Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cailyn's surgery day

Today, Veteran's Day, Cailyn had new tubes put in, adenoids removed as well as her tonsils removed. I really struggled with this surgery and prayed lots that it was the right decision. Having your baby taken from your arms screaming down the hall is tough!

When the doctor came out, about 15 mins longer then he originally estimated, he said everything went well and I 100% made the right decision. Cailyn was a sick little girl on the inside! Her right ear was just pact full of wax/glue. Her ear drum was retracted because of all the wax and he was able to clean it out and the ear drum will take the right form again. Her adenoids were HUGE, and her tonsils down lower were even bigger than what he expected. On top of that Cailyn had very little air going through her right lung due to fluid and mucus. They cleaned out her lung and prevented a potential case of pneumonia! I would say today was a total success!

Cailyn just woke up and drank something as well as are some
Italian ice! Hopefully the rest of the recovery goes just as smoothly!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Full Day- First Day of Preschool, Urgent Care and tree limbs

Cailyn had her first day in the three year class at CEC. She had the best time and loved every minute!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fun Run Boosterthon

At the kids school the kids ran laps for money! It was a fun school event and the kids had so much fun. Thank you to those of you that pledged!

Wesley ran 38 laps and Lawson ran 35. Lawson cracks me up because half the time she was just watching people, whereas Wesley, never stopped running!!

I have to say it was so sweet because the last lap the kids are asked to walk the last lap with there parents. Wesley grabbed my hand and walked proudly with me. Then at the end gave me a big kiss on the lips. Moments like these is why I am a SAHM so I can be at events like this for my kids. Love my kiddos!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The start of 4th and 1st Grade 2014-2015

School has started once again in July and just like that I have a 4th grader and 1st grader! We switched schools (again) this year but I have never been so confident we made the right choice.

Lawson and Wesley know lots of their classmates and they LOVE their teachers! They both had an excellent first week despite Wesley being sick this weekend with a high fever and throwing up!

Here are pics from the first day. Let me add...Cailyn was NOT happy she couldn't go to school too!!!

Love these kids and I am so incredibly proud of them!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Patriotic Craftiness!!!

The kids and I have been pretty crafty the last 2 days!!! We are really enjoying being home on the 4th of July!!! Thank goodness we are missing Hurricane Authur at the beach!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Beach weekend pictures

This weekend we went to the beach to celebrate Pops' 65th birthday. We had a really nice time. For his birthday we got him family pictures. I really hope they turn out nicely. The few I took I loved!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rainy Easter Weekend

It is Easter weekend there is no family here, and it is rainy and cold. Somehow it doesn't feel like it should be Easter. However we will make the most of it.

This morning Collins caught up on some much needed sleep and the kids and I played in the playroom. It was so cool to watch Wesley and Lawson play...wait for it...Barbies together. It was so sweet. Then the girls wanted to play dress up so we had fun with makeup and dress up clothes! Wesley had a good time dressing up at school for crazy hair day!!

Then for the first time EVER we went to the movie theater as a family to see Rio 2. It was cute!!

After that it was nap time.

I should also add Cailyn broke her pinky toe at a jump house on Friday so she is limping around pretty good and not able to wear shoes.

Hopefully it is warmer tomorrow for Easter. I hope you all have a great Easter!! It is a little different this year but we are loving being together and having a low key weekend!!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Cailyn's Dirndl & Swimwear

Cailyn's many looks thanks to Nana & Dah!!

After the dirndl it was time for swimsuit modeling

Saturday, March 8, 2014

No more training wheels!!

It is official...no more training wheels!! She taught herself!! I am so proud!!

Cailyn is going to take McKenna's lead and try to be a 4 year old who can ride a bike!!!!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Cailyn is 3 yrs old

Somehow in all the mix my little baby turned 3!!! She is 98% of the time a true delight and so incredibly happy!! Then there is the 2% she shows she is 3!!!

Cailyn loves to entertain people and be the center of attention. Her favorite statement these days are "I do it," "mine" and "come here, mommy".

Cailyn is potty trained through out the day and showing great signs night time pull-ups are a thing of the past.

She is tall but very slender. She could wear 18mo clothes if it wasn't for length. Otherwise she is a 3T.

Lawson and Cailyn are now sharing a bedroom. It is going very well and I am incredibly proud of both of them. The kids are super excited to have a playroom again.

A little more about Cailyn...

Favorite Color: purple

Favorite food- cereal

Favorite tv show- Barbie (on Netflix)

Total Diva!!!

Best Friend at school- Matthew (physically disable child at school) she makes sure he is always okay and protects him and makes sure he is never left behind)

Loves the camera!!

Interesting Fact- if you give C a bag with lots of zippers and 5 small items in it. She will open/close, place in/out, rearrange and talk it over in her language for min. Of an hour if not interrupted. It is fascinating to me!!

Here are some recent pics of our baby!!! Love you sweet, Cailyn!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow January 2014!!

We got snow and lots of it!!! According to my ruler we got 4.5" of snow last nigh. As normal, Collins is not here to join in the fun (he has to work LOTS of long hours) but we enjoyed it.

Here are a few pics. I have more but on the big camera. Lawson and Wes LOVE the snow. This snow was very powdery so a snowman was out for today at least.

Cailyn could live without the snow! To he credit she just got over the stomach bug and still not feeling 100% but MUCH better!!

Stay warm everyone!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Flu Bug... Go away

Yes, the flu has for the first and hopefully the last struck our house!!! Wesley woke up Saturday with a headache but no fever. Then after a no energy basketball game Wesley went immediately to the couch never to get up. He still didn't have a fever but that changed that evening with spikes of a103 fever. Sunday he wasn't much better. We went to the doctors today and they confirmed we have a strand of Flu A(????)As of tonight (Monday) he has a lot more energy but still a horrible cough but no fever. He won't go to school tomorrow but we hope he will Wednesday (the last day of track-in) before a 3 weeks break :-/

Here is a picture at the Doctor's office. Sad but cute!!! Hopefully, no one else will get sick!!! Please say a little prayer for us!!!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 quick update

We are all doing great and enjoying the new year!! Here are some recent pics of the kids!!!!

Wesley just turned 6 years old!!! On Dec 16th Wes had an unfortunate run in with a concrete corner. 7 stitches later he is as good as new with a nice scar!! He is a tough one!!!
Cailyn is still my outgoing one!! As she gets closer to 3 her true loves are coming through... Shopping and dancing.
Lawson is busy selling GS cookies and successful completed Girls on the Run season last fall by running 3.1 miles. I am super proud of her!!! She is excelling at reading and writing at school.
Collins and I are doing well. He is super busy at work and I had a super busy Christmas season with my small business.
Love to all!!!!