Friday, May 6, 2016

All about Mommy by Cailyn

I really need to start using some anti-wrinkle cream. Out of the mouth of babes!!! XXOO

Middle School Orientation

This is happening! Lockers, 7 teachers a day, a school with 1400 students!!! Crazy!! ... Lawson is finishing up 5th grade beautifully and will be ready! Just not sure her mama is ready! Wow, just wow.

Dinosaur Land

After Wesley's cold and windy soccer game (Wesley scored again) we hit the road and went to Winchester to Dinosaur Land. It is 55 years old and looks like it too but it was fun to visit. Lawson and Wesley were explaining to us when they saw it they were too old for Dinosaurs and this isn't cool. My the time we left they both were really enjoying themselves and Cailyn of course loved it too. One nice thing about not owning a house (and no yard) is we are free on the weekends for adventures. VA has lots to offer and places to explore!!