Friday, February 27, 2009


Have a great day!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lawson wants a new mommy...

Our conversation today, after I took her doll house away for the 2nd day in a row:

L: I want a new mommy.

M: Why do you want a new mommy? (trying to not be hurt by a 3yr old)

L: Because you are not nice and put me in timeout all the time & take away my doll house (I should state for the record she is not in timeout all the time just 1-2 times a week, maybe)

M: Mommy does that to teach you a lesson, not to be mean.

L: Well, I want Sydney's mom and you can have Sydney.

M: I don't want Sydney, I want you.

L: I want Sydney's mommy because she is nice.

M: Mommy LOVES Lawson and only wants Lawson and you are making me very sad talking this way.

L: (after thinking about it for awhile) Well, you can keep me but don't talk to me for the rest of the day. I am having a bad day!!

What am I to do with that???? Just as soon as I think things are turning the corner (the terrible 3s are over) we hit a wall straight on!! Today in fact she has lost her dollhouse (again) and will not be seeing her dolls for quite some time. Why, because I am mean and take pleasure in taking away things she loves???

No, because we are having BIG issues listening. She doesn't listen to her pre-school teacher, me or her dance teacher. She seems to be in her own little world. The amazing part to me is when we talk about not listening she will say "Mommy, I think I need to read Howard B Wigglebottom Learns to Listen again"

Nope, I don't think that is the solution. I am thinking ears cleaned out, more restrictions, etc. Actually, I really don't know what the solution is. Just be consistent and keep moving forward. Anyone have any suggestions?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Twin's Visit

Yesterday the twins, Dale and Gale (Lawson's Grammy on the left), came by to visit us. It was so nice to see them both. They are so funny together. Lawson just loved entertaining them both!

Lazy Saturday

Saturday morning we let daddy sleep in. He deserves to sleep in every once in a while! So for a long time we played in the play room. Wes figured out he can climb the chairs. Wonderful

Then we decided to wake up daddy. Wesley was quick to figure out "hey, mommy and daddy's bed is comfortable- I am not moving" He just laid like this for the longest time. It was so funny!

Then Lawson joined in the fun! Do you think daddy is awake now? He might of been awake but still not moving...

See the raise in the sheets to the left? That is morning pictures of him or I would be in BIG trouble! But don't these two guys look happy??

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Monday

Life here at the Fitts household is great. I have just been extremely busy and I have not had time to post anything. If I told you everything a SAHM was doing as "part-time" work you would think I was still a full-time working mom. My plate is a little bit full but I like the pressure and it makes me not procrastinate like I normally do!!!

My dad sent me these pictures yesterday so I thought I would post them. I have other pictures but need to find time to get them off the camera. Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lawson Talk

Do you think we are ready for another round of Lawson talk??? Remember anything is bound to come out of this little girls mouth. I am just thankful they are not curse words!!!

Why do I have brunette hair, Daddy have brunette hair, Mommy have brunette hair, and Wesley have BLONDE hair?????

L: Mommy I am ready for you to start making another baby and this time can she be a girl?

M: What would her name be? (looking back that was a silly question to ask)

L: Britian (Best friend Charity's daughters name)

M: I think that name is already taken and I don't think I am having any more babies

L: Well, um I don't think she will mind and yes you are!!

M: walking away from that conversation

Life getting a little more complicated...

I think I told you Wesley is on the move and into everything! Well now we have started the climbing phase....

Wesley climbing the steps.... He is saying "Mom this is for amateurs"

Next step, climbing on the hearth...

"Why are you telling me no and taking a picture of me??"

Yep, he made it on the second try...

This is the part that will put more gray hair on my head!

And so the fun begins with being a mom to a boy!!! I love it, I just hope my hair color holds up!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Bed for a Princess

One thing we did while we were at the beach was get a twin bed out of Grammy and Pops home. They needed to make room for a treadmill and since they know my middle name is Jimmy..."Call me Jimmy I will take what you gimme" I was happy to take it off their hands.

Lawson had a twin bed but it did not have a headboard. Now Lawson's bed has a headboard and a foot board. Talk about a bonus!! The first night she wasn't thrilled about her new bed because she said it put sand in her eyes. We told her we would clean out all the sand and she would be fine. (No idea if sand is because it came from the beach or sand from Mr. Sandman- who knows). Plus, her new bed does not make noise when she moves & she said she likes the noise (little does she know that is just a sign of a cheap bed!!)

I am thrilled with how it looks. The other twin bed is now in Wesley's room waiting for him when he ready to make the transition to a big boy bed! No time soon maybe when he is 10-12 years old! (Just kidding- just don't want him to grow up too fast!)

Thanks Grammy and Pops!!

Valentine's Weekend

Collins parent's volunteered to babysit this weekend and Collins and I took them up on the deal. We switched houses for the night!! So Saturday morning Grammy and Pops left with the kids in their car (much cooler then ours because it has a DVD player) to go to the mall. Once the kids left I will admit I shed a tear or two (being at the house with no kids is just weird) but I quickly got focused on our trip so I got excited again.

While Collins and I were enjoying a nice quiet drive things were not so calm in Raleigh. At the mall Lawson told her Pops that her stomach hurt. She ate her Chick-fil-a and then it happened. At the food court Lawson threw-up everywhere!! Then she did it again at the table. Then AGAIN on her way out the door all over Uncle Taylor!! (Talk about luck, I haven't even been thrown-up on & I am the mom). Everyone was wonderful and Uncle Taylor was a champ & didn't flinch. Once everything was "out" she perked right up and was fine. She was a little weak the rest of the day but showed no signs of being sick again!

A little history: Lawson has not thrown up since she was 20months old (almost 2 years) so she has no memory of what throwing up is. She was scared to say the least.

When Grammy called to tell me what happened she got so upset and in the background she was saying "no Grammy, that is private don't tell mommy" It broke my heart that she got sick and I wasn't there but Grammy and Pops did everything I would have done and there was nothing more I could of done. She was in perfect hands!!

Wesley was an angel. You know all that crying and fussing you hear on the phone from Wesley??? He didn't cry or fuss for them once. WTH??? So I get all the fussing. Great!!

Back to peace and quiet...Collins and I enjoyed an afternoon watching CABLE. Cheesy as it sounds when you don't have cable it is a treat!!! So we watched TV like two vegetables and then went out to a candle lite dinner! We slept in late for us and then had a nice breakfast out. It was a quick trip but it was fun!!

It was such a wonderful weekend and now I think we are ready to venture on 2 day break...Any volunteers to watch the kids this weekend? Uncle Taylor???? (Love you Taylor and thank you for being such a great uncle)

A special THANK YOU to Grammy and Pops for EVERYTHING!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dancing Girl

This week was Parent's Observation Day at Dance Class. I was very reluctant to go inside the class because if you will recall the Pre-school Christmas Program was a little disappointment (to me at least). So about 45 minutes in the class I decided to give it a try and Lawson was Lawson.

She immediately ran up to me as if she hadn't seen me in days. Then I would tell her to please go and listen to the teacher and she would stare at me...

then she watched the people around her. GREAT!!

Then she really started hamming it up for me. So I left!!

At least I got some "action" pictures through the looking glass.

Gotta love her!! She really loves dancing class!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Good Morning & Happy Valentine's Day

With Love,

Lawson & Wesley

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What a week!

Today is only Thursday and it seems like this week has been INCREDIBLY LONG!! I don't even know where to begin.

I guess the main reason this week has been so long is because I have had some big decisions to make. I got a full-time job offer from my company and was trying to decided if was my time to go back or not. After lots of conversation, debate, lists, and praying I decided it was not my time to go back to the workforce full-time. Right now I do work 5-10hrs a week and that is enough! I have no regrets in my decision although it weight of the decision wore me out!!

Second, I have not had exactly the best luck with "things" this week. Last Friday I lost a diamond (small side diamond) in my engagement ring. Apparently loosing diamonds runs in my family because my sister just lost one of her diamond earrings. I don't wear my engagement ring much these days because of cleaning, heavy lifting and just being rough with my hands, but I do wear it when I go out and I love my ring!! I think this has been weighing heavy on me because I know I can't wear it and it will probably be a LONG time before I can replace it.
See the missing diamond...don't look at the dirt!

The other "thing" I lost this week is all my pictures on my camera disk. It really was no ones fault it was just an accident because a little girl insisted on "checking her email" and pushed random buttons on the computer....So all my January Snow pictures are POOF- GONE! The good news is I have a blog I can look at- I just won't be able to get copies made.

What can I say other then "Fitts Happens" If that is the worst thing to happen to me I am pretty darn lucky and I am not going to sweat the small stuff...After this week!

Then I have also have been excited about the events this coming weekend. My dad is coming in tonight. He is staying here one night before he takes part of Delta Bravo 7?? A Golf Retreat in Myrtle Beach with lots of fellow golfers. How he gets away with missing Valentine's Day each year I will never know???

Then Collins' parents are coming up to watch the kids this weekend while we go to their beach house for a night!! Let me tell you - I AM EXCITED!! I haven't been away from Lawson for almost 2 years and never from Wes. I am excited to spend some good quality time with Collins. I am also excited because I know how distance makes the heart grow fonder! I need a little break from the kids and I think they need one from me too!!

Well that is it from here!!! Next post won't be as long I promise!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monkey Joe's - Alicia's Party

Birthday season really seems to be in full swing!! This weekend we went to Alicia's 4th birthday. This is Lawson's BEST FRIEND!! She loves Alicia and I think we have about 5 dolls named Alicia. We had a great time seeing Alicia and all of her old friends for daycare.

Here is Lawson and Alicia playing together. They were attached at the hip!

Lawson having fun!!

Daddy and Wesley watching all the people (that place is crazy loud)

Mommy got involved in the action to get Lawson up the big jumpers

Lawson "helping" Wesley.

It dawned on me as we were leaving I need to start thinking about Lawson's 4th Birthday! I think we are going to keep it small and budget friendly this year. Anyone have any good suggestions? I will think about the fact that I have a four year old tomorrow!! (as Miss Scarlett would say)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Heart Doctors & Go Red Friday

People around the United States are wearing red today (I am not because I am reading this late but will next Friday) because February is GO RED for Woman Campaign from the National Heart Association. I read a lot about women's heart disease from this link. And it got me thinking...I have something to share... It is not connected to women's heart disease but my son's heart.

I am going to share something really personal today. This week Wesley had his second heart doctor's appointment at UNC Children's Cardiology. I won't go into the details of why he goes, but know there is no serious issues, and everything has come back that Wesley has a perfectly healthy heart, we just need to be precocious because of our family history. As the doctor said "it sounds kinda boring in there!" That is what we like to hear!

Anyway, the reason I am writing this is because I am so impressed with the care we are receiving at UNC Children's Cardiology. It is amazing. To make sure my little boy's heart stays healthy, Wesley is going to be seen until he is 18 years old (when he is considered an adult) but under heavy advisement he will go until his mommy says he doesn't have to go. We will go every 6 months until he is 5 years old. Then go once a year until he is 10-11 then once again go every six months until he is 18 years old. I love it that they are really taking us under their care to make sure my son's heart develops the way it should. I guess once he is 18 years old we will go down stairs to WakeMed Heart Center.

On top of that our doctor went to the Heart Association Conference and deliberately went to a seminar that was directly linked to our situation. He was able to get a contact at the Institute and is going to stay abreast on all current findings. He told me in his "geeky" way he was looking forward to seeing us because he had learned more. AMAZING!!

All I can say is with all the things that I worry about every day and every night- I feel so confident that this doctor has our best interest at heart and really does care! (No pun intended)

Lawson's Puzzle Time

(Not happy I am taking her picture- she is busy!)

Over the past 4-5 months she has taken a special interest in puzzles. I remember her daycare teacher saying she could put a 25 "big piece" puzzle together in no time. We have moved up n0w and are working on 30-40 piece puzzles. She loves them & especially loves the one-on-one time with either mommy or daddy. She will say "we can't do puzzles while Wes is awake because he will eat our pieces" So we wait to put them together at Wesley's nap time.

Almost done. In our house we say a lot "let's be part of the team" I read somewhere if children feel they really belong as an important part of the family that when they get older they will continue to communicate with you (we will see how that goes in her teenage years) Anyway. When we were done putting this puzzle together she said "Mommy you and I make a great team" It melted my heart!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Monday - Warm Day

On Monday we had fairly warm weather (above 50 degrees) so we enjoyed the afternoon outside in our backyard. We had so much fun playing with toys we haven't played with in a long time! Plus, this was Wesley's first time really walking outside. He was a little bit unsure of himself, so he did not move around much (good for me, for the moment).

"Mommy, I thought you said this was going to be fun"

Yep, once again Miss Lawson's outfit strikes again!! ( I made her put on pants rather then her Princess skirt for outside play)

Mr. and Miss Farmer Brown!

Lawson being the ever so helpful sister. (Wesley is smiling from ear to ear under that paci)

If finally got a little cold but none of us were ready to go inside. We played in our sandbox!

Wesley finally got into the groove of the sandbox and was shoveling sand in a bucket. He LOVED it!! He had a mini-temper tantrum when it was time to leave! (lovely)

I think we need to get Wesley some boy sandbox toys! Poor boy wears bows, take baths with pink towels and even the sandbox toys are pink and purple!!

This is fun mommy!!

Miss Lawson enjoying sandbox time!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It is tough being a little brother...

Oh I can remember doing the same thing to my brothers....

Wesley in a bow!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hello, anyone there?

They learn fast...

Mommy it is for you...

Both of my kids love to talk on the phone!
WARNING: If you call my house a little girl might answer the phone & talk your ear off!!

Weekend with Nana and Dah

Remember spending weekends with your grandparents? I bet it wasn't anything like this...

Grandparents on wireless internet!! Gotta love technology!

We had a nice/quick weekend with Nana and Dah. They got to witness first hand Wesley's walking skills. He is a boy on the move!!

We also went to Mill Outlet (fabric store) I could spend hours there! If only there wasn't two men and two kids with mom and me!! Then we went to Jason's Deli and Costco. The kids were great and they got lots of prizes!

Oh I can't forget Butler also came down. Mr Chew acted like he was 3 again and Lawson just LOVES having a dog around smaller then her!

That evening we had Salmon on the grill and Lawson enjoyed watching lots of Cat videos on Utube with Dah.

It was a quick weekend with the G-parents but we had a great time!!

Thank you for everything!