Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011 Part 1

Merry Christmas family and friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  Our Christmas was fabulous.  It really was stress-free and really gave us the opportunity to remember why we celebrate Christmas. 
Here is our family Christmas tree. 
This was Cailyn’s first Christmas.  She really did enjoy all the lights, paper, cardboard boxes and ribbon!!
Cailyn's First Christmas 1
First let’s start with Christmas Eve.  We went to the 7PM service as church.  It was wonderful and the kids were EXCELLENT!!Christmas miracle.  As soon as we got home we set out our treats for Santa.
Hung out stockings by the chimney with care.
Then read Twas the Night before Christmas.  This moment to me was priceless!!
Christmas Morning…look who left foot prints all over the carpet…
and left lots of goodies for the kids…
Oh the pure excitement…
Cailyn doesn’t know what to think of all the toys!!DSC_3544
Lawson’s favorite toy…her awesome Barbie camper. Check out her expression when she notices her camper…
Wesley’s favorite toy…the shot gun (toy) to get those squirrels!DSC_3546
Cailyn’s favorite toy was Olivia.  It says her name.  Santa is pretty awesome!DSC_3551
After Cailyn’s nap it was time for presents.  Daddy was Santa!
More great pictures to follow of Christmas Day, presents time…

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wesley’s Christmas Program

Wesley’s last day of preschool was December 15th and the children all worked really hard to preform the Christmas Story for us.  It was absolutely adorable!! Of course, I had a few butterflies not knowing if Wesley was going to make it or not (believe it of not he is kind of shy!)  It was at this age that Lawson was the Saddest sheep in Bethlehem

I am thrilled to report he did a fantastic job!! He sang (most of the time) and was just adorable!!

Wesley 3yr old Christmas Program 2011

Wesley during one song covered his ears!! Too funny!

Wesleys 3yr old Christmas Program 2

One neat part of the nativity scene was having a live baby.  See Wesley behind “Mary” smiling.  He loves babies!


After the program we received our Christmas gifts from Wesley and enjoyed snacks and craft time.DSC_3348DSC_3352

Mommy and Wesley.  I love my buddy!!!

Mommy and Wesley 2011

Mommy and Daddy with Wesley.  We left Cailyn at home with our neighbor napping and Lawson was at school.  Believe it or not Wesley quite enjoyed himself not having his sisters around. 

Mommy Daddy and Wesley 2011

More Christmas posts to come.  I am going to catch up before the end of the year!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Tree Picking 2011

EDIT: I had 2010…forgive me I am still in shock next year is 2012…

The annual picking of the Christmas Tree is a slightly stressful event but none-the-less fun.  Why you ask…

1 little man who insisted on sticking his foot with crocs and a sock in the mucky tree stand water…


1 little girl who was grabbing for everything…DSC_3208

And one Miss know it all.


I am not saying who did what I am just saying…

It was fun, and we did pick out a pretty Christmas tree although the really pretty ones were $80 and higher and that is simply ridiculous for something that is going to die in a couple of weeks…

None-the-less, we came we saw, and had we known they were giving out hayrides this year we would of done that too. Next year (unless we get a fake tree).


But, it was time to get home because there was a sweet little girl who needed to go down for a nap!!


I don’t even have a picture of the tree but I will soon!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

2011 Garner Christmas Parade

Lawson was in her very first Christmas parade (the first weekend of December) with her Girl Scout troop.  Unfortunately, there are lots of rules so she could not pass out candy but she still had a great time. She was such a cute reindeer!!


She was almost a no show.  Collins was a #1 daddy and took the big kids to the parade while I stayed home with Cailyn (you know naptime).  Well, he walked up and down the parade convoy two times (over 100 entries), carrying Wesley, until her troop leader yelled out “hey, she belongs with us”.  At least she made it!!  Once the parade started Collins had already had a great workout so he was ready for some treats.  haha! There were no pictures of Wesley but he was there and racked up in the candy department.  He was really sweet and shared it with Lawson (without prompting).

Some of the normal highlights of the parade.  (I was very impressed he got pictures)


And our sweet girl looking all festive and jolly!!!DSC_3194

This parade really kicks off the Christmas Season for us!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tight Spaces


Cailyn is on the move…on her bum that is and loves getting herself in a tight spot…  Silly girl!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving this year the whole family went to VA to be with my family.  We decided to travel on Thanksgiving Day (to beat the traffic) and that was the way to go.  It was easy sailing most of the way there and less stress.  When we arrived we were unloaded the car and got straight back in to go to Gaylord’s Madagascar on Ice.  It was so cool (literally and figuratively).  The kids had a blast as well as the parents.  It is pretty amazing to see 2million pounds of ice look real.  Here is a photo dump of the trip…


To keep Cailyn warm in 9 degree temps I wore her in a Moby Wrap and then got an XL poncho. She was toasty warm.


I was more concerned about Cailyn being warm then I was about my own vanity.  I should of considered that a little more…my hat looks like Pope John Paul II. 


Wesley’s favorite part was the ice slides!!!DSC_2955DSC_2957

The whole gang.  Thanks Nana and Dah for an excellent time on Thanksgiving Day.


The part I thought was most spectacular with the ice nativity set.  It was breathtaking.


Looking at the Potomac River back towards VA.DSC_2979

Lawson has told us she wants to learn to play the guitar.   Uncle Ryan was giving her lessons.DSC_2988


On Friday we celebrated Thanksgiving.  The cooks…DSC_2993

Friday, Nov 25th Lauren and Will celebrated 5 yrs of marriage.  Will had to work and was missed!DSC_3008

The Thanksgiving table.  I can’t tell you how thankful I am for this group of people!!


The kids love this time of year and being able to drink Sparkling grape juice out of a wine glass.


Gobble. Gobble!


How was the food….I think this picture says it all!DSC_3015

The best part after a big meal…Relaxing.


We had a wonderful time and it was a Thanksgiving full of many many blessings!!!