Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow 2010- Part 1

 The highly anticipated snow started around 8PM Friday evening.  For the kids it was like waiting for Santa Claus.  They watched and watched out the front window until their Wicked Mean Mommy made them go to bed.  I promised them there would be lots more in the morning for them to enjoy!

Saturday morning the kids were about ready to come out of their skin to go outside. The problem was sleeting.  No snow just sleet.  I tried to explain that it hurts your face but they didn't care.  So after an hour of explaining and listening to whining, I let them find out for themselves (in their PJs).

Wesley refused to wear gloves so he was the first one who wanted to come in. We were out there all of 3 minutes. (I know the kids are not dressed appropriately.) My point was to prove it was not the right condition to play outside...they got the point.

Later that afternoon Lawson and I went out. Wesley was asleep.  She was very disappointed her snowsuit looked so boyish (gotta think about the next person who is going to wear this) so we dressed it up a little bit.

Like the gloves?  Like so many things in this house, we are missing the matching set!

Lawson my drama queen!

Lawson loves the snow!!
Hope you are having a nice weekend!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Enjoying the Weather Before the Snow

If you believe everything you read and hear it appears NC is going to get some snow/sleet/wet stuff starting Friday evening.  Today (Thursday) it is 62 degrees.  Rather then going straight inside after school for snack and nap, I decided to let the kids enjoy the warm weather.  I really do have a soft side!

Lawson (it was pajama day at school) and Wesley

Playing on the slide.  Lawson helping out her brother

Yippee this is fun!!  Wesley can do this on his own but Sissy insisted on helping!  Wesley loves the extra attention from her too!

Wonder how she could reach up that high?? With a little help from Scoop Away and a Princess Attitude!

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Failing to See the Humor

"Good-humor makes all things tolerable."
Henry Ward Beecher

Why can't I find the humor in this???

Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Trip to Visit McKenna

This weekend I got to meet my niece McKenna Lea!  (Lea like Tea.)  She is absolutely beautiful!  Just perfection...I am a good judge because I think I had 2 beautiful & perfect kids too!  Lawson and I took a quick trip up north to visit McKenna.  Lawson fell head over heals with McKenna.  Saturday morning Lawson gave McKenna her beloved silky pillow and "ri-ri." 

McKenna you have no idea what an honor that is! 

Lawson making sure to teach McKenna everything she knows and shows Mckenna her best pose!  Love it!!

While I was holding McKenna Lawson said "put her down please, I have made her a bed."  Made my heart so happy to see how much Lawson LOVED McKenna and never had a jealous moment.

Lauren and I had a photo shoot with McKenna.  It is really easy to take beautiful pictures when the subject is so stinking cute.  Here is my precious sister with her new baby!!

Saturday we decided to go on a walk (short and sweet.) Lawson got out her baby stroller and pushed her baby doll as well. 

Ryan, Lauren and me with McKenna and Lawson. 

This picture melts my heart!! Dah with his two grand-girls!! I know he was in heaven!!

Lawson holding McKenna.  She is going to be the best cousin!!

Finally me holding Peanut.  Oh it did my heart good to hold and be around a little baby.  It really made me think "I would love another one..."

But it is so sweet to be an Aunt because I can love on my new niece and spoil her then give her back when she starts crying, needs feeding, or give her to an ever ready father for a diaper change.  Yep, being an Aunt is pretty cool! 

We love you McKenna!! 

See you soon!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Size Matters

Especially when we are talking about Marshmallows or "me-me-mows" in this house.

My bribery technique tool for teaching my children to potty train has been marshmallows. No fat, low in sugar (in small quantities)...perfect. 1 me-me-mow for #1, 2 me-me-mows for #2. Simple... Easy....

UNTIL, your son realizes that marshmallows come in two different sizes. I don't know how we got off so easy with Lawson. Second child, Wesley, says "I pee-pee in potty I get BIG me-me-mows" that is like equivalent to 8 small marshmallows!! The sad part is I give it to him, because he whines a lot louder then Lawson ever did!! Lawson would have to go #2 four times to get that many marshmallows. Poor kid!! Second children really do have it so much easier!

**Wesley is doing excellent with potty training. Let’s hope while mommy is gone this weekend he keeps up the good work. Tip to Daddy: Big Marshmallows!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a Blessing

Last night at dinner we are ready to eat some Beef Stir-fry my little boy says to me while reaching out his hand to mine...

"We say blessing mommy"

Moments that take my breath away and makes my heart sing!

Enjoying the Warm Weather in January

Here in good ol' NC the first 2 weeks have been like living in the Mid-west. It has just been down right FREEZING with no SNOW (what is up with that?!) Finally this week we have gotten above 60 degrees.  For my daughter anything above 50 degrees she is wearing flip-flops (just like her mommy.)

Enjoying the warm weather!

Wesley looking extra cool in his camo pants!

Wesley trying out his basketball skills!  I love this pictures because of the scale.  When he is 13 I am going to take the same pictures to see how much he has grown! Hopefully he likes to play basketball~if he knows what is good for him, he will!!

Gotta love it!!! I am so lucky!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Party at the ER

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda! Those words kept on going through my head as Wesley and I waited in the ER for 3 hours to be seen! 

Coulda, waited 2 more seconds to check on Lawson upstairs

Woulda been with Wesley as he went bolting into the bathroom

Shoulda known nothing is EVER easy!!

Let me recap: 

Saturday evening I had just gotten off the phone with Collins as he was on the way home from hunting.  Wesley was downstairs and Lawson was upstairs.  I hadn't heard anything from Lawson in about 15 minutes so I was going to go up and check on her.  I was 2 steps up the stairs and I heard Wesley running to the bathroom saying "I gotta go potty" and bolting to the bathroom as I rounded the door I saw Wesley fall right onto the toilet...chin first.  At first, I didn't see any blood but he was SCREAMING so I reluctantly check his teeth, (I HATE TEETH, God help me when Lawson and Wesley start losing their baby teeth.)   Check, all teeth are attached.  Then I see blood.  CRAP! Where is this coming from?  Wesley touches his chin and then I see the 1.5" slit about 1cm wide.  DOUBLE CRAP!  This all happened within seconds!  I get Wesley some ice and try to decide what to do.  I have him on the counter and he starts crying even harder and says "I wet my pants."  Poor Guy! 

I called Collins, I call my neighbor and off we went to the ER.  5:30-9:15PM we waited and waited!! No dinner...just 3 packages of gummies, a bottle water, and 1/2 cup of milk in a sippy cup.  It turned out to be the busiest day in the ER for like 6 months.  Can you say "Party in the ER?"  Here he is waiting... He was awesome the whole time and never once cried.  Made me think a couple of times "Why are we here?"
FINALLY, we were called and we saw the same ER Dr we saw previously.  He recognized us right away.  Not cool!  He joked if he was becoming our private doctor.  I like him but not funny!

Wesley did need stitches, 6 to be exact.  He did a great job as they had to wrap him like a burrito.  He said to the nurse "That stuck"  It wasn't until he got the shots that he started screaming/crying.  I will be honest I started crying too....that is my baby boy!!  To help sooth him I did sing "Bob the Builder" song and he would stop to listen and say "I like that song." Surprisingly, when it was all said and done he smiled at the nurse (bribed him with an orange popsicle) and gave the doctor a high five. 10PM we were in the car. Wesley was quiet and exhausted and said "I go home...I hurt my head." 

All the nurses and doctor told me this accident may hinder his potty training. I decided to let him tell us if he was willing to continue. Sunday was little rough but Monday we were back on track with no accidents. 

Wesley, you are my big brave boy!!! I am SO PROUD of you!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Katie's 2nd Birthday Party

This weekend we were invited to Katie's 2nd Birthday Party at Chick-fil-A!  Let me tell you, Chick-fil-A knows how to throw a birthday bash.  Now, this is nothing my children would ever go for because of their fear of costume figures, but for other children it is GREAT!  Wesley screamed as soon as he saw him.  He clung to his daddy and kept a safe difference from "the cow"

Lawson pretty much did the same thing...without screaming.  She finally warmed up to him. However, when the cow touched her she said "I would appreciate if you didn't touch me."  Well, that is telling him. 

Here is the sweet birthday girl (not afraid of the cow.)  She looked so cute.  Read about her dress here if you would like.

Yep, Wesley is still keeping a safe distance! He did end up warming up to the cow and giving him five...while the cow was leaving.  Then when he was gone he kept saying "where is the cow?" I will never figure him out!

Me and Katie's mom, Jenn.  Great party Jenn!

As a mom of 2 kids, life is always interesting.  Stay tuned for our adventures Saturday evening!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby McKenna is Here!!

I hate to post about my sister's baby before she has a chance too...but she is busy!

I am proud to say yesterday I became and Aunt! My sister had her baby girl "McKenna Lea" on Jan 12th, around 4:30PM and she weighs 7lbs 11oz! 

Yesterday was also my sister's birthday! What a great birthday present!

Dear McKenna,
27 years ago when your mommy was born and I was not so sure I wanted a little sister, but they told me she was here to stay.  Your mommy can tell you stories how I was not exactly always the sweet Aunt you will grow to love. However, your mommy has grown to be my very best friend and my confidante.  She is the best woman, sister, wife, and now mother I know!  You are one lucky little girl to be apart of such a loving family! 

I promise to be the best aunt I possibly can.  Your mommy has been such a wonderful example for 4.5yrs to Lawson and Wesley.  Unlike how I felt about your mommy 27 years ago, I have loved you since I knew you existed (which was really early on.)  I can't wait to hold you and kiss you!!! Yesterday you made your entrance on your mommy's birthday and it reminds me that our Birthing Day is also to celebrate the woman that gave birth to us!!

Mom, thank you for having Lauren 27 years ago!!

Lauren, thank you for blessing us with sweet baby McKenna!!

We love you both SO MUCH!! 

Happy Birthday!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pictures the Make me Smile!

My sister is in labor right now so I thought it was be helpful if I posted some cute pictures of the know...keep her distracted...

Wesley found new use for the drawer on the train table...and also stole a candy cane off the tree!

The Princess riding her new bike

Lauren & Will- Praying for you all! We love you!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Wesley's 2nd Birthday Party - Take 2

Saturday we celebrated Wesley's birthday and his best buddy Holden's birthday at a Local Children's Museum.  Holden is 10 days older then Wesley, and his mommy just happens to be one of my best friends from college.  We have celebrated their birthdays together both years and it has been so much fun!! 

The Cake- It is Bob the Builder for our little men

Here is the birthday busy to look at the camera!

The Big Sister.  She is always ready to pose for a picture!

The Birthday Boys!! Yippee cupcakes!! All of our friends and family sang Happy Birthday.

My Sweet Birthday Boy!

Daddy and Wesley playing pirates!

I think this was Wesley's favorite part

Lawson makes being a "Worker Woman" look very fashionable!

Grammy and Pops with the Grandkids!

Wesley was so funny. At this point in the morning (2 hours of partying) he was slightly over heated (rosy cheeks) and came up to me and said  "I wanna go, I take nap"  The boy knows what he wants!!

Heather, I think it is safe to say we host an awesome 2 year old birthday party!!

Our Family!!