Friday, February 28, 2014

Cailyn is 3 yrs old

Somehow in all the mix my little baby turned 3!!! She is 98% of the time a true delight and so incredibly happy!! Then there is the 2% she shows she is 3!!!

Cailyn loves to entertain people and be the center of attention. Her favorite statement these days are "I do it," "mine" and "come here, mommy".

Cailyn is potty trained through out the day and showing great signs night time pull-ups are a thing of the past.

She is tall but very slender. She could wear 18mo clothes if it wasn't for length. Otherwise she is a 3T.

Lawson and Cailyn are now sharing a bedroom. It is going very well and I am incredibly proud of both of them. The kids are super excited to have a playroom again.

A little more about Cailyn...

Favorite Color: purple

Favorite food- cereal

Favorite tv show- Barbie (on Netflix)

Total Diva!!!

Best Friend at school- Matthew (physically disable child at school) she makes sure he is always okay and protects him and makes sure he is never left behind)

Loves the camera!!

Interesting Fact- if you give C a bag with lots of zippers and 5 small items in it. She will open/close, place in/out, rearrange and talk it over in her language for min. Of an hour if not interrupted. It is fascinating to me!!

Here are some recent pics of our baby!!! Love you sweet, Cailyn!!!