Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow January 2014!!

We got snow and lots of it!!! According to my ruler we got 4.5" of snow last nigh. As normal, Collins is not here to join in the fun (he has to work LOTS of long hours) but we enjoyed it.

Here are a few pics. I have more but on the big camera. Lawson and Wes LOVE the snow. This snow was very powdery so a snowman was out for today at least.

Cailyn could live without the snow! To he credit she just got over the stomach bug and still not feeling 100% but MUCH better!!

Stay warm everyone!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Flu Bug... Go away

Yes, the flu has for the first and hopefully the last struck our house!!! Wesley woke up Saturday with a headache but no fever. Then after a no energy basketball game Wesley went immediately to the couch never to get up. He still didn't have a fever but that changed that evening with spikes of a103 fever. Sunday he wasn't much better. We went to the doctors today and they confirmed we have a strand of Flu A(????)As of tonight (Monday) he has a lot more energy but still a horrible cough but no fever. He won't go to school tomorrow but we hope he will Wednesday (the last day of track-in) before a 3 weeks break :-/

Here is a picture at the Doctor's office. Sad but cute!!! Hopefully, no one else will get sick!!! Please say a little prayer for us!!!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 quick update

We are all doing great and enjoying the new year!! Here are some recent pics of the kids!!!!

Wesley just turned 6 years old!!! On Dec 16th Wes had an unfortunate run in with a concrete corner. 7 stitches later he is as good as new with a nice scar!! He is a tough one!!!
Cailyn is still my outgoing one!! As she gets closer to 3 her true loves are coming through... Shopping and dancing.
Lawson is busy selling GS cookies and successful completed Girls on the Run season last fall by running 3.1 miles. I am super proud of her!!! She is excelling at reading and writing at school.
Collins and I are doing well. He is super busy at work and I had a super busy Christmas season with my small business.
Love to all!!!!