Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas with Grammy and Pops

The weekend before Christmas Grammy and Pops  came to our house to celebrate Christmas.  As always we had a great time!!

Pops yearly tradition with the children is to make a Gingerbread House.  Here is the master at work.

See all the soup cans?  This is how we got it to stay up until it held on it's own.  Wesley was so good.  He had a bowl full of candy right in front of him waiting for the time he could decorate and never ate one!!  

Here is 2010 Gingerbread House.  Good job!!

The next morning we had Christmas.  Wesley opened the first gift and I think it took him 5 minutes to rip all the paper off.  Not because it was difficult.  He was being shy!! My Wesley...shy?? Sometimes he does not like all of the attention.  Of course once he saw the truck he was elated!

Lawson's big gift was Ice Skates!! Plus all the accessories.  The girl is set!

Lawson could not believe she got her own pair.  She wore them that day at her lesson and loved them!

I can't forget that Taylor was here.  Taylor and Wesley are the best of buds!!

It was a wonderful Christmas with the Fitts.  Then on Sunday we went to the annual Goutier Christmas in Little Washington.  It was nice to see all of Gale's Family (36 total).  It is so wonderful that after all these years there whole family (minus one sister and her family) can get together year after year for the holidays. 

More to come from the holidays.  I will catch up before the New Year...maybe.

Monday, December 27, 2010


The snow started around midnight Christmas Day.  We didn't make it out Sunday but we finally made it out of the house on Monday.  It took us 30minutes to get ready but here we are!  Look, this year my big guy is not in a pink snow suit!  Ready for the great outdoors!

The kids throwing snowballs.  

The house in the snow.  So pretty!

We decided to go exploring down the street because I didn't feel at 34 weeks pregnant I should be sledding with the kids.  They were satisfied not sledding.

The kids enjoyed eating the snow. 

Me and my kids enjoying the snow!

They had so much fun!  What a treat to have snow right after Christmas.  The only thing that was missing was daddy.  He had to work all through-out the snow clean-up. 

I think this picture is so funny.  Notice the different length of this arms. His hand is not in his glove at all.  He walked around like that for a while.
After about an hour we got cold and we went inside!!

I don't think it was technically a white Christmas but it was close.  What a great way to remember Christmas 2010!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was interesting... when we thought Wesley was 100% he wasn't.  Dah and Ryan were kind enough to take the kids to Costco for a wonderful outing.  They were fine, well behaved, but Wesley wouldn't eat lunch.  When Wesley got home started looking a little green and then what do you know threw up again.   We all just watched in horror.  Thinking our little buddy was going to be sick on Christmas day.  Well, the child finished throwing up (dry heaves) then he said "I feel better after I throw up."  After that the child was fine!  Completely fine.  

Nana and Wesley. 

Then, a little more excitement.  Lawson lost ANOTHER tooth.  Which meant...Santa and the Tooth Fairy were going to pay our home a visit all in one evening! A friend wrote on my Facebook page "maybe they should carpool."   Too funny! 

Now we had to prepare for Santa's arrival.  Santa's food already to go. 

The kids setting it all up for the big man himself.

Hanging the stockings...

Lawson telling us why she has been a good girl and all the things she wanted from Santa.  It was so entertaining!!

Then it was Wesley's turn.  This is my face when he asked for a gun!  Skip the sword we want a gun to get the monsters. 

The Fitts Family on Christmas Eve!

Mommy and her big girl!!

Daddy reading to the children "The Night before Christmas" 

 The children went to bed with Visions of Sugar Plums Dancing in their heads!! It was a great Christmas Eve. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning!! What a magical morning.  The kids can't WAIT for the moment daddy says "come on down kids Santa paid you a visit!!"

Lawson is OVERJOYED with everything Santa brought. 

Lawson's gifts from Santa Claus.

Wesley's gifts from Santa.  I think the kids have been good.

Wesley finally warmed up and was thrilled with all his presents.

Lawson got her American Girl Doll!!

Lawson playing with Nana and her American Girl Doll.  Lawson noticed Lanie had the same color eyes as Nana.

Wesley got a sword and was ready to take on his first opponent!

Once Santa's gifts were over we ate breakfast and it was time for more gifts. Uncle Ryan played Santa. 

Lawson received her own Stereo from Aunt Lauren and Uncle Will. 

Lawson with Uncle Ryan!!

Uncle Ryan gave Wesley Golf Clubs.  This child's eye hand coordination is amazing.  He loves "CRAZY GOLF" 

I would say Christmas morning was a complete success!! It was magical and full of lots of suprises. 

Lawson Talk - "Inbetween List"

My sweet first child!!

Going to school on Tuesday Lawson and I had this conversation...

L: Mommy, did you know there is a Naughty list and a Nice list?
M: Yes I did know that.  Which one do you think you are on?
L: Do you think there is an "Inbetween list"? 
M: I am not sure, why?
L:  Because you know I am not the best listener!

Words from my 5 year old!! At least she is honest!


Merry Christmas from our family to yours. 

We hope your day is filled with joy and happiness.  Our Christmas morning has been so much fun and the kids were spoiled by Santa and loved ones!  We are so blessed to be spending the holiday with Nana, Dah and Uncle Ryan.  Pictures in the coming week!  Right now we are just enjoying time with the family.

Quick Update: Raleigh is expecting 3-6" tonight.  We might have a White Christmas Evening!  What a fun day!!

Love, The Fitts Family

Friday, December 24, 2010

Joy to the World!!

Here are 2 of my joys in life!! 
Happy Christmas Eve!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stomach Bug Go AWAY!

5 minutes before the stomach bug hit!! Looking back at this picture he does look a little green but this was just him being a pistol getting pictures with his sister! 
 48 hours ago Wesley was a very sick boy with the stomach bug.  We were all ready to go to school, Wesley was dressed in his casual holiday outfit and preparing to sing his little heart out at his Preschool Christmas Program.  I had one more trip to the car to load everything in.  When I go inside to gather the children, Wesley is over the sink showing us what he ate for breakfast!! I was like a deer in headlights.  I couldn't believe my eyes. I couldn't move or think what to do next (this was NOT part of the agenda for our very busy day.)  Collins luckily was home and took charge.   I left with only one child in the car and no Christmas Program for Wesley this year. :(

I do hate it when my kids get sick but on a sweet note.  I love it that my little buddy loves his mommy so much and will fall asleep in my arms!  Melts my heart and I treasure those moments. 

Wesley was sick for 24 hours and is now back to his normal self.  Thank goodness. Luckily it has only effected 1 person in our house. Our prayer is that no one else gets sick and we have a healthy Christmas Holiday!

Hope everyone in your household stays healthy!!!

34 Weeks and Counting

Here I am at 34 weeks. I have gained 33lbs- thank you holiday foods and goodies and my lack of control!!  Everything is going great.  I feel good and I am really enjoying being pregnant.  I love feeling baby girl move, get the hiccups, and dance when she hears loud music.  She might be a dancer! 

It is funny.  My one observation of Baby Girl is when I am getting after at Lawson or Wesley she seems to get real still.  The girl knows..."I better be quiet, mommy means business!"

We have 6 weeks to go.  Collins has been working hard on Baby Girl's Area.  It is starting to look like a baby nursery and really making things real.  I will have pictures up soon.  The hard part is over the cleaning out and painting.  Now is the fun part....decorating. The main decorating will have to wait until after the holidays.  I can only do so much!

Before you we don't have a name yet!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Get this Lawson has been ASKING to do some chores around the house.  Seriously, asking to do chores.  She said kids in her class have to do chores before they can play videos, watch tv, or go outside; therefore she needed to do chores too. I realize that if my daughter is asking to do chores I am doing something wrong but that can be quickly fixed.  

Her wish is my command!!

A little vacuuming...

 Folding clothes...(I could get use to this)

And since today is a snow day (previous snow day picture) I am thinking we have lots of chores that need to be done!!!

Be careful what you wish for little girl!! haha!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Toy Story 3 on Ice

This weekend the kids had the privilege to go to see Toy Story 3 on Ice at the RBC center.   They had 4th row seats and had a BLAST!!  The kids have been talking about Buzz and Woody all week. 

Grammy, Pops, Wesley, Lawson Woody, and Buzz!

Grammy and Pops let the kids pick out a toy at the Disney Shop in the RBC Center.  Lawson picked out Minnie Mouse (remember her Halloween costume?) 

I think they told me Wesley ate this whole tub of popcorn!

Some photos of the performance.  I love Rex.

Wesley enjoying the show in Pops' lap.  Do you see his prize? 

These guys are cool!

Wesley watched the almost the entire show with his toy binoculars or 'noculars' as Wesley says. 

Grammy Lawson and Wesley.  (what a face Lawson!)
 The kids had so much fun. What a great experience for the two of them. Thank you so much Grammy and Pops!!

Since they were at the RBC Center they got a photo of a Wesley jersey.