Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mommy's Little Project

Look what I did!! This is Wes's hand at 4 1/2 months. Isn't it precious?!?!

Thank you Grammy and Pops for your help!

Other Beach Pictures w/ Grammy and Pops

Lawson and Pops going for a ride!

Grammy and Lawson!

Lawson learning how to steer a boat

I love boating!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

G'Day Mate

I thought would share with everyone a picture my parents sent me from Australia. They are there for 2 weeks. I think they are having a good time!!!

Don't you just want to take that koala bear home???

Good Morning, Wes!

We hit a milestone this morning! It was his first time (that I have seen) Wes rolled over from his back to his tummy. I heard Wes talking (cooing) in his bed. I could tell he was fine so I let him stay there while I finished getting dressed. When I got to him my baby was on his tummy and on the other side of the crib from where I laid him last night! He was so proud of himself- his face just lit up when he saw me as if he was saying "look mommy what I did!!
I love those morning smiles!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lawson's First Fish

Grammy and Pops got Lawson a Barbie fishing rod for her birthday. She broke it in just right. On Monday, she caught a Spanish Mackeral on her barbie rod!! She caught the biggest fish of the day. Her daddy was so proud. Once she got one she wanted to catch more!! It was the waiting that is a little hard for 3 year old to understand!

Lawson fishing...

Waiting for the fishies...

Still waiting...

We got one! Lawson working on pulling it on board

Lawson's fish!! Good job Lawson

It is hard work fishing!

Other beach photos

Playing in the sand

Little feet in the sand

Mommy and Wes

I am having a blast

Daddy trying to figure out this kite!

Mommy and Wes again

My little fish!!

Happy 3rd Birthday (Day at the Beach)

My first born turned 3!! We had a wonderful fun filled day. Grammy and Pops took Lawson to the beach and see the ocean. She loved it. I think I had a permanent smile on my face all day watching her enjoy the sand, water and sun. She still remembers how much she loves the water. She is like her daddy part fish!!
I couldn't help but think what I was doing 3 years ago on her birthday. It seems like yesterday! How she made me and her daddy the happiest people in the world. How our hearts grew so much with love. We are so blessed to have a wonderful daughter!! Happy Birthday my sweet Angel.

Fun in the Sun!!

I love my daddy!

Daddy's girl!

I just ate sand!!

Happy Birthday Lawson- Cake made by Grammy!

The Fitts Family

A Barbie Fishing pole from Grammy and Pops!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lawson's talk with Nana

Lawson’s conversation into a pretend phone, cooking dinner at her kitchen and rocking a baby on her hip!!!

Hello Nana-How are you today?
That’s good. I am doing good thanks. What are you doing today?
You are going to Auustraya. That’s nice. Can I come?
Is Butler going?
Okay, come back and see me. Have a good time. Get me a Lion. Okay great. I love you too. Bye-bye

I tried my best not to laugh so I think I almost bit my tongue off!

Checking in on Wes- 4 months 2 weeks

I thought I would give everyone an update on how my little man is doing! He is a busy guy between growing leaps and bounds he also has had a very busy social calendar. Take a look...

Wes found his feet on Mother's day!!

This weekend Owen arrived from FL- they napped together- so sweet!!
He loves taking a stroll- I didn't realize he was big enough for the umbrella stroller until Nana got it out. It was a bitter sweet moment for me!

Then his friend Hudson came over. They were born on the same day! Hudson is 32mins older.
Look at Wes trying to sit-up. (don't worry I don't leave him unattended unbuckled!)

Now Wes is sucking his thumb! If his thumb gets caught up in a blanket and he can't get to- it he is not a happy camper. Can you say "BRACES!!" I wonder if he is going to be a lefty. Grammy and Pops are lefties.
Wes loves hanging out with the family

My big happy boy!! (Lawson loves to put him in shoes!)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Other great pictures

Other pictures from the weekend. My parents got a SLR Digital Camera for their trip. So we got to play with it this weekend. It takes the best pictures.

I make these look good!!

Stop taking pictures of me and FEED ME!!

Lawson in her new booster seat

Wes just enjoying the nice weather!!

Don't forget about Mr Chew!

Lawson's Birthday gift

How old are you going to be???

Close your eyes....

Hold out your hand...

If all else fails... Push it!!

Thank you Nana & Dah!! She loves it!!

Busy busy Weekend

Nana getting some love from Wes!

When my parents arrived - this is how Lawson was dressed!!

I had a long weekend with the children. I took off Friday since I had already worked 50+ hours in 4 days so I decided I needed some extra time with them. On Friday we also had planned a portrait shoot at a local photographers. Taking two children to a photo shoot is SOOOOO stressful!! Wow!! But I have a feeling the pictures are going to be awesome, so it will be well worth it.

Friday afternoon my parents arrived!! I love it when my parents visit. They wanted to see the grandchildren before they are off to Australia for two weeks!! They also celebrated Lawson's 3rd birthday early. They got her the coolest coaster car. Then Donna and Owen arrived from Florida for a party we were all hosting. It was wonderful seeing her. Owen is a doll baby!! Then, Saturday evening we went to a wedding party for fellow Meredith "Avenging" Angel, Melinda and her husband Ben. We partied all night-Okay that is a lie, until 10:30pm, It is sad we can't party like we use too!! We had a great time and wish the happy couple best wishes!!

Sunday, my parents left and we had some friends over for a play date!!! Wheww!! I am tired from the weekend!! I need another day just to rest from the weekend activities!

Donna and Owen in town!

Lawson checking out the new baby in the house. She told Donna to "shhhhh" because Owen was sleeping!!

What a sweetie!!

Best Friends - Donna and Maridith! (Wes is 1 month older then Owen)

Lawson didn't want to miss the photo shoot!

It was wonderful seeing Donna and Owen!!