Monday, November 26, 2007

Donna's Baby Shower

On Saturday, Heather, Chaity, Melinda and I hosted a Baby Shower for Donna. We had a great time. Here are some pictures from the shower. Donna & Baker are going to be great parents and we wish them all of the best!
The Three Pregnant girls - all boys!!

Thanksgiving at the Bowen's House

We went to Wateree, SC to have Thanksgiving at the Bowen's Lake House (my sisters husbands family). We had such a good time. Lawson loves going to the Bowen's home especially visiting the "toy closet." Thank you to Paula and Jim for inviting us!
The Fitts Family

Lawson on a 4-wheeler!! No she never went on a ride. Mommy said no!

Dah and Lawson checking out the view! Gorgeous!
Happy 1 year anniversary to Lauren and Will!!

The Little Princess

Here are some photos from the week before Thanksgiving.

This is a photo of Lawson testing out "baby brother's" rocker. I think it passed the durability test.

Lawson in her new PJs! She loves silky Pajamas and check out her shoes!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Lawson's Week!

I wanted to share some of Lawson's moments from the week! Lawson love to shave with her daddy. Lawson gets all lathered up like her daddy! She loves this "Daddy Time." When Collins tells her it is time to shave she runs to bathroom!! And the answer is no- no razors ever touch her!!

I can explain.... in the mornings (scratch that) all of the time Lawson's favorite phrase is "I do it myself" So this particular morning she was starting to get dressed (by herself), then changed direction. She put her underwear on her head and starting singing "wheres my underwear, wheres my underwear, I don know" Priceless. Kids are so funny!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween

Carving out our pumkinsFirst time Trick-o-Treating

Miss Lawson had a full day as an NCSU Cheerleader on Halloween. On Tuesday we carved out our pumpkins and loved getting all the seeds and slimmy stuff out. Then on Wednesday she had a parade and a party at daycare. I ended up going to the party at daycare and let me just tell you there are some very creative parents out there. The food was so pretty and cute. Between the candy apples and spider cupcakes my bags of M&Ms didn't seem to very appealing! Next year I will step it up a notch! Halloween night we went to Quinn (a lizard) and Owen's (a doggie) house to see them. They looked so cute. Lawson loved "Trick-or-Treating"