Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cailyn's surgery day

Today, Veteran's Day, Cailyn had new tubes put in, adenoids removed as well as her tonsils removed. I really struggled with this surgery and prayed lots that it was the right decision. Having your baby taken from your arms screaming down the hall is tough!

When the doctor came out, about 15 mins longer then he originally estimated, he said everything went well and I 100% made the right decision. Cailyn was a sick little girl on the inside! Her right ear was just pact full of wax/glue. Her ear drum was retracted because of all the wax and he was able to clean it out and the ear drum will take the right form again. Her adenoids were HUGE, and her tonsils down lower were even bigger than what he expected. On top of that Cailyn had very little air going through her right lung due to fluid and mucus. They cleaned out her lung and prevented a potential case of pneumonia! I would say today was a total success!

Cailyn just woke up and drank something as well as are some
Italian ice! Hopefully the rest of the recovery goes just as smoothly!