Saturday, June 27, 2009

So what if it is 90 degrees outside

This is Lawson this week on a 90 degree day!!! The joys of children who dress themselves!! I figure live and learn...she will figure it out!

Friday, June 26, 2009

What is family for?

Uncle Taylor called us the "Pit Stop" because he came over to borrow something which led to having the right tools to fixing his skid plate under his car. Then we had the right tools to fix his flat tire!! We are the all-in-one Pit Stop, plus we have great helpers too!!

Lawson is helping and Wesley is supervising

Now fixing the flat tire

Wes has it under control!! Good job little guy!

That is what family is for!!! Love you ,Taylor!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tomato or Ball?

What is the difference between a ball and a tomato? To a 17 month old, not a darn thing!
Yesterday we picked our first red tomato. We were all very excited because although there are 30+ tomatoes on the plant none were red until yesterday. So I gave Lawson the honor of picking our 1 red tomato. Well, Wesley saw what was going on and decided he was going to pick some too, 3 of them in fact!! And what does one do with 3 little green tomatoes???? He throws them and yells "BALL, BALL, BALL." That's my boy!!!
Lawson is a little bit more reserved and enjoyed the fruit of her labor! Yummy red tomato for dinner. She eats tomatoes like apples, she LOVES them!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend of Fun

In this house we never sit idle, for if we did there would probably be more trouble! Saturday morning, Lawson and her daddy went blueberry picking. Her trip was a success and although hot she did not throw up! Unlike her mommy (age 13?) who didn't handle the heat so well and ended up showing the blueberry staffers how many blueberries I DID NOT pay for by leaving the remnants by a pine tree!! (I will never live that story down)

They picked the best blueberries and and Collins has already made a blueberry pie and it was wonderful!!

At the blueberry field

It is a tad hot daddy...hurry up!

Hey, I think this goat is looking at me!

Lawson all dolled up! Yes she is wearing high heels (when doesn't she?)

Maybe when it is water play time!

Wesley loves the water too, but he took a time out to give mommy some flowers!!

Does it get any better then this, really?

My adventure for the weekend was I got to ride in my neighbor's newest car, a 2010 Camero!! I thought I was pretty hot stuff!! And yes I am cheesy enough to take pictures of it!!

And away we go....

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my hubby, to my daddy, and to my father-in-law!!

I am attaching some of my favorite fatherly moments...

Collins with his two angels

Me and my daddy!! I am such a Daddy's Girl!!

3 generations of fathers on Collins' first Father's Day

These pictures are priceless to me!!! I love you all.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Brother and Sister

It is moment like these that I treasure...

The little mommy time...

Goofing off time...

The little teacher/pupil time...

Play dough time...

Melt my heart time!!

Now, I just wish devilish pestering brother role had not already kicked in, but it is here, and here to stay I am afriad!! I better pull out the parenting books...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wesley's Pool Fun

Yesterday I tried to get some pictures of Wesley in the pool. This was VERY CHALLENGING!! Let's see try to keep him from going under (most important), keep the camera dry and try to get a good picture. Hmmm.... I bet I looked like an idiot...but what's new!!

At least I got some good shots...

I normally never let Lawson do this but she did a great job!

She is a natural teacher!!

Wesley getting ready for the big swim.

Wesley getting in and out of the pool on his own.

Mommy this is fun!!!

Can you tell little guy's hair is turning blound? That comes from the Fitts side!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swim Lesson Fun

Tomorrow, Lawson will take her final swim lesson for the week. She has done a marvelous job. I say that not because she is the best swimmer, but because she has 1) not come crying out of the pool for mommy 2) gone in the water even though it has been freezing (the reason I quit/hated swim team a decade and a half ago) 3) been very brave 4) limited her negotiating skills and listened to the teacher. I couldn't be more proud of her!!

Lawson going in the pool dispite how cold it was!! Lawson was sporting her new bathing suit and goggles from Mamma II.

I don't know why but in this picture she looks like such a big girl!
The girl LOVES the water!

Part of the entertainment each morning is finding all of the frogs in the water!!

Here is my brave little girl. She went off the diving board 3 times today!

She was the first one to go off the board for her class. To say I was SHOCKED is
an understatment!

Great form!! Very little splash...I give it a 10!

I think we might take swim lessons again in July!! Lawson, I am so proud of you!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lawson's First Swim Lesson

Monday was Lawson's first swim lesson. She did great! The teacher was a little surprised by Lawson because when she told the kids to get in the water Lawson just jumped right in!! Literally, jumped in totally submerged and popped back up. My little girl is like a fish but don't tell her that because she will say "I am not a fish do you see any fins on me?" A little Smart Alic is what we have ladies and gentleman!! Great!

How do I keep Wesley busy and not wanting to go in the pool?.... FOOD!!

After swim lessons we spent the rest of the morning at the pool. Wesley is much like Lawson and loves the water!! I need to get pictures of little guy in the pool but it is kinda hard because the boy has no fear and I can't leave him alone for a second!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Visit from CharGrill

My good friend, Charlotte (or Chargrill), came down to run in the Susan B Komen Race for the Cure this weekend and stuck around Sunday so we could see her and her mom. I always love hanging out with Charlotte even if it is for 1 hour. It is quality (although, I was chasing after at least one hungry, hot kid) rather then quantity, right? We did get some pictures of us girls!

Love ya girls!!

The other "ladies" wanted to be in the picture too!! Of course they should be in the picture they are going to be MC Alumni too (one day).

And this was Wesley on the way home...

Hope to see ya soon!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Trip to see Mamma II

We are back from our trip to SC!! It was a wonderful trip!! I have to give all the credit to my kids. Wesley and Lawson were ANGELS in the car. I was a little nervous since our last trip to VA was awful with Wesley's screaming!! This trip since Wesley has words he can tell you "book" or "truck" or "cook-cook" or "wa-wa" Hallelujah & Praise the Lord!! I took this picture of Wes in the car with my cell phone (safe, I know). But this just shows how happy and content he was and I had to document it!! It helps that he loves to read because we do not have a DVD in the car (I am not a fan of them) so this is our entertainment!!

Lawson's funny comment on our way down to SC was "Mommy how are we going to get there if we keep on going straight?" 95S is very straight, I have to agree and there are not many turns to get from our house to her house!!

Here is Mamma II beautiful home.

I showed Mamma II this picture and she said "what garden is this?" It is her front yard!

The kids found 30+ year old Tonka Toys there were my Uncle Bob

It didn't take long to get everyone working!!

Lawson started shucking corn!! Go MC!

Lawson loved helping Mamma II in the kitchen

Working hard in the yard we get rewarded with Popsicles. I had to laugh out loud and think of my brothers' stories of the half RC for weeding the garden (inside joke).

Wesley enjoyed his Popsicle!!
Thursday night we had a 'party' and Aunt Belinda painted Lawson's nails and then Lawson painted her nails!!

Lawson and Wesley with Aunt Belinda!

This is Aunt Joann. She is a family friend of 40+ years. She just loved Wesley! Unfortunately when she got home she fell out of the car and thinks she fractured a rib!!

Waiting for corn...we visited Mr Bull!!
Then we visited Daddy Bob's grave site. My first time visiting too.

I was pregnant with Lawson at Daddy Bob's Funeral. Look at her now!

Wesley and Mamma II (Love this picture)

Then we had some serious fun at Waterfront Park in Charleston

So Pretty

The kids had a blast!!

Wesley loves the water!!
Yes I had a change of clothes for them in the car!

Mamma II and her great grandchildren!

We had a wonderful time!! Thank you Mamma II for everything!! Mamma II is an amazing woman and has lots of energy and there is lots to learn from her. So glad we got to visit!!!