Thursday, December 27, 2007

A little Blue Suprise!!

I know this is random but I have to tell you what I found last night. I noticed something blue in Lawson's left ear. I asked her what she stuck in her ear and she said "nothing" So with closer examination I realized it was one of her tubes!! (Lawson had tubes put in her ears at 14 months because of constant fluid in her ears) Then yesterday it just showed up! How crazy is that?? Am I weird but I put it in a plastic bag and put it in her keepsake box? Let's just pray that we don't have lots of ear infections and they need replacing. That would be the pits!!!

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas from the Fitts Family!!

This years Christmas was so exciting. Lawson could not wait to see what Santa had brought her. She would tell you Santa comes down the chimney and brings Lawson toys. You ask her what she wanted Santa to bring her and she would say "A Computer" No joke!! So of course, Santa brought her the LeapFrog My first Computer! She loved it. She doesn't know quite how to work it but she gets an A for Effort. Here are some pictures of our Christmas.

Lawson waiting to come down the stairs Christmas Morning!

A computer from Santa and a cool Purple Backpack!!

This is fun!! Thank you! Pops and Grammy

What a sweet Christmas Picture! Lawson loves her Grammy and Pops!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Kenna Christmas in VA

I just wanted to share pictures of the Kenna family's Christmas. They were all up in VA celebrating. I am so proud of my family!!! I will have The Fitts Christmas pictures on-line tomorrow.

Christmas Eve 2007

Lawson and Grammy made sugar cookies and they were extra yummy because Lawson licked the spoon!! Lawson loved putting all of the ingredients in the bowl and cutting out the cookies! She did an excellent job.

In the mean time, Pops, Daddy and Taylor were busy putting Lawson's play yard together for her. It was a labor of love. The instructions say will take 2 skilled workers 16 hours!! Oh my!!! Believe it or not they got most of it done by Christmas evening. The swing arm is not installed yet but we have to get a tree stump removed!! Thank you to Pops, Daddy and Taylor for working so hard on this project!!! Thank you to Grammy and Pops for Lawson's Christmas gift!! Lawson and Baby Fitts are going to love this play yard for many years to come.

Baby update: Christmas day I am 38 weeks. No sign of an early arrival. I am still going strong. I feel really good and believe it or not I am not too tired! This baby energy is good stuff. Lawson loves to kiss my belly. I finally got a picture of the two!! So sweet!

Gautier Christmas Dinner

On Saturday, Collins and I hosted the annual Gautier Christmas Dinner at our home. This is Collins mother's siblings (6 kids) and family. If everyone could of attended it would have been more like 50 but we had 25 people eating lunch in our home. We had a wonderful time!! Our first fear was Collins and I would not be in attendance because Baby Fitts would make an early appearance, but that didn't happen. The other fear was how to feed 25 people in our home, since it was a sit down dinner. Everything came together and I think everyone enjoyed themselves!! We did have one hick-up 15 minutes before the first guest arrived. Someone set a Pyrex dish full of stuffing on a hot stove and it shattered everywhere!!! Luckily no one was hurt!! I had no idea Pyrex could break into so many pieces!!! So there was only a small helping of stuffing but I don't think anyone noticed!

Lawson got to play for the first time some of her second cousins and they had so much fun!!

This is our living room waiting for the guest!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas with Nana and Dah

This weekend Nana and Dah (Maridith's Parents) came down to celebrate Christmas with us. We had a wonderful weekend together and a productive weekend (The Baby has a room to sleep in now!) The big news on Lawson's end was she got a kitchen set from Nana and Dah and was speechless for at least 3 minutes!! That has got to be a Lawson first! Of course, all of the presents after that were a blur but the kitchen set was a hit. She played in there for a long time and I finally talked her into taking a nap but she told me "don't touch my kitchen!" I thought to myself - Have no fear Lawson I barely want to touch the grown-up kitchen let alone a kid's kitchen. Although I have to say these little kitchens are pretty cool. It even has an ice maker that spits out ice! The thing I am most thrilled about is I think she will be able to entertain herself for a while, that will be priceless when the baby gets here!! Thank you Nana and Dah for everything!

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Lawson very surprised to see a kitchen set in her living room!

Would you like some pizza? It is nice an hot!
Nana feel asleep in Lawson's bed!! Too cute. (I am in trouble for posting this one!)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

80 Degrees in December!

What is wrong with this picture? No it isn't the red eye and no it isn't the mouth full of food. It is the fact that Lawson is wearing summer clothes in front of the Christmas tree in DECEMBER!! This weather is crazy! Lawson loves to dress her self now and when she got home on Monday she told me it was too hot for pants. She rummaged through a bag of clothes to go to goodwill and found this. At least it matched and at least she was comfortable.

36 week update: I am doing good. No signs that Baby Fitts will make an early entrance. When I went to the doctors they just checked my weight, size of my belly and listened to his heart rate. I thought they took more stats at this point but I guess I was wrong. So I will give you a better update next week.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mommy's Little Helper

Lawson loves to help mommy. I have to admit that I have put her young little legs to help me get things from upstairs. Put her to work and she truly is happy and stays out of trouble-for the most part! I did catch her cleaning the toilet this morning, and I draw the line there!! Anyway, this weekend we made one of my dad's favorite breakfasts called "Daddy's Deal" and here she is stirring the bowl. She is going to be such a good helper when the baby gets here.

I have to tell you a funny story from last night. I was upstairs doing laundry and Lawson was downstairs having a snack and the phone rang. I decided I was not going to answer it so I didn't even go look for the phone to see who it might of been. Just as that thought passed through my mind Lawson yells, "don't worry its nobody!" Sure enough when I looked at the phone- it was nobody but a telemarketer!

Meet Denny- The Elf on the Shelf

This is Denny the Elf on the Shelf. Grammy bought him for Lawson and he has been a wonderful addition to our home this Christmas season. See Denny (Lawson named him) watches over Lawson during the day and then goes to the North Pole at night to report if Lawson was a good girl. When Lawson wakes up in the morning Denny is in a new place, because he has just gotten back from a big trip. You can't touch Denny you can only look at him. He has been so special in our home. Lawson loves him and tells him "I have been a good girl!!" On Christmas Eve we will say good-bye to Denny and then next year after Thanksgiving he will come back! I told you the magic of Christmas is alive in our home!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Preparing for Christmas

Lawson watching the Parade!!

Which tree shall we choose???

Decorating the tree!! Santa Clause is coming to town!!

Whew! We had a busy weekend getting prepared for Christmas. We went to the Garner Christmas Parade and got in the Christmas spirit. Then we picked out our Christmas tree from the Pop 'n Son Tree Farm. Then decorated the house! We had such a good time. Lawson gets the concept of Santa Clause this year so the Magic of Christmas is alive in our home. It is so much fun!! It reminds me so much of all of my wonderful Christmas's as a child.

We decided to let Lawson help us hang up ornaments and I really didn't stop her from handling any of the ornaments. To our surprise -no ornaments were broken!! There were a couple of times she would get so excited to hang up an ornament I was sure she was going to do a face plant in the tree but everything survived! She would say "oh this one is special" or "mommy this one is from your year" To see the glow and the excitement in her eye almost made me cry. I am not sure if it is all of the hormones or the fact I am so excited for her! This time truly feels so magical.

Baby update: I am now 35 weeks along and doing good. I am right on schedule so we are praying Baby Fitts waits until after Christmas to make his entrance. It is a little harder to get around, I have gained 31lbs to date but the doctors are fine with it. I gained 41 with Lawson so I feel like I am doing good so far. Lawson is still very excited about Baby Brother!! She knows his name but refuses to say it. She will say his name is Tiny Baby Brother! I hope that doesn't stick. For some odd reason when he is 6'5" and she is 6' I don't think that will be acceptable!

Daddy Looks Like a Tree!

For those of you who don't know Lawson's Daddy loves to hunt. If you don't agree with hunting please do not read any further. Collins has had a good year so far and has gotten a 4-pointer (deer) and several ducks. Lawson thinks her daddy looks extra silly in all of his camo gear. She tells him "Daddy you are a silly goose, you look like a tree."

Monday, November 26, 2007

Donna's Baby Shower

On Saturday, Heather, Chaity, Melinda and I hosted a Baby Shower for Donna. We had a great time. Here are some pictures from the shower. Donna & Baker are going to be great parents and we wish them all of the best!
The Three Pregnant girls - all boys!!

Thanksgiving at the Bowen's House

We went to Wateree, SC to have Thanksgiving at the Bowen's Lake House (my sisters husbands family). We had such a good time. Lawson loves going to the Bowen's home especially visiting the "toy closet." Thank you to Paula and Jim for inviting us!
The Fitts Family

Lawson on a 4-wheeler!! No she never went on a ride. Mommy said no!

Dah and Lawson checking out the view! Gorgeous!
Happy 1 year anniversary to Lauren and Will!!

The Little Princess

Here are some photos from the week before Thanksgiving.

This is a photo of Lawson testing out "baby brother's" rocker. I think it passed the durability test.

Lawson in her new PJs! She loves silky Pajamas and check out her shoes!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Lawson's Week!

I wanted to share some of Lawson's moments from the week! Lawson love to shave with her daddy. Lawson gets all lathered up like her daddy! She loves this "Daddy Time." When Collins tells her it is time to shave she runs to bathroom!! And the answer is no- no razors ever touch her!!

I can explain.... in the mornings (scratch that) all of the time Lawson's favorite phrase is "I do it myself" So this particular morning she was starting to get dressed (by herself), then changed direction. She put her underwear on her head and starting singing "wheres my underwear, wheres my underwear, I don know" Priceless. Kids are so funny!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween

Carving out our pumkinsFirst time Trick-o-Treating

Miss Lawson had a full day as an NCSU Cheerleader on Halloween. On Tuesday we carved out our pumpkins and loved getting all the seeds and slimmy stuff out. Then on Wednesday she had a parade and a party at daycare. I ended up going to the party at daycare and let me just tell you there are some very creative parents out there. The food was so pretty and cute. Between the candy apples and spider cupcakes my bags of M&Ms didn't seem to very appealing! Next year I will step it up a notch! Halloween night we went to Quinn (a lizard) and Owen's (a doggie) house to see them. They looked so cute. Lawson loved "Trick-or-Treating"

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Congratulations Taylor and Megan!!

This weekend Taylor (Collins' brother) asked Megan to marry him!! As you can see from the big rock on her finger she said 'yes!' Cheers to the happy couple!

I'll give you a quarter!

Last night brought back a flood of memories as my daughter rubbed my feet!! I didn't even ask her to she wanted to pamper her mommy! My mother would offer us kids a quarter if we would rub her feet. I personally would get suckered in every time. I had motive, back then a quarter could get you 2 Airheads and 5 pieces of bubble gum from the corner drug store. I am referring to an old drug store in Lebanon, IL! What a great place.

Lawson actually did a great job and I didn't have to give her a quarter! Once she wises up I am sure I will have to offer her a dollar!

Monday, October 22, 2007

A "Little Maridith"

I have to post some of Lawson's funny/ sweet comments from the last couple of days. She has just become a regular comedian!! Collins says she is becoming a "little Maridith." World watch out!

One night last week Lawson was having trouble going to sleep. After about 1 hour of trying to get her into bed she comes up to me and says "Mommy my tummy hurts" I asked her if she had a tummy ache she said with an painful look on her face while holding her belly, she said "No, baby brother is kicking." I about fell out of the chair laughing. I couldn't help it!

This morning Lawson woke me up. As she was opening up my door she sweetly said "good morning mommy. It is time to wake up. Did you sleep well?" What an angel!

This weekend we went to a Halloween Party and she had a great time. She dressed up as an NCSU Cheerleader. I don't want to brag but I think her dressing up gave NCSU the luck they needed. We got our first Division 1 win, on the road since 2005!! That is a long time!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! No pictures today.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Hill Ridge Farms

This weekend we went to Hill Ridge Farms in Youngsville, NC. We had the best time!! Lawson got to feed the animals, go on a 80 foot slide, ride a train, go on a hayride and pick out her own pumkin. We went with some of our other friends and had a blast! I think we are going to make this a yearly tradition!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fireman's Picnic

This weekend we went to the Fireman's Picnic. Lawson was so excited to see the firetrucks up close. Lawson loves to sing a song about Firetrucks. The song has this silly tune to it and I have caught myself on more then one occasion singing it to myself!

Baby Update: Baby Fitts or "Baby Brother" as Lawson refers to him seems to be doing great. I swear on Thursday morning I woke up I could tell I had gotten bigger. I am now 27 weeks. 13 weeks to go! I think I am in my 3rd trimester now. Don't quote me. I have been really bad about reading books about pregnancy and "what to expect" because I don't have time. I am happy to report that Collins and I have decided on a name. We are going to keep it to ourselves for a while to make sure it "Fitts" but I am sure it is a keeper.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Pictures of Baby Fitts 2

Here are some 3D Pictures of Baby Fitts. I would love to call him by name but we still do not have one! He looks perfect and is very healthy! We are now 26 weeks are doing great. Isn't technology an amazing thing?

Old verses New!

My sister is probably going to kill me for posting these picture!! I was looking through some old pictures of Lawson and ran across some really old pictures of my sister Lauren. I know Lawson is a good mix of both Collins and myself but I can't help but think that Lawson really looks like my sister (btw-who is beautiful). If she did turn out like Lauren it would not be a bad thing at all! So her are some other pictues. You decide!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I love the Fall!

This weekend we went to Pullen Park with Nana and Dah. It was so much fun. I am pretty sure we had just as much fun as Lawson did. The weather was perfect! She loves riding on the train. I think if we would let he she would stay on it all day!

In Lawson news: Lawson "asked" to sleep in her big girl room last night and slept the entire night there. I haven't forced or even mentioned to Lawson to sleep in her new room. I figured when she was ready she would ask and sure enough she did! Then when I woke her up this morning she turned to me and said half awake "mommy I'm dry." Sure enough my big girl was completely dry. She is potty trained and can make it through naptime, but night time has been a different story. I am not going to throw-away the pull-ups yet but I could tell she was so proud of herself! Lawson is 2 years old and 4 months and sometimes I think she acts like a 4yr old. They grow up too fast!