Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Today was a fun filled day. This morning we carved our pumpkin. Lawson loved touching all the seeds and guts at first and then her girly side came out and she had nothing to do with it.

This is my sad attempt at a Jack 'o Lantern (Don't make fun!) I tried to carve the small one but that was as hard as a rock. Sorry Wes!

So here are the kids this Halloween. (Any one notice Lawson is in ANOTHER princess dress?)

Hello, princess!

Hello baby!!

This evening we went to a Harvest Festival at the local church. We had a wonderful time. Lawson loved all the games, entertainment and candy! She especially loved the dancers!
Wesley just enjoyed the view on daddy's back. He is such a good baby! Never complained!

Nana and Lawson on the jumping slide (oops Lawson has left Nana in the dust!)

Lawson and Nana - Happy Halloween!!

Hope everyone had a nice and safe Halloween!

Kitchen Time

`Wesley loves to play in the kitchen (sometimes more then Lawson). This is Lawson trying to stand her ground that this is "her" kitchen. Wesley is not backing down!

In our home the boys like being in the kitchen as much as the girls or girl. Mommy really doesn't like to cook it is out of love for my family that I cook not because I love to cook!

"Wesley you are not getting in here"

"Mommy this is mine"
Also, notice the variance in my children's clothes. It is cold outside now but that doesn't seem to phase Lawson!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I didn't do it, I promise!

She doesn't look guilty at all does she??

Monday, October 27, 2008

From Drab to Fab (almost)

Our summer project this year was to paint the shutters to our home. We took them all down over the July 4th weekend and 3 1/2 months later they are on the house and it looks wonderful (thank you hubby) I can't believe it but I don't have a before shot of the house so I had to pull something out of the archives to show what it looked like before.


Now that the shutters are painted and up (finally!!) and looks a thousand times better. We need to paint the front door. We are struggling on what color to paint it. I need your help. Should it be black, a shade of red, green or yellow? Our home is in a very traditional (old) neighborhood and several houses on our street have the same color brick and same color shutters. None of them have a red door but why not be really different. I don't know it was just a thought. I saw a traditional home with a yellow front door on HGTV and thought it looked awesome. Now we know the front of the house still needs landscape but everything takes time and money!! Baby steps, baby steps!

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear from you! I will post a poll on the side so you can vote!

Halloween Parties

This weekend we got to try on our Halloween gear. One was at my mother's group that has been getting together since Lawson was born. If you have getting my pictures since Lawson was born you will recognize them. Our group has gotten smaller but since we have all had our 2nd kids we still have a crowd! Everyone looked so cute.

If you can't tell Wes is a Chicken this year and Lawson is a princess (did you expect anything less).

After nap time we went to a friend's Halloween Party. It was so much fun. Besides one little episode of Lawson choking on Roast Beef (scary!) They had games and a bouncer and crafts set up. It really was so much fun!!
Lawson in a different Princess dress. This is the only picture I got of her. I will try to get the kids dressed up again to get some better pictures.

Wes having fun!!

Mommy and her little chick!

I love this time of year. There seems to be so many great activities and parties for the family. Good times.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This morning Lawson and I had yet another moment on what she was going to wear. It started out great. She got on her new jeans and new shirt and looked adorable. Well, not 5 minutes later she told me "I don't like these jeans they are too big." The shirt she had on was pink and black and the only other pants she had that would match was in the dirty laundry. I knew she had only worn them for a couple hours the day before (I know stop cringing) so they couldn't be that dirty! Right? While she was looking for her black shoes I tried to sneak them out of the dirty laundry. Guess what? I am not as quick as I use to be- I got BUSTED and this was our conversation.

Mommy- Lawson why don't you wear these black pants today?

Lawson- Did you wash them?

Mommy {crap}- I did. {trying my best not too laugh}

Lawson- Why did you put clean pants in the dirty laundry hamper?

Mommy- {Lost it laughing}- I don't know why

Lawson- We can't wear dirty clothes to school!!

Mommy- {double crap, I just got busted}

Lawson- Mommy why don't you wash them today so I can wear them tomorrow.

Mommy- {yes dear}

Lawson is my VERY OBSERVANT ONE!! She doesn't miss a beat!!

Fun at the Park

On Sunday the football widows (I mean wives) went to the park with the kids. We had such a good time. Wes and Katie loved swinging!

Lawson making sure baby brother is okay.

Lawson and Wes- having fun!!

"If you won't let me eat the mulch I will eat me sweater~ so there!"

Sweet Katie having fun!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On our days home...

So what does Lawson do when she is home...

Clean! This is her favorite thing to do in the whole wide world. Which I am 100% grateful for except these are her comments "mommy, lets clean our house it looks awful" or "Mommy, look at this mess, who made this mess, we can't have a mess in our house" Which doesn't do a lot for my ego because I really try to keep a cleaner house then before but it sometimes feels like a winless battle!!

We have already told Santa Lawson needs some cleaning gear!!

Child Labor???

Lawson is my little helper! Thank you Lawson for helping me keep my house so clean! Love you!

Sunday Fun!

Lawson and Wes ready for church

Wes excited that he looks so handsome!

Lawson in her jewlery!

The full outfit on Wes. Watch out Ralph Lauren and Polo I think you have a new model!!

Sunday, daddy went to the Panthers Game in Charlotte, NC with his work buddies. They were in the company box with free food and drinks! Pretty sweet deal! But once again it was just me and the kids on the weekend. We all woke up early with daddy so later that morning I took the kids to church. I was so proud of myself to get them dresses (so cute), out the door and in Sunday school class with out a fight!

Then I took them out to lunch. Nothing special just Wendy's but I have been having Wendy's withdrawal. I use to go to Wendy's at least 3 times a week when I worked (bad I know)! I was planning on getting the Spicy chicken sandwich but they have these new Chicken sandwiches Called Dippers (I think) and they have Buffalo. It was awesome!! Hopefully it will be there a while. Go try it if you like spicy food!! It is just like the buffalo chicken sandwiches you get at TGI Friday or Ruby Tuesday. Really good!!

After nap time I met up with a friend who's husband was also at the football game. This also happens to be Wes's girlfriend Katie. They had so much fun on the swings and playing in the mulch (or fiber for Wes) Those pictures when I get to my other computer!

It was a fun full day although we missed Daddy.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

4 Little Teeth!

Just wanted to show off our new set of teeth! We are getting lots of use of them these days.

NC State Fair 2008

Friday the whole family went to the NC State Fair. It was a little cold (considering the day before it was 88 degrees) but we had the best time.

We saw all of the animals (except for the chickens and ducks don't know where they were). For some odd reason my little girl was feeling very brave. She milked a cow! She said "mommy I squeezed her utters and milk came out! Isn't that neat" Thank goodness I am not still nursing or she might put the two together and who knows what would come out of her mouth!!

Then after seeing all the animals we wanted to see if she would ride any rides. What do you know my brave little girl was all about riding the carousal, the cars, the spinning swings and even rode the ladybug ride all by herself. I know this doesn't sound like a big deal but Lawson really hates crowds (much like her daddy) and if is too crowded she won't participate. Well, today we didn't have a problem. It was so much fun to see her laugh and smile on the rides.

Then as we were leaving we saw the pony ride- she had been talking about this all day but thought we would have to go home without a pony ride. Sure enough walking out we found the pony ride and she was the first in line to hand the women her money! She did it all by herself and loved every minute.

Now I am sure you are wondering what about Wes. Well, little man just sat back and enjoyed all the views. He never fussed one time!! What an awesome baby.

4 hours later it was getting a little misty & really cold so it was time to go home!! What fun and what great food!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wes 9 month appt.

I forgot to post his stats- I didn't think anyone was interested!

Weight- 22lbs 8oz- 75%

Height- 29 1/4" - 85%

Head- Can't remember and left the papers at the doctor's office - 50%

He is my big boy!! I just realized I really REALLY need to change out his car seat. I am going to miss the ease of running into a store without getting him out completely, especially when there is two in tow! However, I think my back will appreciate it going away. I am sure between him and the car seat it weighs 30lbs!

Grammy and Pops in town

This weekend we had a sudden change of plans and Grammy and Pops came to visit. It was great seeing them and we had a great time. We went to the pumpkin patch, and took our very picky dresser shopping. She picked out EVERYTHING so if she doesn't wear it there is no hope for my mornings going smoothly!!

Grammy and Pops had not seen the kids since July and they could not believe how much Wes and Lawson had changed.

The significant changes they noticed...

Lawson- more lovable, more opinionated, more three!!

Wes- crawling, pulling-up, bottomless pit for food (the boy can eat), 4 teeth and can clap!

Funny or sweet comments made by Lawson this weekend...

"Grammy, I will buy you a new dog" (Their beloved Mac-dog passed away a few weeks ago)

"I wonder who built this center" (sitting at Subway) "I think the work'g man did it" and proceeded to do the working-man dance.
Grammy and I were going to the store to pick up some frames and we couldn't find Lawson. I called out for her and she said "Mommy, I am in my room getting some money for you to buy some frames" This really melted my heart.
There were lots more I just can't remember everything.

Thank you Grammy and Pops for everything!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lawson and Wes - TRAPPED!!

Sometimes the only way to get things done it to isolate (trap) the kids in one area. Lawson and Wes are really good at entertaining themselves. I had to get pictures of them looking so cute!!

Lawson and Wes hamming it up for mommy.

Lawson loving on Wes! Such a great sister

Wes is bored so he is off to find trouble.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy 9 Months Wes!

Today Wes is 9 months old!! Happpy Birthday buddy!

Wes playing in a jumper. I think he is a little too big for these now but he didn't seem to mind his knees touching the ground!

Mommy and Wes went to visit Jenn and Katie (his cute girlfriend)! My have they grown!

Tomorrow is his 9 month old check-up. Any guesses on how big he is? Here is a clue on August 5th he was 20lbs 3oz. (That was 2 months ago!)

Just a little update...

I haven't posted much this week because I am tired!! My super-pumped energy that I had last week is gone. Probably, because I am not sleeping well. No it isn't because of Wes. It is mainly because I have sleep issues!! I just can't stop thinking!! Most nights I find myself moving to the couch because that seems to be the only place I can sleep. I don't know why, it is just the way it is right now. I have had this issue on and off for over 6 years. It isn't going away any time soon!! Enough about me, because I know that is not why you read this blog.

How are the kids...

Lawson, oh my sweet, darling, 3 year old Lawson!! I love spending time with her but I also like it when she goes to school. As terrible as that sounds it is the truth!! Monday we don't have pre-school and our day was great except she REFUSED to take a nap. But by the evening the 'Lawson monster' poked out her little head, but it wasn't too bad. Then by Tuesday morning the 'Lawson moster' was out in full gear and it was AWFUL!! Oh my goodness!! The clothes we picked out the day before were ugly, brushing her hair was a disaster, the pop tart was broken and the world was coming to an end. Anything that could set her off did. With the screaming and yelling I was about ready to lose it!! She finally calmed down...enough for us to go out in public and off to school we went! No, I wasn't excited at all!! We talked about the morning, hugged, kissed and everything was okay. I really thought when we got to daycare she would run in there and never look back. Wrong again!! She didn't want me to leave. Go figure!! I don't think I will ever completely understand a 3 year old.

The point of my story... I have none. I am just venting!! This morning things were a little smoother except for the clothes issue. I talked to my sister about it and I am going to try another tactic tomorrow! Wish me luck!!

Wes, my little man who is so happy!! He just sits and watches. This is just an observation but I think he is going to be a slow talker. Why you ask? It is not because he is a boy or because he is slow. I think it is because he is smart and from watching Lawson he is learning- when the wrong thing comes out of your mouth you get in trouble so why say anything at all!! I am really just kidding. {kinda}
Wes is fully recovered from his sickness last week. Things he is eating...EVERYTHING. I don't think I ever mentioned this but I started making his baby food and there is nothing that I have made for him that he won't eat. I am very blessed to have 2 children who will eat pretty much anything. His favorite thing these days is Cheerios. Our accomplishment for this week is he knows how to say "more" in sign language. I taught him it and witnessed it FIRST!! Yeah!! It is the cutest thing!!

Well that is it from here. Just because I am venting doesn't mean I am not happy to be at home with my kids. This is really the best job in the world!! I would rather deal with them any day over grown adults who act like my 3 year old!! I love being at home and I have to hand it to all the SAHMs out there this is no walk in the park!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fireman's Picnic 2008

This weekend we went to the Fireman's Picnic here in our hometown. Check out pictures from last year's visit. What a difference a year makes, Wes was not here quite yet and Lawson has grown a foot since then!!

Lawson extra excited about her cupcake!

My what big wheels!!

Daddy and Lawson checking out the firetruck

Saturday, October 4, 2008

More school pictures

Lawson enjoying the sunrise!!

Lawson not happy I am taking her picture! Apparently I need to start getting photo releases from her!