Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cailyn is 5 Months Old

Cailyn 5 Months Old

My sweet baby girl is 5 months old today.  Can you tell she is a happy baby?  She truly is the happiest baby on the block!!! 

5 Things about Cailyn…

1. This week she started rolling from back to stomach.  She USE to roll from her stomach to her back but now she finds being on her tummy so comforting she will either fall asleep or just lay there until I move her back to her back. 

2. If you can tell from the picture above Cailyn is trying her best to sit up! 

Here is Cailyn’s daily exercise time…


Of course when she is sitting up straight and LOOKING at the camera I have it unfocused… but you get the point.  Look at those blue eyes!


And then we fall…She is not discouraged.  She grunts until I sit her back up.


3. Cailyn took a bottle for the first time at 4.5 months from my sister.  Then from my mom and then from me.  She really doesn’t care as long as she is being fed.  Such an easy baby!!

4. Wesley can make her laugh quicker and faster then anyone.  Cailyn adores Wesley.  She loves everyone else but I tell you her face lights up with Wesley is around. 

5. She is still my string bean.  She is long but petite.  She wears 3-6 month clothes. 

We have not started solid foods.  I may start them when I get back from the beach or I may not. I really am not in a rush! 

My special note to Cailyn- 

Cailyn my dear, you are one amazing baby.  You continue to amaze me with your easy-going personality,  (I have decided you get that from your daddy)  your joy for the simple things (eye contact, attention from your siblings, and being held high above my head), and watching you discover your surroundings. As I say to Lawson and Wesley I will say it to you “ I love you to the moon and back”  you are my precious angel.  I love you, baby cakes!! Mommy

Monday, June 27, 2011

VBS 2011- Shake it up Cafe


Last week was VBS at our church.  This is our second year attending and this year was just as much fun as last year.  I love  that the kids get so excited to go to church!  This year we decided to take part in the daily dinners at church before VBS and it made everything- SO EASY at night.  We arrived at 5:30PM ate dinner, went to our classes and got home around 8:45PM.  The only tough part was everyone was pretty much exhausted by Friday.  Whew! 

This year I volunteered again in the craft room for the 3rd-5th graders.  My partner told me that even though I had a baby I was not off the hook. ha! I decided to see what I could do with a 5mo. old. She was officially the youngest participant there!!  Luckily, Cailyn is the easiest baby.  I either wore her, took her to the nursery, or she hung out with us in the craft room.


The older kids loved seeing her and Ms. Bonnie loved the chance to hold her.

Friday night was the assembly. It was so cute.  Wesley is not much for crowds but I saw him sing a little bit and do some of the sign language. 


Wesley waiting patiently with his class.


Then we watched the older kids’ commencement.  Wesley was not impressed…can you tell?


I could not get any pictures of Lawson during the ceremony you will just have to trust me she was there!

During VBS, the kids had a little competition between the girls and  boys to see who raises enough money for Feed the Hungry.  Our kids asked to get money out of their piggy bank to donate.  It was so sweet to see them put their money in the appropriate buckets.  Of course, some parents were writing checks (we did not) and the boys won.  $400 to $300.  You would of thought Wesley won the lottery.  He was jumping up and down cheering “Boys won, woo-hoo!!” 

The kids and I had a fabulous time at VBS!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pram Love

We are the keepers of a gorgeous Pram that use to be Collins’ when he was a baby.  It is who knows how old but has been restored and is just gorgeous!  Lawson reminded me that we had it in the shed and we needed to stroll her around.  Here is Cailyn the first time in the pram.  She LOVES it!!


The full side view.  This antique rides great and is very easy to stroll.


The kids and I ready for a stroll around the block.  I am pretty sure we got some funny looks but what can I say “this is a pimped out ride!”


I actually use it a lot in the evenings when the kiddos are playing outside.  Half the time Cailyn will fall asleep in there.  NICE!  Wesley and McKenna checking out Cailyn.


Aunt Lauren checking out the peep hole!


McKenna was determined to get in.  She was in there for about 2 seconds but at least got the chance to check it out.  Cailyn is thinking “excuse me…you are in my personal space!”


We have now had all three of our kids in this pram.  Here is a small trip down memory lane…


This is Lawson at 2 months old – wow she is a big girl.

I have pictures of Wesley in this pram but I can’t seem to find it….  Maybe I will find some later and add them to this post.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lawson's Room Mission Complete

I/we survived. It was a huge undertaking. 2 black bags of trash & 2 boxes to goodwill. I was so proud of Lawson and her effort to clean up!

I am sure some of you moms are wondering how I could ever let it get that bad. Well, it happened! I have been reading some articles about simple living and the message make sense! Simply living with less stuff is happy living! I feel lighter when I walk into Lawson's room. I have successfully cleaned two rooms in this house top to bottom. Boy it feels good! 9 rooms to go!

If you don't hear from me...

I am lost in Lawson's room affectionally known as "The Lawson War Zone." If you do not hear from me in 48 hours please call 911 because I have been captured by Barbies, Mermaids and Stuffed Animals!

Wish me luck!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Belated Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day to the best dad to Lawson, Wesley, and Cailyn.  We love you!!

Also- Happy Father’s Day to Dah and Pops!! Love you very much!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bowling Fun- Family Time

We had so much fun Wesley & I that I decided the whole family should go.  This was Lawson’s first time bowling and she did awesome. 


Lawson & Wesley taking lessons from daddy


Cailyn once again just cheering everyone on…


I LOVE THIS PICTURE OF WESLEY!!! Can you tell he was having a good time?


Daddy & Wes… so sweet.


We attempted to show Lawson how to bowl without the ramp…she is not quite ready.


I have a picture of the final score but I am not allowed to show it…Lawson beat us all…haha!!

Then it was arcade time. The kids had so much fun!!


Funny story:  Over the intercom they said “There is a tan Ford Explorer with the backdoor open” Collins looked at me and said “That’s you”  I thought to myself our Explorer is not tan but I will just double check.  Well, I went and looked and low-and-behold that back passenger door was wide open.  Not sure how I managed that but I did (because it is never the guys fault, right?)..slightly embarrassed I walked back in…oops…feeling like all eyes were on me as the crazy mom who leaves their car wide open…I bowled my one and only strike.  Ha!!!

None the less, bowling is so much fun with the family!!!  We will be back!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bowling Fun- Wesley and MOPS Friends

Last week I arranged for our MOPS group to meet at a local bowling alley for a fun day out.  Lawson was still in school and since I had never taken any kid bowling I thought it would be best to to only take 2 rather then 3.  I am happy to say…WE HAD A BLAST!

At first Wesley was a little hesitant, but he quickly got the hang of it.


I had to show him the ropes (you know I did take bowling in college- twice!!) I am a semi-pro…haha!!! I took bowling because I do not like to sweat!  Moving on…


Here is Wesley in action.  He had so much fun!!


Here is Cailyn watching Wesley…Go Wesley Go!!


Wesley was the only child to play two games.  He loved it that much. If he said it once he said it a million times…”Is it my turn yet???”  Finally, he bowled second game by himself…every time was his turn.

Afterwards we checked out the arcade games.  The lights, the noise, the action, a little boys dream.  Unfortunately, I had no cash on me so he had to just “pretend”  it was good enough for him!!


We had such a good time we came back as a family…pictures to be posted tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blackberry Picking

A couple of weekends ago we went to a local Berry Farm to pick blueberries (like we did last year) much to our disappointment the blueberries were not ready but the blackberries were.  YUM, one of my personal favorites.  Only hard part about blackberries is those bushes have thorns.

The kids are excited no matter what!


Lawson showing me which ones you pick. 


Daddy and Wesley were a team again. They got more blackberries then the girls.


Of course, we had sweet Cailyn with us.  She enjoyed the experience too.  Last year I had just found out I was pregnant when we went blueberry picking.  Amazing what a year can do. 


Long rows means LOTS of running by big guy!


Like last year we fed the goats and chickens. 


We will be back in a couple of weeks to get our share of blueberries!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cailyn’s Baptism

I have taken a while to get these posted.  Not sure why, because Cailyn’s Baptism was so incredibly special to me.  On May 22, 2011 our sweet baby girl was Dedicated to Christ.  We promised to raise her as a Christian and have her know the Lord.  Although the ceremony lasts but a few moments the lesson will last a lifetime. 

Before I move onto the pictures I want to share with you our meeting with the pastor.  Our whole family met with the Associate Pastor, John Michael, the Tuesday before.  It was a short meeting but just giving us the 411 on the meaning of Baptism and how things would be done.  Well, halfway through Lawson decided to start listening and started asking questions.  “How can Jesus be in our heart since he is so big?”  “How can God be everywhere?” and there were a few more I just can’t remember.  It made me so proud and felt that even though I have thrown her to the wolves (per say) and she no longer attends a Christian School we are laying a  foundation for her at home and at Church.  Whew!

On to the Baptism…

Mommy and Cailyn ready to go.


Our family ready for the dedication.


Cailyn was wonderful as were the other children.


I couldn't help but cry a little…


The Pastor introducing Cailyn to the church.


This is the precious song they sang to Cailyn.


Did I mention Lawson brought a friend up to the alter???  Keeping it real here!


Our sweet baby slept through the rest of the service.  That Holy Water has great powers!!


We were so blessed to have many of our family members with us that weekend.  (same weekend as Lawson’s birthday) Here is picture of all of us.  I LOVE MY FAMILY!


The Kenna Family missing a few…but they were in our hearts.


The Fitts Family. 


Our Precious Family.  God, thank you for our family.