Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cailyn is 2 Months Old

Look who is 2 months old?? My sweet baby girl!  Oh, how I love you!


Cailyn is my little rock star so I thought I would dress her appropriately.


A little about what Cailyn is up to these days.

- She wakes up once a night and one night she went from 9-4:30 YIPPEE!

- She still loves to be held, swaddled, or worn. 

- Her smile will melt your heart and make you forget about all of your worries


- We are starting to find some nick names for her.  I am starting to call her Cai-Cai said like KK. Which is funny because that is what my mom is called KK and Cailyn’s middle names comes from my mom as well.  The kids call her “Cutie Cailyn”


Cailyn’s sweet little (LONG & SKINNY) feet are always as cold as ice cubes.  Very much so like her Nana (my mom)! 


She enjoys tummy time. (No kidding) However, she will be enjoying it so much that sometimes she will just fall asleep. 


The kids absolutely ADORE Cailyn and are the biggest helpers.  DSC_1462

Wesley is the trash boy.  He throws away dirty diapers.

Lawson is the calmer, she helps sooth Cailyn if when she is having a crying spell!


Happy 2 months Cailyn.  We are loving watching you grow but as I told the other two kids before you “slow down” but you probably won’t listen just like them!!  We love you.

Stats will be filled in on Monday April 4th. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sharing a Little Sunshine


Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lawson’s School Music Program

Tuesday night we had our first school program at Lawson’s school.  Lawson was super excited to share with us all she was singing and that she was going to be a butterfly for one of the songs.  It was a great program and we had a great time watching all of the kids perform.  It was also a great opportunity for us to meet some of her friends. 

(BTW- I should say I was a little nervous that she wouldn’t perform and cry but then I remembered she is a “big girl” now and there is no way she would embarrass herself by crying in front of her friends. Sometimes there is such thing as good peer pressure)

Lawson during the first song!


I think she sang during most of the program.


Lawson as the butterfly! The program was great and all the kids did excellent.


Walking back to the gym.  Behind her is Ms. Millie.  She loves her teacher Miss. Millie!


Lawson introduced me to her best friend, Dubbie (yes, that is her real name)  She was so sweet!!


Lawson’s other best friend Aiden.


Then while I was snapping pictures another girl came up and said "take my picture too” so I did.  Lawson then informed me that little girl is “So annoying and pushy” I thought to myself…I can’t tell.


As a special treat we took the kids to McDonalds for dinner and we let them play on the playground inside.  The kids were overwhelmed with our generosity because we normally never go to restaurants/ fast food  ESPECIALLY on a school night.  When we got home from McDonalds we sang Daddy Happy Birthday and ate cake.  What a great evening. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Family

I had something else written here but I started crying and couldn’t complete it- so I erased it.  I guess my emotions are still everywhere.  Why was I crying? I was thinking about my siblings, my parents, my husband and my kids.  Although there are something's I will NEVER understand and still grieve over, I am reminded of how many blessings surround me.  Here are a few of my many blessings.

I have a wonderful devoted husband who means the absolute world to me.  When I see him playing with our kids I feel like my heart is going to pop out of my chest because I am so happy and in love.  He is a loving, fun, yet stern daddy.  He is my partner for life and I love him with all my heart!! 


Lawson my oldest daughter who is a cookie cutter image of me (scary!) and tests me like no other but has a heart of gold.  She is so smart, so observant and loves to be your helping hand. She is such an excellent big sister and takes her role very seriously. 


Wesley, yes he is a momma’s boy but he is daddy’s buddy.  Wesley is a free spirit!  He is so full of life!  He is rough and tough but has soft heart. I love my Wes-Wes hugs.  Wesley is a protective older brother and can not pass Cailyn without giving her a kiss. 


Last but not least Happy Cailyn.  She is just perfect as my happy 7 week old.  I have no idea what type of personality she will have but right now she is easy going and happy!  She goes with the flow rather then going against it.  She has fit perfectly into our family and it is amazing how I can no longer remember life without her.


I love being a wife to Collins and a mom to these 3 terrific kids.  Okay, I am crying again…

Thank you God for my beautiful family!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Enjoying the Beautiful Weather

Pictures of the kids enjoying the great outdoors!  DSC_1360

The wonderful weather is just making everyone happy and less grumpy.  The kids play wonderfully together outside.


Color time on the deck.


The kids planting their garden.  They love working outside like their daddy.




Cailyn enjoying the outdoors as well!!I normally wear her and she is out cold!


Hope you are enjoying the weather too!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Call it like I see it…


I am an idiot!

No, I am not trying out for the Blue Man’s Group this is my mishap with some nasty medicine called Gentian violet. 

I have a LONG history of not putting the lid on things. Normally it is someone else who picks up the unclosed bottle and is cursing my name because they have just spilled laundry detergent or orange juice every where because I did not close the lid properly.  Oops! 

Friday, I was the victim and boy did I pay the price.  This stuff STAINS!  It was EVERYWHERE!!

I ruined a pair of jeans, a bath mat, and my tile grout is now a constant reminder of my accident.  As I type this 3 days later my fingers are still blue!  Ugh!!

I had to laugh at myself because it really is my own fault. This is why I have this sign in my house “Keep Calm and Carry On”

***I figure I am always embarrassing my kids on here I need to show myself in some embarrassing moments too!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Silly Boy

I was going through my camera pictures and I found a few of Mr. Wesley being extra silly that I had to share!


Buzz Light Year to the rescue!


I was cracking up when Wesley came down like this.  Of course he thinks I am laughing because of this goggles.


What I was laughing about was his underwear on backwards. haha!


Not sure why but all glasses end up upside down and you say smile to him and you get the biggest “cheese” possible.

I love getting pictures like these!!! His personality really seems to shine through although it MIGHT be a little embarrassing years from now!


Poor Cailyn has no idea what is in store for her, although her expression seems to say “Mom, don’t you dare take pictures of me like that!!!”

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day


Kiss me I  am Irish!!



Lawson, Cailyn and Wesley!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cailyn’s Social Smile

Cailyn 6 weeks old
Okay, this is my first time attempting to post a video.  I hope it works.  If it does brace yourself for more videos from the Fitts’ Household.
This is Cailyn “playing” and then I got a smile that melted my heart. 

We Survived!


Well yesterday was rough but today we are all doing much better.

1. Lawson is back at school

2. Wesley woke up dry

3. Cailyn is smiling

4. I went to the dentist today and do not have any cavities! (yah!)

Thank you friends for your kind words and encouragement.  I really needed that!!! 


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I will survive!!

That’s the song I have running through my head right now.  I probably should be praying but right now I am just singing! 

Why you ask?  Let me tell you… when everything seems to be going smoothly…it was just a mirage. 

I am in the shower Cailyn is fed, happily laying in her bouncy seat as we are preparing to go to our first MOPS meeting since I had Cailyn.  (I couldn’t make it 2 weeks ago because I was sick.)  Then Lawson comes in saying her tummy hurts.  Next thing I know she has thrown up everywhere in her bathroom.  I run in there…too late as she has tried to clean up the mess and puts all of the toilet paper in the toilet and flushes it…Now the toilet is overflowing.  CRAP!

Then Wesley wakes up while all this is happening saying he has to go potty…and I notice his pants are wet.  Double crap.

Then to get the full picture Cailyn starts WAILING!!  Triple Crap.

Okay, what do you deal with first?  The crying baby, the over-flowing toilet, the throw-up, or the pee???  TAKE YOUR PICK!!!

I will survive…right?DSC_1063

**Pardon me while I vent!

***Lawson seems to be fine and enjoying movies in her room right now!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Attempting Normal

On Friday Lawson had early release from school and I decided to take the kids on a special treat!  We received free Krispy Kreme Donut coupons for Valentine’s Day and they were about to expire so off we went. Alone, I took 3 kids to downtown Raleigh for some yummy goodness to hopefully mask how nervous I was.  Sweets seem to help me calm my nerves.  I am happy to report this kids were AWESOME!! We had our free donut, got our free hats and pencils and made our first adventure out for the 4 of us a success.Wesley at Krispy Kreme

Lawson watching them make donuts. 

Lawson at Krispy Kreme

I didn’t get a picture of Cailyn but I promise she was there (my camera phone died on me.)

On a mommy note: I have often been appalled at how rude people are when they see you with two kids and DO NOT open a door for you or stop while are trying to cross a parking lot.  Well, apparently you need THREE kids to get people to be polite.  I was pleasantly surprised that the door was opened for me twice.


We made it to church for the first time since Cailyn was born. Yippee! We were even on time! Everyone did fabulous getting ready and there was no arguing or fussing.  I am not sure about your family but sometime getting ready for church is nothing less then CRAZY.  Today, it was wonderful.  The kids had fun at Sunday school and Cailyn was great during the service.  

It feels good to attempt normal- whatever that may be.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do we look alike?

I have always joked that Wesley would make a pretty girl just throw a headband on him.  Now don’t ever call him pretty he will tell you in a New York second “I am not pretty I am handsome” So there! 

Well, last night the opportunity arose and Wesley was wearing Lawson’s headband and I just happened to have a camera near by. He will hate me one day for this but…

Do you think this is what Cailyn will look like in 3 years??




But Cailyn will be pretty, Wesley will be handsome!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1 Month Stats

Last week we went to the doctors and I forgot to write about her stats.  I guess between me battling a terrible sinus infection (I am happy to say I am feeling better and I can smell again) and the yeast infection caused by the antibiotics in Cailyn’s mouth and rear end I have been distracted.  I have never been on an antibiotic while nursing and didn’t realize the adverse reaction it can cause on a baby.  What a pain!!  I am happy to report as of this morning Cailyn’s thrush and diaper rash are showing great signs of improvement!  Yeah!


Back to the stats:

Weight: 8lbs 13.5oz 30%

Length: 21.5”  65%

Head: 36cm  25%

We are growing great!

We are starting to see her bright eyes more and more and starting to get some smiles.  I am not quick with the camera but her is a partial smile!!


Cailyn and I had a photo shoot the other day for her birth announcements.  Here is one shot that did not make the birth announcement but I just love!! 


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wesley Talk

One morning on our way to school I asked the kids if they wanted me to turn on the radio.  Their answers are always the same…Lawson “yes” Wesley “no” and then I proceed to turn on the radio. Smile
The first song that came on was Fleetwood Mac and Wesley started whining “I don’t like this song. Turn it off.”  Of course, I don’t.

Then Led Zepplin’s “Whole lotta love” song came on and Wesley said “Oh ya, this is my kinda music!”
The boy has his father’s taste in music!! Ha!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Love Notes

My Lawson loves to leave notes around the house.  I thought I would share with you some of the notes I have found around the house this week.  Note: She writes these 100% on her own.

Note #1:


What it says: My Baby Sister is out and I love her with all my heart!!

Note #2:


What it says:  I love my baby sister as much I love my mommy!

Note #3:


I think you can read this one.  She even gave one to me and Collins!!


What a sweet and loving little girl.  We love our Lawson so much!!