Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today is my birthday!!

Today I turn 30+ (we stop counting at this point). Today I am not just 30, I am officially IN my 30s. Wow, I really don't feel old enough to have 2 kids but here I am. Be kind to me and tell me I don't look a day over 29!! Haha!! I truly use to hate my birthday it was too close to Christmas and it was an after thought for everyone who had just celebrated Christmas. Now that I am older (maybe wiser) I am trying to embrace and love my birthday. I am sure it was no picnic for my mom and dad to have a baby so close to Christmas. So Happy Birthing Day to you guys as well!!
It is a good day- Did you know Tiger Woods birthday is today as well? I also share my birthday with a very good friend and a special little boy who is turning 1.

This year Daddy Fitts has been really good to me!! I am going to the spa for the afternoon. The best part is I am going with my sister!! There is nothing like going to the spa but having someone to enjoy it with you is even better!!

Now that you know it is my birthday I have a birthday wish.... I want EVERYONE who reads my blog to say hi. You can post using the anonymous option- it is really easy and takes 2 seconds! I LOVE comments and would LOVE to hear from everyone!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Cooking and Eating

We ate LOTS of wonderful food. Wes couldn't get enough!! He is happiest we he eats! Can you tell?

Aunt Lauren and Lawson making rolls.

Lawson loves being part of the team and helping everyone cook!

Fried Turkey on the left Smried Turkey on the right. (Smoked then fried makes an excellent combination!)

Fitts Christmas in VA

What a wonderful Christmas!! This year we went up to NOVA to visit Nana, Dah, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Lauren and Uncle Will and "The Pug." I love going home for the holidays! Wes and Lawson did great on the ride up can't say the same for the ride home. Oh Well!! We took 405 pictures so I will only post a few. We were spoiled with wonderful food, lots of gifts and lots of laughs. We created lots of wonderful memories! Thank you Nana and Dah for everything!!

First we had to decorate the Christmas Tree!

Christmas Tree after it was decorated with childproof ornaments! (lots of gifts!)

Christmas Eve - Children in their pj's. (Thought I lost there pj's but found them right before we left)

Lawson telling us what she wants for Christmas is a "doll house" are you listening Santa?

Christmas morning she got a doll house, a maid kit and a baby highchair. Santa needs to go back to Santa 101 - he left the dolls and furniture at the North Pole- more on that later!

Wes had a sporty Christmas- basketballs, footballs, & baseballs!

Wes driving his new car from Santa!

Uncle Ryan's gift- a framed poster of famous golfers' signatures

The Princess with her daddy

Lawson loves her Barbie Princess

Nana and "the pug" (can you tell he is excited?)

Great shirts for the part-time 'pug' parents

Merry Christmas from the Kenna's Bowen's and Fitts'

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!!


The Fitts Family

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wes' list is ready for Santa

Is yours?

Hope you have been a good girl or boy!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Great- Grandma Visit

Yesterday my grandmother, Mamma II, made a very quick visit up north. She flew in (if you knew how fast she drove you would say fly too) around 11AM and was out the door by 2PM. She brought us a wonderful lunch and gifts for everyone and then she was gone. I have not seen her since April but I will see her soon in SC! It is hard to believe Mamma II is in her 70s! I can only hope I have her energy and spunk when I am her age!

Mamma II brought her friend Gene with her. Lawson just loved him! I don't often get sad about my grandfather, Daddy Bob, passing but seeing Lawson hugging on Gene made me a tad sad because I know Daddy Bob would of been head over heels over his Great-grandchildren. Anyway... It was so funny when they left Lawson said "Mr. Gene doesn't have any hair, I will buy him some hair for Christmas, would that be nice?"

Thank you for coming up and seeing us it was a wonderful Christmas treat!!

Our Little Deer

Here is our happy boy all dressed up "like a tree" as Lawson says. Love it!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Grammy and Pops' Christmas

This weekend we had Christmas with Grammy and Pops. What a wonderful Christmas. This year has been extra special because Lawson is really starting to understand what Christmas is all about. It isn't all about presents (but they are a REALLY nice bonus). So her excitement makes us all very excited!

This year Lawson must of been an extra special girl this year because her Pops made her a bed for her dolls and Grammy made the sheets, pillow, doll nightgowns and a coverlet. It is so precious and Lawson just loves it! Wes being the curious boy he is didn't hold out on us and dove right into opening up his gifts. Oh I love seeing the joy on my kids face. Thank you for our wonderful gifts Grammy, Pops and Uncle Taylor! We love you!

Check out the handmade bed! It is so detailed and beautiful!

Monogrammed Pillowcase!

Wes checking things out! It has already passed the baby durability (and the brick stairs)

Wes very EXCITED to open up gifts!

Hey this is fun stuff!!

Wes getting into all the action!

Guess who can write their name?

It is Wesley! Just kidding, it is Miss Lawson and she is so proud of herself and so are we!! The last "L was her trying to start over again before I could get a picture. We are very proud of you Lawson! Guess Lawson will be signing all of her Christmas tags this year!

Gingerbread House with Pops

Saturday morning Pops and Lawson woke up and made a gingerbread house. They did a wonderful job. I am so surprised with Lawson's patience level these days. She was completely focused the entire time while they put this together. Great job!!

Gautier Christmas Party

We did it again. We had Collins' mothers' brother and sisters over and all of their children & grandchildren over to our house this Sunday. We served 40 people for a sit down dinner. (No we did not cook) Everyone was responsible for a dish (thank goodness!) I have to say I was really nervous about sitting 40 people at our home, but it went beautifully (thank goodness people to not mind sitting in the garage)! Everything worked out and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Next year we will not be the host, 2 years is enough, sorry family! It was really nice to see everyone and all of the newest additions. What a wonderful family tradition that has been going on for almost 30 years!

The Gautier Kids minus one sister

The Grandchildren (Less 4 grandkids)

The Great-Grandchildren

The Living Room

The Garage

The Den

The Twin's Granddaughters

Saddest Sheep in Bethlehem

Last Thursday we went to Lawson's Preschool program and it was precious. She was a sheep and looked adorable and Lawson did...not so good...but the other the children did great. Lawson got stage freight and wanted her mommy. I couldn't believe it!! I had been hearing these songs for 3 weeks to the point I knew them all, Daddy had taken off work to come to the program, and we got to watch Lawson run off the stage. I was a tad disappointed and surprised but mostly it broke my heart to see her so upset! I did get her to go back up there to say the last phrase "Jesus is the Light" Oh well maybe next year!!

Lawson getting up on the stage

Lawson breaking down...

Lawson on the stage long enough for a picture, pretty sad but pretty cute too!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I love these guys!!

Just thought I would share my two sweethearts with you today! Love, M

BTW- Why is it IMPOSSIBLE to get two kids to look at the camera at the same time but they can look at some random subject at the same time? Go figure!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Wesley's Christmas Stocking

IT IS DONE!!! I finished it yesterday the 14th so I beat my old record of the 23rd. Lawson has just loved watching me make his stocking. She would come in the playroom/sewing room and say "Wes is asleep please sew Wes' stocking" She helped me pick out the buttons and was always so encouraging! As she would say "That is beautiful my sweet-darling." Hopefully, Wes will like his stocking when he gets older.

On a side note: Daddy Fitts painted the front door yesterday. Oh my, it is terrible. It is like a bubble gum pink. Hopefully, with more coats it will look better but right now it is just
awful!! If it doesn't work out it might be black for the holidays.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Who is training who?

Wesley has figured out how much fun it is to feed Chewy. This has been going on for a few weeks and it makes me wonder "who really training who?" I think Chewy has slowly but surely trained Wes. Watch this play out....

Wes asking for more animal crackers even though he has eaten a plenty. (he waits until he is completely full)

Wes calling for Mr Chew with a grunt and a bang on the highchair. Then tosses over the goods!

Wes takes a bite then gives it to Chewy! Great!

I know your game guys!!! Wes has figured out if he doesn't like green beans or peas he can toss them over the edge and Big Dog will clean it up!! Thanks Mr Chew for training yet another one!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Mommy's Helpful Little Elf

So every once in a while I open up my mail box and there is a little gift from one of my dear friends. Like Santa's Elves she comes by leaving me a gift, of coupons, and poof she is gone. Only once have I caught her during her drive-by. My friend knows how much I LOVE coupons and with me being a SAHM any unwanted coupons are much appreciated. I just wanted to send out a special THANK YOU to her!! Today with your coupons alone I saved $18! THANK YOU!!

My mom and dad also send me there coupons and as always I appreciate their help!! I really do love coupons!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Magic Doors

Our conversation leaving pre-school

L: Mommy, I want a car with magic doors. ( pointing to one of these...you know the doors that open up without anyone being around them~ MAGIC!!)

Mommy: I don't want a car with magic doors because that will make mommy feel old (something about driving a FULL SIZE Dodge Ram van in HS has scared me!!)

L: Oh! (thinking) Mommy, your not old so we don't need a car with magic doors.

Mommy: That's right, not now at least, okay?

L: When you get old then can we get a car with magic doors?

Mommy: Probably! (That will be my sign)