sign they made us!DSC_1459
We love our Wesley!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hey, Cailyn


Check out my little girl.  She has found her fingers…we are doing every thing possible to encourage a pacifier rather then her fingers!!  Why you ask??? I have an almost 6 year old who still sucks her finger…ugh!!!

Also, Cailyn has her first runny nose.  Poor thing is just miserable.  She hasn’t slept good the last two nights.  Hope she is better by this weekend.  We have big plans between Lawson’s birthday party and Cailyn’s baptism!!!

Strawberry Picking

I have been very slack on blogging these days.  Sorry.  Back on May 2nd Wesley, Cailyn and I went strawberry picking with our good friends Jenn and Katie.  Jenn was kind enough to take pictures since I have my hands a little full. 

Here we are in front of the big strawberry at Porter Farms. 

Mommy and Wes and Cailyn 05-2011

Katie (Strawberry Princess) and Wesley.  This was not posed they held hands all on their own.  SO SWEET!!

Wesley and Katie 2011

Wesley is just too cool…

Wesley Cool Dude 2011

Pretty girls, Katie, Jenn and a baby girl on the way!!

Jenn and Katie 2011

Here I am with my pretty girl.  Cailyn slept through the whole 1st strawberry picking event (I was not complaining)

Mommy and Cai May 2011

Strawberry Picking is not complete without some messy chocolate ice cream!!

Wesley Ice cream 2011

Thanks Jenn and Katie for a fun Monday!