Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

Is Halloween really here?  According to the calendar it is!!!Therefore, it is time to carve the pumpkins and get the costumes ready!!!


Lawson and Cailyn wore coordinating outfits.  Introducing the

Diva Sushi Chef and the Shrimp Sushi


Wesley was a Vampire Bat!


My horrible attempt to get a picture of the three, but this pretty much the best pictures I got! 


To kick off Halloween we went to a Trick or Treat Walk in town.  That was fun but the businesses did not have enough candy.  Oh well.


We got home, ate dinner and waited for the Halloween Moon!!!

Sushi anyone????


Then it was time for Trick-or-Treating around the neighborhood. It has been a tradition that our kids first time Trick-or-Treating is at Bob and Nancy’s house.

Cailyn’s first time Trick-or-treating!!!

Cailyn Trickortreating

Here is Lawson!!!

Here is Wesley’s first time Trick-or-Treating

Now here are all three!!!!


I love traditions!!!

Daddy and the crew off to get lots of candy!!!

Daddy and kids

This crew went around in style!!!! (Minus Cailyn)Golf Cart Ride

She did go to one more neighbors house and they were delighted to see her!!!


Before I part I did what to show you I was there!!!Mommy Cailyn and Wesley

Here is Nancy and the kids too!!Nancy and kids 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!!

Halloween 2012 3 Kids

Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Costumes

This weekend we had our first Halloween Party for the kids.  I love it that we have the chance to wear our costume more then once thanks to Halloween Parties.

Of course,  the party is on the 20th and do I have my costumes ready?  No!  (check out my Facebook page to document my procrastination!!!)  I wait until the last possible moment to make them, then my son makes decides it needs alterations 20  minutes before the party starts.  It is all good!  We made them and he looked awesome.

  Here are 2 of our 3 kids Halloween Costumes this year.  There will be pictures of my oldest later

First, my favorite costume I have ever made. 

Shrimp Sushi

Cailyn this year is Shrimp Sushi.  Can you see it???  This was so much fun to make and I think she is cute enough to eat!!!! Of course, what is sushi without a little wasabi and pickled ginger?

Wasabi and Ginger

Then Wesley was a Vampire Bat!!! So scary!!!Vampire Bat

He told me over and over again he wanted his wings to stick straight out.  So I used a pool noodle to help me accomplish this task…DSC_5874

After he realized he couldn’t walk down the hall OR slide down the slide he changed his mind.  We removed the noodle and sewed elastic on the wings in three places so he could “FLY”

I don’t have a picture of him standing still but I do have one of him having the time of his life!!! Wings that fly

Just a little bit of Strictly Homemade this Halloween!!! I love all things homemade!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Fun 2012

We are making the most of all the fall activities around the area while the weather is beautiful! I really do love this time of year. There seems to be so much to do!!!!

First, you have the traditional gather your pumpkin and take the traditional pumpkin picture no matter how impromptu it might be!

We went to the Garner High School Homecoming Parade, that was fun and all the kids cared about was the candy!!

Then for the 4th time we went to Ken's Korn Maze. This was the course....2.6miles

Here are my troopers!

We conquered the course in 1 hr and 15 minutes! Go, team Fitts!

We have had soccer games for Wesley. This season has not been near as enjoyable as last season. We have had some melt downs, some puny attitudes but we are moving forward....enough said.

We went to the Renovated Pullen Park. It was amazing. This was Cailyn's first time on a Carousel.

The kids on the Paddle Boat with Grammy and Pops.

I love this picture! Kids waiting for the Carousel.

The kids watching the paddle boats before they decided to go.

Daddy, Cailyn and I waiting for the kids

Then some fun pictures, this is Cailyn's face when I told her NCSU won against FSU! Shock! Happiness but shock! I decided it warranted wearing the biggest NCSU hair ow we had to school.

One thing we decided not to do this fall was go to the State Fair. In honor of the State Fair I got the kids Corn Dogs. Same thing, right? Ha!

Last but not least it is election time. We have a Fitts running for office here in Wake County (no family connection) I had to get a picture of Cailyn next to the sign. Just incase if one day she ran for President!!!!

Hope you are all enjoying the fall weather and festivities!