Monday, November 30, 2009

Let the Party Continue Outside

Friday night we had some of our family and neighbors over to have an Oyster Roast.

So the men prepared. Ryan helped chopped firewood for the bonfire.

The bonfire ready to go!! Oh boy this is going to be a fun party!!

All you have to do is say "Party" and Lawson gets ready in her princess dress. We had to break it to her it wasn't that kind of party!

Ryan, Collins, my neighbors and their grandsons, & Taylor around the bonfire.

Lawson and Uncle Taylor

Ryan and Uncle Taylor -Ladies these guys are available (wink, wink!!)

I didn't take a picture of any of the food but Ryan and Collins prepared Jalapeno Poppers, Vinson Nibblets along with the oysters. The food was awesome!!

Wesley enjoyed the blue cheese dip with squash! He was eating it so fast that we had to check his mouth before he could get another one. Go figure he likes blue cheese and squash!

Seems like I am never in any of the pictures because I am always taking pictures. Proof I was here!

3 of my favorite guys!!

Lawson had a super time hanging out the grand boys as they are called by our neighbor

The grand boys and Lawson

Lawson had 3 oysters!! She really liked them!! I think I was 18yrs old before I had an oyster

Normal a party ends when the last drink has been drunk...Well this time it is when the bottom melted out!!

Note for the next time....keep refilling the water in the pot or this will happen!!

Now that we have had our first Oyster Roast it will not be our last!! What fun!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 2009

There was a possibility for my Thanksgiving Day that started at 2AM...yes, you read that correctly 2AM with a screaming son, to of gone terribly WRONG. Something about no sleep between the hours of 2AM-6AM tends to make me C-R-A-N-K-Y! However, with the right attitude, an awesome husband, lots of helpful hands, everything was just perfect!!!
I couldn't not of asked for a better Thanksgiving!!

Wesley did get some sleep between the hours of 9AM-12AM and although he had a slight fever and complained that his ear hurt he was just in the best mood!! Today Wesley is doing much better and slept through the night!! (Or if he did wake up....I surely didn't hear it)

To be surrounded by people I so thankful for my family, my mom, my dad, and my brother nothing could be better. It was just as I had hoped...low stress & fun!

Frying the turkey! It's a man thing...

While waiting for the turkeys to be cooked Nana read to the kids. Their favorite pass-time!!
I have to add one thing.. We went around the table asking people what they were thankful for Lawson was the director of who went. The first one up was Nana...
Nana- Family
Wesley- said "Dah" with lots of excitement
Collins- Wife, kids, Family
Dah- The men & women fighting for our freedom
Mom (me)-Family & our many blessings
Ryan-For being tall
Lawson- "For our beautiful living room... oh wait...For my beautiful family"
There are more pictures but they are on my dad's camera. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Why is it the day that we are to reflect on all the things we are Thankful for we can make ourselves so busy (and crazy) we can not remember what the real purpose of the day is???

My challenge to myself...stress a little less, enjoy time with the people I am so thankful for, and eat to my hearts content (hehe).

Oh to be young and carefree!!

Thankful for life's simple pleasures!

Thankful for two happy heathly handfuls!!

Thankful for a daughter with her a style all her own!

Thankful for God's Blessings!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our family and friends. We love you and we are so thankful you are in our lives.

Wesley's Helping Bottom

Wesley might be 22 months be he knows something is growing in Aunt Lauren's belly. Every time he would see Aunt Lauren he would throw up his shirt and show off his would Lauren!!

Wesley got so tickled!!! He loves any opportunity to go shirtless!

Then the MTB started rummaging through all of her new goodies and got an idea....

Let's use Wesley as a Guinea Pig and try on the cloth diapers....


Wesley is not completely sold...."give me my Huggies or preferably let me be in the buff"

"Happy to help you Laur-Laur!!"

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Sister's Baby Shower

This weekend was my sister's baby shower, and what a baby shower it was. I helped (I use that word loosely) host a shower with two of Lauren's best friends from High School. Let me tell you, these girls know how to throw a shower!!

The hostess and the Mother-to-be

Nicole, Erica, Lauren, and me

Greeting the guests was this delicious cake & cupcakes made by Erica! Stunning
Then for favors the guest were able to fill boxes with candy. Each jar had an sweets quote. Made by Nicole

Then there was the beautiful fruit for the chocolate fountain (forgot to take a picture) and all of the beautiful flowers from Erica's mom!!

Then the champagne punch surrounded by more beautiful flowers!
After oohing and awing over the decor it was time for gifts!
Only a sister can do this but I made a onsie for Baby Peanut that says "High Maintenance Already" Love ya, sis!

Lawson was at the shower and she was great help (and entertainment).

Sweet kisses for the Mother-to-Be!

What is a good shower without making the MTB cry. This teddy bear is made out of something very special! Go here to read about it!

It was a WONDERFUL Shower!! Lauren got so many wonderful gifts!!
Lawson is extra excited to meet baby girl and be a cousin!! Lawson has LOTS to teach her!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wesley's New Look

The Big Boy Look! What do you think????

Wesley was such a brave little boy

Bye-Bye "Billy Ray Wesley"

Hello Handsome!!!

The Chicks Dig Me!!

On November 19, 2009 Wesley got his first hair cut at 22 months old.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Stone Soup Lunch

Today was Lawson's Thanksgiving Stone Soup Lunch. The kids read the story Stone Soup and together as a group they each contribute an ingredient to make Stone Soup.

It is a lovely concept and something I really have enjoyed the two years Lawson has been in this program. HOWEVER, I should of smelled trouble the second they had the whole class line up in front of all the parents assembled at their table. Let you remember the Saddest Little Sheep in Bethlehem?

I thought it was going to be okay, she just wasn't going to sing...

Then off went the Turkey Hat and she started CRYING!! So now we have the saddest Little Turkey....

It broke my heart. Thank goodness for her wonderful teacher who swooped in to sing with her. I don't think she uttered a word while up there...but at least she didn't run off the stage this time around.

My outgoing, charismatic, dynamic child has stage-fright! It breaks my heart!!

But not all was lost. She got to have lunch with her daddy, mommy, and brother and no matter what she does on the stage WE LOVE HER!

BTW-looking at this last picture would you EVER guess she was shy????