Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Day of Summer 2010

Today is our official last day of summer!  It has been a great summer and we have enjoyed the freedom of our lack of schedule that we have been blessed with, but now it is time for more structure.  It has been 103 days since Lawson has been in school....She is ready!! (I am ready...)

Lawson's first day or screening day was WONDERFUL! As soon as she got in the car I said how was your day.  She said "It was GREAT!" She met lots of new people and loved every minute.  She even took a nap there. That was shocking.  She was a bit sad that she wasn't going back for another 6 days.  Today we go and meet her teacher at 1:30.  I am excited and nervous. This is laying the foundation of her kindergarten year.  I pray that she is matched up with a wonderful teacher, who is loving, tender-hearted yet firm.  Whom Lawson will have respect for and love to learn from.  

So good bye summer! It has been fun but it is time for a new adventure...

What about Little Guy?  Wes will be starting pre-school Sept 14th.  He will be going for 3 days a week. 
I promise I am not trying to scoot my kids out of the house- I love my kids dearly.  I am just really ready for a schedule!! I am not very good at self inflicting a schedule I am too much of a procrastinator.  To think at one time I thought about Home Schooling makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD!! Haha!!

Bye Summer 2010!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lawson First Day at School

Hip-hip-hooray!!  Lawson is a kindergartner!! What an exciting day!  We got dressed (without too much fuss) got some pictures and we were off.  There has been much preparation- new dress (thanks Nana and Dah), new shoes, new backpack/lunchbox, and haircut PLUS lots of talks about today and all helped everything went off without a hitch.  It was a little tough to wake up at 7AM, especially once you are use to waking up at 8AM or later! We were spoiled!

Then our drive to school was not as long as I was expecting so that was a bonus.  We got there and that is when Lawson kind of retreated into "shy Lawson"  she got a little teary but once she had some time to explore the the Media Center and she saw some familiar books and she got comfortable.  Then I had to fill out all the forms and about 30 minutes later it was time for the kids to leave.  There was about 8 or 10 kids for this screening day.  She got in line and said her good-byes.  It was painless and she did not look too frightened.  As for me, I didn't cry one tear.  I was a little surprised given all the pregnancy hormones that are raging through my body, but it wasn't sad it was exciting! 

Here is my big, beautiful, 5 year old princess all ready for school.  WE ARE SO PROUD!!

Lawson and Mommy!

Wesley and Lawson.  He was so funny. After we dropped her off went back home and immediately got back into the car to go see a friend at the hospital and he said "I don't want to go and pick up sissy!!"  Hmmm, that isn't very nice...but very typical!

Lawson at school, looking a little timid, once she started walking out the door she NEVER LOOKED BACK!! Now that makes me a little sad...and proud all at the same time.

I will send and update tonight or tomorrow with her report of the the day.  I wonder if she will be as excited about her first 'real' day next Wednesday! 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mud pie anyone?

Lawson and Wesley are wrapping up their summer break with some good ol' fashion mud pies. Fun times. Good thing tonight is bath night!

Kindergarten Screening Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a BIG day for Miss L. She is going to her Kindergarten Screening Day! We have our outfit picked out and our backpack ready!!

The kids got new backpacks this summer.  Aren't they CUTE?? 

Lawson's official first day of school will be September 1st when all the kindergartners gather for the first time.  She will be attending a Magnet School in Downtown Raleigh.  It is a lottery to get in and we were fortunate enough to get in.  We are super excited to see how Lawson blossoms this year. I pray that Lawson will enjoy school and keep her eagerness to learn!  Lawson we are so proud of you!

PS- My friend Heather had her baby boy, Fletcher, at 10:42 this morning. Mother and baby are doing great. We are so thrilled for the Spesshardt family and look forward to meeting him tomorrow! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baby Fitts #3 is a...

The final tally on the poll was 8 for Girl 7 for Boy...You were right if you picked GIRL!

We are were thrilled to find out that our baby is a girl.  She is healthy and looks great.  Lawson was beyond thrilled to find out the news.  She jumped up and down and screamed with delight.  She has already started packing up her room with hopes the baby will share her room (right now that is not the plan.) Wesley doesn't realize he is going to be out numbered! Haha!!

As one of my friends texted me when I told her the news "let the sewing begin" oh I can't wait to start sewing for the new princess in the house!  I think now is the time to buy and embroidery machine!

One request- I would really appreciate all the thoughts and prayers for me and the baby as we continue growing.

(Also, Thanks for participating in my poll!!)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby Update

Okay, I don't have any pictures today but I do have some news...

If everything goes to plan we will find out the sex of Baby #3 on Tuesday August 24th.  I will be 16 weeks and 6 days at that point and I am a little concerned it might be too early but as of today that is the plan.

So let's take a poll as to what you think the sex of the baby is!  Poll is on the right hand side and everyone should participate-it's fun!  Results to be annouced on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Octo-dog for Lunch

Today I tried to spice things up at lunch time and introduced the kids to Octo-dogs.   Aren't they cute? 

Let me ask does this say anything about their personalities...Lawson ate the legs first....Wesley ate the head first. 
They loved there special lunch and eating at their table. 

 All in the effort to keep things fun on these HOT HOT Summer days (WRAL just reported it is the 61st day this year we have topped 90 degrees.) 

We were also Slip-n-Sliding at 9AM this morning! We can't go to the pool until next week.  Wesley's ear drum ruptured last week and Lawson got croup, and I was sick too so we are just taking it easy this week.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mommy Vent

This is why there is the saying "Nap time is the new happy hour."

This is the other reason why being pregnant while having multiple kids is VERY difficult. There is no "Happy Hour."

I put him in timeout for hitting his sister. 2 minutes in his room and one sly child who hoards things in his pockets. This is what I get.

Oh the joys of Motherhood.

Beach Weekend

We went to the beach with the kids exactly 1 month ago to celebrate Grammy's big 60th birthday!  (Sorry I am so delayed in my posting.) 

The kids loved being with her to celebrate her big day.  They also got to share with her a picture of Baby Fitts #3 which tickled her to no end. I think our announcement of Baby #3 is the best birthday gift we could of given her! 

Later that evening we took the kids fishing off the pier.  Pops catching the bait.

Wesley fishing.  It was dusk not pitch dark (I promise!) Wesley talked all the way to the beach he was going to catch a shark not a big one but a small one!!

This child is a natural. 

Guess who caught a shark?  Lawson did!  Wesley had already gone back upstairs and we had to bring him back down to check it out.

The child is all talk! Once he saw it he was terrified. 

Saturday's morning forecast looked grim so we decided to hop over to the island in front of the condo and enjoy the outdoors.  This picture cracks me up.  This is Collins kayaking and pulling Taylor on a raft.  That should give you some indication as to how close it is.  Pops does have a zodiac but Collins insisted on exercise. 

Lawson enjoyed the beach. 

Wesley did too! 

One funny and very memorable incident: we were all eating lunch and the little zodiac boat got loose because the tide was coming in pretty fast.  This intoxicated gentleman in a camo bathing suit, with an orange life jacket on (that did not come close to covering his beer gut) screams out "I think you guys are missing something" (or to that affect)  sure enough our boat was in the middle of the creek.  Well, James pops up and starts swimming to rescue to the boat and so does the intoxicated overweight gentleman.  James ended up pulling back in the boat and the gentleman (realize I am being nice here.)  His response once the intoxicated man hits land "Remind me not to audition for Bay Watch."  I thought was going to pee my pants.  James did end up losing his expensive sunglasses (sorry) but at least we did have to do this number to get back to the condo.  

Sometimes I crack myself up...and yes I know I am the only one who thinks I am funny besides my sister.

It will not be long before Lawson can start kayaking on her own.  She is learning in the pool for right now!!

Happy 60th Birthday Grammy!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

14 Weeks - Baby #3

I am now officially into my second trimester! Yippee!!  I hate to sound like a bigger idiot then I already am (baby brain) but I thought I was out of my second trimester 2 weeks ago and colored my hair to celebrate.  Oops! 

I thought I would post to give an update on how I am doing the baby is doing and so forth.  This time will pass so fast and I know I will forget everything if I don't write it down.

I am feeling great as long as I eat ALL. OF. THE. TIME!  Since I know this about myself I snack constantly and this has seemed to keep sickness away.  Amen to this blessing. With both of my other pregnancies I was sick during the end of the 1st trimester to 18 weeks. 

I am tired but I think that is to be expected.  I am probably a little bit more irritable, snappy, and just plain grumpy sometimes but my kids and hubby are tolerant (to a point.)

The children are so excited about the baby's arrival.  Lawson hugs and kisses by belly everyday.  Wesley kisses my belly too and then asks me to kiss his baby in his belly.   Others seem to be excited as well.  Our friends daughter, Siena, asked if she could kiss my belly today.  Kids are so cute!

Lawson is getting ready.  She has money in this bottle which I find ironic since formula and breast milk is liquid gold in my mind!  haha!

Lawson thinks it is a girl.  Wesley thinks the baby is a boy.  I have no clue.  So much for motherly intuition.  I have no feeling one way or the other- healthy is all I care about!

I have not had a second appointment yet and that seems odd to me.  I will go on August 16th. 

Don't think of me as weird but since this is my last pregnancy I want to at least document my size every quarter. (I know this is a first pregnancy type thing but- this is for me!)  I am thrilled that I have yet to put on maternity clothes but can feel I will be pulling them out in a week or two.  . 

Picture by Lawson!

Also, to make it feel a little bit more real Collins and purchased a new bib for Baby #3 this weekend while we bought the rest of the kids treats.  Getting him/her off to a good start!
That's my update!!  We love you Baby Fitts #3!!