Friday, November 30, 2012

I have to capture some of the cute and precious things coming out of my sweet little boys mouth these days. He is growing up too fast and I need to capture it before innocence is gone!!!

1. Lawson and Cailyn were playing together and Wesley walks in the room and says "mommy, I want you to lay another baby and this time it has to be a boy!!" I am still laughing over that one!!!

2. Today Wesley and Collins are going on their first boy's weekend to the beach. He was all buckled up in the car and had given me kisses and he says "mommy, be sure you pray for us".

Oh, I love this little boy!!! Here is Wesley in front of his Christmas tree he decorated for his room. Of course, he has mentioned multiple times his tree is not as big as Lawson's and now Cailyn needs this tree, but besides that fact he loves his little tree!!

Location:Wesley Talk

Thursday, November 29, 2012

While Lawson was on track out this fall, she went to the beach, and to VA. Part of the time in VA we were all together, part of the time she stayed with m sister. When we travelled up to VA I promised Lawson I would take her to Georgetown Cupcakes, you know from DC Cupcakes. It was a little bit of an ordeal getting there but it was well worth it!!!

I didn't see anyone from the show but Lawson said she saw Jasmine.

Here is our dozen cupcakes. It was the day before the election so we got some GOP cupcakes too!! No, they were not on sale...maybe they were after the election.


Then we got to see our cousins!!! We had a great time together!!!

Here is Mr. Wood!

Cailyn just loved not being the baby anymore. Look, I am a big girl!!!

All the big kids.

Before we left Cailyn got to walk Pug!!!

We loved every minute up in VA and we always are sad when we leave! Thank you Mom,dad, Lauren and Will for everything!

Location:Trip to VA- Fall 2012