Friday, August 29, 2008

Off we go...

We our off on our first week long family vacation ever. We couldn't be more excited. So no posts from me for a while! I know you will miss me! I will be sure to post pictures once we get back.

I am not sure if we will have Internet where we are going. I think I might have Internet withdrawal!! It will be good for me (I think).

Little Tidbit: This is Lawson's first time since she started daycare (6 weeks old) that she will have a solid week off!! I think she needs this vacation more then we do!!

Have a Happy and Safe Labor Day!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

No special occasion needed

We don't need a special occasion to look good!! Lawson requested this morning to wear a dress to school. As you have seen from previous posts she LOVES to wear a dress and dress up. Normally I don't like her wearing dresses to school but it will soon be cold and these outfits will no longer fit next year. It dawned on me today as I was looking at all the beautiful summer dresses in her closet that most of them have been worn once or twice max! This morning I decided life is too short (and kids grow up way to fast) to keep clothes for a "special occasion" otherwise these clothes will just be collecting dust!!! Then one day I will go into her closet and say "this is so darn cute why didn't I let her wear this more?"

So here you have it Lawson all dressed up for school today!

One could argue-

1 What if you have another baby don't you want to save them?

A- No, I think hubby has said we are done.

2. You could sell them for good money?

A- Too much work and why not let my child enjoy them rather then another child

2. Save them for your sister or brother's kids?

A- I think my sister/ brother will be fine!

So there we have it. Lawson is going to start wearing "special occasion" clothes that are being stored away in her closet. To go with the perfect outfit we need the perfect accessory. Lawson is wearing a backpack full of hair bows!! Yes, I know they are purple and she is wearing navy blue. I let her choose her hair bows every morning and she LOVES purple! Go Lawson!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lawson Talk

Our recent conversation... (if this doesn't make you laugh nothing will)

Lawson: Mommy when I was a baby I had a little thingy down there like Wes does.

Mommy: Say what?

Lawson: I had a little thingy like Wes does, but I am big now and don't have a thingy

Mommy: No honey, you are a girl, girls don't have thingys down there only boys do.

Lawson: Why?

{Thinking to myself...I don't know but if this conversation continues I am going to need a stiff drink!!}

We now understand (I think) the difference between boys and girls. Plus, she tells me there are 3 boys in our house and two girls. Good stuff!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Pictures

If there is one thing sure in this world it is that Lawson LOVES her baby brother. It makes my heart sing to see this unfold in front of me (cause you know you always worry about that). She constantly recognizes his accomplishments and or milestones (sometimes more then we do). She will say "That is good talking Wes" or "Good job crawling, sweetheart." This weekend Wes was on the move and was pulling up on every surface available. Lawson got up from her nap to see Wes standing up in his playpen. Lawson said "Oh oh mommy, look at Wes, he is such a strong boy"

This is her telling Wes "good job buddy"

Wes is so proud of himself! We are proud of you too!!

The ultimate sign of Lawson's love is for her to suck her finger, touch your face or head and get real close. So Lawson get that finger out of your mouth!

Lawson is Wes's best cheerleader.

Lawson really does remind me so much of me as a child. She is so loving and so nurturing to her brother, much like I was to my brothers (to my sister, not so much when we were younger) but my brothers were special. I was like their 2nd mom. I can see Lawson being the same way to Wes!! What a special bond!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Girly Girl!

Lawson has been watching lots of Classic Cartoons recently, thanks to a DVD collection Nana and Dah gave her. She LOVES Popeye and Betty Boop. She now eats Spinach like Popeye (not so girly, but healthy at least.) What I wasn't expecting was for her to see the cover of the DVD and want to dress like Betty Boop- particularly the little red dress and shoes.

I remembered I had a red evening gown tucked away (I knew my rear-end would never get back into thanks to birthing two children) that was perfect for this occasion. To tell you how old this dress is I made this dress my senior year in high school (year not to be disclosed).

So off we went to play dress up. Lawson was not too thrilled that I couldn't find any red shoes (sorry I am not that cool Lawson). But she loved it all the same since she got to wear mommy's jewelry. Oh how much fun it is to have a girl!!

Note to Mamma II we are going to hit up your closet I want my princess in a real crown soon!!!

You look fabulous in red!!

Next thing you know she is going to dress up Wes! Watch out buddy!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Are you serious???

All that work to start crawling and SHE does this to me!! HELP!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wes and Chewy

For anyone who knows Mr Chew knows he is EXCELLENT with the kids. He really is the best dog although I could do without the 10lbs of dog hair I vacuum up each week!! (I am getting side tracked) I am not so sure Chewy is look forward to it but Wes loves to climb all over him and maybe taste a foot. YUMMY!

Yummy foot!

Wes leaving Chewy in the dust!

Numbers -vs- Letters

I was observing Lawson yesterday and I was wondering a couple of things of what age kids should know what. Lawson is 3 years and 3 months old.

Lawson knows her numbers and can identify #s 0-8. I am not to sure what happened to 9 but she doesn't know that one. She can count to 20 when she is not goofing off. Her favorite game theses days is Hi Ho! Cherry-O (Thank you Taylor and Madison). And she does an awesome job counting things.

Then come her letters. She can say her ABC's but identifying them she is not so good at. She knows are L, A, B, O and S sometimes mistaken for 2. Her vocabulary is well... sometimes better then mine. The only word I have heard her get backwards is 'comfortable.' So what is the deal? Do most kids find either numbers or letters first? I have no clue and just wondering... Is there something else I should be doing to get her better at identifying letters? I have lots of tools thanks to her grandparents but she just doesn't seem interested.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Does it look that bad?

Wes had a little run in with a bookshelf at daycare. I think the bookshelf won. Apparently, Wes was showing off, pulled himself up, let go and fell forward. Ouch! He is fine- "merely a flesh wound" (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

Wes is on the move!

Life is getting interesting now that Wes is on the MOVE!! He started crawling cautiously last Wednesday, by Sunday he was making tracks. This week he goes anywhere his heart desires. Can you say baby gates? Lawson is going to LOVE that!

Wes was very excited he made it from the den to the kitchen!

Where can I go now??

Hmmm, this is fun!

Look at those red knees!!

I guess it is official my infant is now a mobile baby. I am NOT comparing but it has got me thinking. Wes is 1 month behind Lawson on hitting milestones like sitting up and crawling. So by this logic Lawson started walking at 10 months could it be Wes is going to be walking at 11 months? Oh my!!!

Mommy In Training...

Lawson is picking up a lot from me these days...even her great fashion sense!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Laundry Time

Just chillin', drinking a cold one!!

7 months - holding his own bottle! He has been doing it for a while for daycare but has never done it for me until this weekend.

Look at me!

Would you be happy either if you were in a ridiculous outfit from 1980???

Let me explain- mommy forgot to replenish the extra clothes in his cubby on Friday. So, the daycare ladies had to find an outfit that fit him out of their pile. Once again no mommy-of-the-year award for me, I know!! I have decided I am NOT returning this outfit and giving them some of Wes' handy-me-downs so no other child has to look this silly!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Learn something new everyday...

When you find your oldest child (not naming names) picking up your youngest child, do NOT yell out "DO NOT PICK UP YOUR BROTHER!" while she has him completely off the ground. You will find they respond quickly and will 'let go' of the youngest child (with amusement and wanting points because they listened!) Luckily, he was not too far off the ground and we were upstaris where there is carpet!! No one was hurt but take note from my experience mothers of two or soon-to-be mothers of two!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rainy Day

Does not seem to make them moody or tired, does it?? Just mommy!!

Wes is Crawling!

My Big Boy is crawling now. (Not a speed crawler just getting from Point A to Point B when he sees fit) He has been "scooting" for a while and getting to his toys has really not been an issue. He would take one crawl, lunge forward get on his belly, then sit up and start the whole process all over again. It was rather entertaining but I am sure more work then just crawling.

At the same time now he is pulling up on things. Do they slow down???

Here are a series of pictures from this weekend.

Wes finding anything to pull-up on. You know that does not look too stable....

It's not... oops!

Sister, I am going to get you!!

I wanna be a Cowgirl!

Tuesday was "Show and Tell" at Lawson's school. This is how she dressed! The outfit my parents got her a long time ago in Arizona. The boots well.... I tried. We don't have any cowboy boots and this is the best I had!! Let me just tell you she was the ONLY girl in her class dressed up like a Cowgirl!!
Don't worry grandparents-The Coke is mine not Lawson's. Her job in the AM is to get Mommy a coke from the fridge~ I don't drink coffee so this is my caffeine!! She likes to keep Mommy happy in the AM. (I am not a morning person!)

My little girl is getting so big!!

My dad will appreciate this picture. Lawson jumping to the backseat. Remind you of anything dad?? My dad has video of me acting all lady-like in my Easter Dress walking to our 2 door car (he could tell you which one). Then me getting in the car and doing a flip over the front seat to the back seat and in the video all you see is my dress and my legs in the air! It is so funny.

Monday, August 11, 2008

A little equation...

One mommy that has to go to the bathroom very badly during lunchtime


One very 'Helpful' three year old


One very messy boy!!!!

1st Annual Greenwing Event

This weekend was the 1st Annual Greenwing event Sponsored by DU. It was a beautiful day and both of the kids had a great time. The event was at a local farm. At the event there was a dog exhibit, EMS and Game Land Officers with their boats. The best part was the fishing. Even though as Lawson said "The fish were not catching the hooks today." Lawson LOVES to go fishing.

Look at my brave little girl holding a worm!! Daddy was working when we first arrived and I was looking for volunteers to put a worm on Lawson's hook. I really was not feeling wormy yesterday. Eek!! My dad would so NOT be proud!! I use to be his little fishing buddy like Lawson is daddy's fishing buddy.

Wes watching Daddy fish. One day buddy, one day too soon!

Mommy and the kiddies. Wes trying to crawl off the blanket!

Lawson playing with the duck decoys.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Uncle Ryan's Visit

Last week Uncle Ryan came to visit. The kids had such a good time during his short visit. After work we went to the pool and Ryan almost got Lawson to go off the diving board. She was a little bit intimidated but next year I don't think it will be an issue. Wes was his cool self and flirting with all of the ladies.

The next morning Lawson wanted to wake up Ryan. Ryan says we awoke to Lawson staring at him sucking her finger. A little startling I am sure. As fast as he got here was as fast as Uncle Ryan was gone. We do not see Ryan all that often but it makes me so happy that Lawson loves him so much!!

Ryan followed us out of the neighborhood and I rolled down the windows when we made our separate turns. Ryan was waving and so was Lawson. Well Lawson didn't like it that Uncle Ryan left and she didn't get to give him another hug and kiss. She cried the rest of the way to daycare. It was so sad but cute at the same time. Love you Uncle Ryan!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Lawson's Friend

Yesterday, when I went to pick-up Lawson I found out that her friend, Matthew, had been in a tragic accident involving a lawn mower. His life was saved but unfortunately his right leg was not and was amputated above the knee. Here is Matt's story.

Matt's dad was at school today to drop off Matt's younger sister. I got to speak with him for a few minutes and he says that Matt is in wonderful spirits and is pumped to get his "Spider man" leg. The accident happened last Friday and he is coming home tomorrow. He is really excited to get back to school!! He will have to go back and continue with lots of therapy but he is doing great. He is an amazing young man.

Another reason I am writing this is to let everyone know the dangers of lawn mowers. Please be cautious and if you are cutting your lawn keep your kids inside!! I wasn't sure if I was going to post this but I heard about the fundraisers on a local radio station so I thought it would be okay.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sleep beautiful Sleep

So guess who is sleeping through the night now?

That is right it is Wesley!! It has been a couple nights in a row but last night he slept the longest from 7pm-7am. It is about time!!

Als0- we went to the doctors and got his weight -

With Clothes- 20lbs 10oz
Without Clothes- 20lbs 3oz

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

AM Pictures

Lawson and Wes hanging out in Wes's bed. How does that work? The crib has a door and I opened it for her. Wes thought it was rather interesting to have a visitor in his bed.

In the AM I now find Wes sitting up.

Good Morning Sunshine!

Weekend with Nana and Dah

This weekend Nana and Dah came down for the weekend. As always we had a great time. This time around Collins had planned a little day trip down to Fayetteville for us to go the the Botanical Gardens on the Cape Fear River, The Airborne and Special Ops Museum and looked at some lake/golf course communities for Mom and Dad to retire too! It was a hot one but we really did make the most of 8 hours. The kids were perfect. The best part of the trip for Lawson was to sit in the 3rd row. She has never sat back there (neither had I until Sat) and talks about sitting back there all of the time now.

Mom's note: It was fun visiting another part of our state. I have to say going to the Special OPS museum opened my eyes as to what our Military Men and Women do for our county. My heart sank thinking about all of the men and women who die for our country or the sacrifice our Military m/w make for us. It really did blow me away. I have never been one to put stickers of any type on my car but I did buy a "Support our Troops" magnet. A small way of showing my support.

Back to our trip- I don't think my parents fell in love with the communities we showed them but we tried! Anything to get them out of NOVA.

Here are some pictures...

Nana and Maridith at the Botanical Gardens

Lawson and a pretty butterfly

Two kids - extra tired - yes, Wes is in a black and pink stroller, so what!?!, and yes I think Lawson is too big for this stroller. We had the third row up and couldn't fit the double-stroller. So we took two small strollers.

This is a sculpture representing the papers that fell out of the twin towers as they crumbled. The rusty beams are from the actual towers. Unbelievable how thick those things are and what force it took to crumble and bend them. I actually got chills looking at this sculpture. It dawned on me how wonderful it is to be a kid and not know such evil exists.

Back to happy stuff- Lawson reading to Nana and Wes

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lawson Talk

This weekend Lawson did a lot of talking with Nana and Dah. Here are the best ones....

In the car...
Daddy, stop going over those bumps you are giving me gas!

Talking with her Great-Grandmother in Arizona...(this is what we hear)
Hi Grandmommy, what is your name?
Oh Grandmommy. How old are you?
You are very old. I am three. ('three' sound more like free)