Thursday, February 28, 2008

It was bound to happen...

Other moms had warned me, my dad gave me a funny card about it, but did I I got peed on today!!! Here is the worst part...I was leaning over Wes when it happened. Wes was giving me such a sweet smile I leaned over to show him my happy smile. Then I got hit! Not once but twice!! Plus, I think he laughed when it happened. What in the world. I now know the importance of quick change or I might need to invest in the teepee! The joy of motherhood.

I should of been warned when Wes was born he peed 3 times before the pediatric nurse was able to weigh him. It went every where. The nurse said "that boy was 9lbs when he was born now he is 8lbs 8oz"

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What do you say?

This morning Lawson, Wes and I were laying in the bed talking. Then Lawson said "Mommy, let me see your belly" She looked at my belly button and said "mommy is that where Wes came out of?" I didn't know what to say other then "yes honey that is how Wes came out" She said "that is nasty" Thanks kid!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy News

Today Collins and I decided for me to stay out another 4 weeks with Wesley. I just couldn't bring myself to go back next week. I am so happy with our decision (although Wes is very gassy in this picture he is happy too).

Wes Tidbits!

My little boy is now 7 weeks old! He is a bundle of joy (unless he has gas). I thought I would write some of my observations about Wesley so you can all get to know him a little better.

- Wes loves the changing table. As soon as he gets on the changing table he starts smiling so big!! ( This picture doesn't look like he is very happy but he is. I wanted to show off his cool sock/shoes)

- Wes also loves his vibrating bouncy seat. These are the best inventions ever!!

- He hates his car seat. The second I set him in his car seat he starts screaming. He finally calms down once we get on the road. THEN when he wakes up in the car seat he doesn't even give you a warning cry he goes for the "GET ME OUT OF HERE" cry no matter where we are.

- For some time now he has been able to hold up his head while sitting up. Now he likes standing up. I am not kidding. He loves to stand up. I keep on telling him he is has to crawl first!!
- He loves watching Lawson. He follows her around the room. It is so funny to see them interact. She likes to talk for him. "mommy, he doesn't want any milk" or "mommy, Wes is sleepy"

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lawson and Wesley

Oh my goodness I am so blessed!! I have to two most adorable children. Lawson cracks me and her daddy up everyday. The things she says, does, REMEMBERS is crazy. When did my toddler become a KID!! The stories I could write!
Wes is becoming so observant and when Lawson is around he does not sleep he wants to watch her and follows her around the room. Lawson loves Wes and now that I have let her hold him once she will say "mommy I am sitting down, my hands are clean, can I hold him?"

Wesley's First Play Date

Last week Wes had his first play date with Holden. Holden is 10 days older then Wes but he was born 8 weeks early. He is doing great and such a cutie! The babies had a great time sleeping on their mommy's chest while we talked. They woke up long enough for a picture.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

1 month old

First bath in the big tub!!

Wes is ready for his close-up!! This him exactly at 1 month old

My baby boy is already one month old. Time flies when you are growing fast. Here are his stats...

Weight- 11.5lbs 75%

Length- 22.5" long 75%

Lawson was always in the 95%+ but I have a feeling Wes will catch up.

I knew Wes was getting big but I didn't realize how big. Nursing is going so much better this go around. It makes me so happy that I am able to do this for him. I do plan on quitting once I go back to work in a couple of weeks which makes me a little sad, but I just don't want the added pressure. Selfish maybe, but carrying a laptop and a pump along with 2 kids worth of stuff every morning is not my idea of fun. Knowing how crazy the morning are I am likely to forget something. In the mean time I will continue. Note to any mothers reading this...DO NOT EAT JUMBALYA WHILE BREASTFEEDING!!! He has the worst gas today. I feel awful that I did this to him. I won't make that mistake twice.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Weekend Pictures

Here are some pictures from the weekend...
Everyone is getting ready for dinner. Wes loves to be the center of attention. Look at him smiling!! He is my happy boy!!
Dress up time for Lawson.... Wes loves to watch her Too cool for school!!

How are you doing??

(3 weeks old picture)
Well, Wes is now 4 weeks old and doing great. He is such a happy baby that it makes my job so easy. As a family we are starting to get into a routine that seems to work for everyone. Amazingly enough, we made it to church this weekend (on-time). Wes slept the whole time.
Lawson is still my fabulous helper. She is like a second mommy sometimes. She will say "don't touch him he is sleeping...what did I tell you??...can't you see he is sleeping??" To hear myself back through her is something else.