Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cailyn’s First Day in Preschool 2yr old room

Miss Cailyn, Miss Cailyn. 

We were all so excited about our first day of Preschool!!! Cailyn’s first day was FANTASTIC.  We took pictures.



She walked right in and started playing and never looked back for me.


When I was waiting around, wishing for maybe a little whimper, she turned around waved at me and said “Bye mommy, go”


Okay…that went tooooo well.

When she got home she was EXHAUSTED and took a 4hr nap.



The next day (we go 3 days a week) We walked in and I got some more pictures.

IMG_5953 IMG_5954

I love a little kid with a big backpack. 

Well, the second and 3rd day have not gone as well as the 1st.  She was sad, cried or whimpered the whole entire day.  At one point when they told the class they were going outside to play she got so upset she made herself throw up.  The had to leave her in the front office and there she got to entertain everyone so she was absolutely FINE!!! What in the world???? The teachers had to hold her ALL day.  If she was held she was fine. 

Conclusion…I think this is a bit too much change for Cailyn.  At first it was fun but then when it became a regular thing it wasn’t as fun.  PLUS, I think Cailyn might be an “attention hog.”  Just saying it is in the realm of possibilities.  We will try again next week and pray things get better!!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cailyn's Meet the Teacher at Preschool

It is very exciting. Cailyn met her teacher and friends in her 2 yr old classroom. As I walked Cailyn into her classroom I realized I have walked 3 children into this very room. It might of pulled on my heart strings for a little bit but for the most part I was VERY excited. She settled in beautifully and saw several friends she already knew. This is Colby. Wesley and his older sister, Rylie, are good friends! It is going to be an awesome year!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Don't use your teeth!!!

How many times have parents told kids "don't use your teeth you will break your teeth?" Well, Wesley learned a hard lesson. He will be losing his first tooth a little earlier then expected thanks to him yanking on a blow up ball air spout with his teeth!!!

Saturday, he came in with a white face saying he did something bad. And all of a sudden had a very loose tooth. That was very painful and very wriggly!!

By Monday the tooth was turning colors (black) and if you know me I HATE teeth so I though the worst thanks to early childhood trauma with the boys. Tuesday we had a dentist appt. and thankfully all is well. His tooth will fall out on his own and he did not do any damage to his permanent teeth. Thank you, thank you!!! Life with boys....

As I am looking at this picture I see what beautiful baby teeth Wesley has. I wish they would stay this way!!!