Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Round 2

The weekend after Christmas my parents came down to celebrate Christmas with our family.  Oh the kids were excited to open presents again!

Lawson helping Wesley opening presents.  He was not too thrilled with her help!!

Lawson received a digital Barbie Camera from Aunt Lauren and Uncle Will.  She is now like her mommy...she doesn't go anywhere without her camera. I will download some of her pictures soon!

Wesley just being cute!! His funny moment of the morning:  Lawson was not acting her best and she and I got into a little battle of the wills (saying it nicely) well as we got a little louder Wesley stands in the middle of us puts out his hands like he is trying to separate a fight and says "Stop guys, stop!!"  That helped lighten the mood!

Lawson getting some extra love from Nana!

Wesley got a new tractor and said "Cool"

Then as soon as he would get a gift he would say to Dah "Open that Dah, Open that!!"  Dah was very busy all morning

Cooking is not a womens job in this house. Collins got a new Bunt Pan (ours was bent/eaten by our dog Chewy).  He was very excited!

Then the kids got a new microwave.  Wesley was thrilled!! He now doesn't have to make the beeping noise any more and this spins in order to cook the food more evenly! Big plus!!

And lack of patients is apparently genetic...look at his face waiting for food!!

Thank you Mom, Dad, Lauren, Will and Uncle Ryan for all of our wonderful gifts!! 

Christmas Baking

Christmas is not complete in this home until someone makes Sugar Cookies...per my husband. So Christmas evening we made Christmas cut-out cookies.  Cut out cookies was not a tradition in my home growing up but it will be in my childrens' home.  Grammy and Lawson showed us how it was done!!

Don't forget about little guy.  He had an important job to pick out the cut-outs.

Then we got to decorate. Someone was caught red handed stealing some toppings...not mentioning any names...

Everyone got to decorate a cookie or 2.  So much fun!

I bet you can pick out the kids cookies!

Final Results- YUMMY YUMMY!!

A wonderful yummy tradition to start in our family!! I think it is a hit!!

I have some catching up to do on blog is already 2010 and I am still posting about Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back to Christmas Morning

After a wonderful Christmas Breakfast Casserole it was time for presents!!

Mr and Mrs Claus...someone was still asleep...

A sweet Christmas hug from my little girl!

Pops and Grammy got some wonderful gifts!  A scrapbook from Gale to James and Taylor got Grammy a authentic Hurricane Jersey. 

There are way to gifts to capture them all but some of the funny moments was Wesley opening up all of his gifts with his screwdriver! 

The theme for the morning was being a Worker Man or Woman!!

Everyone got to participate!!

Our Christmas was AMAZING!! Thank you to Grammy, Pops, & Taylor for all of the wonderful gifts!! We are so thankful!

Today we are preparing for my parents to come into town so we can have Christmas with them!! Yippee Round 2!!

Also, today is my birthday!! I am 29 agian, and again...oops and again!! I have to remember as I look in the mirror and see a few more lines on my face it is not how old you are but how young you feel....I still feel 25!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning- Santa has delivered

There truly is nothing like Christmas Morning when you have children in the home.  Lawson woke us all up very quietly and said "Merry Christmas!! I think I heard jingle bells last night and Santa was here!!" Yippee!! Christmas Morning has arrived!! My favorite time of the year!!

Grammy holding the kids back for the big reveal!

Can we come down now???

Santa has visited our home!!!

Look at that!!!

Wesley wasn't so sure!

Then he found the tool bench (for both children) and he was all warmed up!!

Wait..look a here...there is a train table too!!

In a matter of minutes it was taken apart

Lawson playing with the train and Wesley being the "Worker Man" and "fixing" it!

Look at Miss Lawson testing out her new ride!!

Lawson making sure Santa ate his cookies and the Reindeer ate their carrots!

Lawon checking out her stocking but wait...why is daddy's tool set out???? Yikes!

Time to take a chocolate break and we will get back to Christmas Morning!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

I hope that all of you had a wonderful and magical Christmas.  Our Christmas was just amazing, full of laughter, Christmas magic, and lots of love!  This year we had Grammy, Pops, and Uncle Taylor over at our house.  It was so relaxing to be in our own home and not go anywhere!! 

One of the BIG questions of the night was have you been a good girl and boy. 

Lawson's picture says it all.  The magic of Christmas is in your children's eyes!!  Lawson promises she has been a good girl!!  I would have to agree!

When we asked Wesley...he wasn't so confident he had been a good boy.

Still thinking about his response at dinner!

Hanging our stockings... and giving our last wishes to Santa!

Setting our the cookies and milk....

Reading The Night Before Christmas Story

Fitts Family Christmas Eve!

When we told the kids it was time for bed Lawson ran upstairs, tucked herself into bed and said, "no books tonight I am ready for Santa to come."  This NEVER happens.  Wesley was just as coroporative. They were both so excited, but went straight to sleep.

I am going to post several posts because there are TONS of pictures that I love. 

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas Eve

Can you believe it??? It's Christmas Eve??  Are you ready to hang your stockings by the chimney with care?  I AM!!!
We have been celebrating the Christmas Season for almost a month, but last night we did one of my FAVORITE things.  We went to see the lights!!
My family at Meadows Light Show!

Grammy and Pops with the kids! Wesley was enjoying a lolly pop!

Can you tell who was completely fascinated with the lights??

Train ride!!  What fun!!

I am not going to tell who, but someone went to see Santa last night!!  Proof is in the picture!!  I will post it later!!