Monday, May 31, 2010

First Trip to the Pool

Today was our first visit to the pool!!!

Everyone is a little bit cooler now!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Lawson's Ice Skating Lessons

Lawson has now completed one full month of Ice Skating Lessons.  The progress she has made is unbelievable. She started out hanging on the wall with very little confidence.  After 6 Mice on Ice Lessons and 2 semi-private lessons, she can skate backwards, do several turns, dips and skate around the whole ice rink.  Her confidence is building more and more with each lesson!! I love it!

Here are a few pictures of Lawson at Mice on Ice and them playing Ice Hockey. 

She was at first hesitant.  She told the teacher "my mommy says we can't play Ice Hockey because we will loose our teeth"  Oops, did I say that.  Then after a little explaining Lawson had fun hitting soft pucks around the ice. 

Then this week we did semi-private lessons with another child.  The progress was unbelievable. You can't tell but she is spreading her legs and bringing them close again to go backwards.   

Here she is skating around the rink.

I am not sure what they are doing here but isn't she cute? Can you see her smile???
Lawson is really loving ice skating.  Every time she comes off the rink she is smiling from ear to ear!! Thank you so much Grammy and Pops for the lessons!! In a few weeks she is going to do a week summer camp.  I have no idea if this is going to be her sport but for right now we are really enjoying it.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Little Slugger

This weekend my parents also brought Wesley a gift.   His First T-Ball Set. Wesley was beyond excited and could not WAIT to go outside and to be able to hit a ball.

Here is Dah teaching Wesley how to hold a bat. (So sweet)

Wesley is pretty much soaking it all in.  Wesley is saying "Okay, got it now move back Dah"

At first Wesley looked like Bam-bam" from the Flintstones.

See the ball is moving.  Technique is off but the ball is moving. That counts!!

Then he started getting a swing motion. I should also mention he was swinging like a lefty and he is right handed. Maybe he will be a switch hitter!! (No pressure)  Some balls actually went pretty far.

I love this picture.

I really hope my son loves sports as much as I do! So far we are off to a good start!! Thanks Nana and Dah!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lawson is 5 Years Old- A trip down memory lane

5 Years ago today, Lawson Annabelle was born at 7:01AM.  The anticipation for her arrival was so much fun because we did not know whether she was a girl or boy.  When she came out at 8lbs 11oz God gave us a healthy girly-girl!!! My heart grew so much that day that I truly thought my heart was going to come out of my chest.   I was in love!!

She made her daddy and I the two happiest people on earth. (wow we look young) 

The first year went by so fast.  I truly hope with the 2000 pictures that I took of her that first year I have enough. 

Then she turned 1!!

My little bald head beauty!! (and that silly finger.)

Then 2...Her personality was really coming through.  Shy, observant, and bull headed!!

 This would be her last birthday as a single child.

3 years old!! Probably one of my favorite age. So fun, so loving, and so funny!!

Lawson at her 3rd Birthday at the beach

Lawson at her 4th Birthday Tea Party.

Oh, the fun we had!! She acted like a little lady with wonderful manners and so grown-up!!

Then today we are five! Yippee!!

My beautiful little girl is 5 years old!!
I wanted to list things about Lawson so we remember where we are today!!

Loves: Barbies, Drawing, Telling Stories, Reading, Dress-up
Dislikes:  People telling her what to do, enough said...
Movies: Barbie Movies
Loves to play with her brother!
She is the most loving and generous child!!  She would give the shirt off her back if you asked!

Lawson, you make us so proud!! You are so bright, so observant, and so creative! You love to learn and are eager to learn.  Recently, you started ice skating lessons and you love it!! You are the best helper. At home you have been making your own lunch, getting your own drinks, doing a few more chores, and helping me with my sewing projects.  I love you with all my heart and I love to watch you grow!!!

Happy 5th Birthday Lawson!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lawson's 5th Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated with freinds and family Lawson's 5th Birthday.  What 5th birthday is complete without horses?  Lawson asked for a Princess Horse Party and her wish was granted. 

At Dead Broke Horse Farm.

Lawson was so excited to see all of the horse.

This place was filled with LOTS of different animals. The kids loved it.

Check out the turkeys. There was also dogs, cats, peacocks, rosters, chickens, ducks, guinea birds and miniature horses.

Here we are before the party guest arrived. Nana and Dah drove in from VA to celebrate Lawson's birthday with her!

Then it was time to ride.  Lawson (being Lawson) decided she was not going to ride.  She was just going to just watch everyone.  Trying to remain calm I just had to gently threaten her to spend the rest of the party in the car and then she got on... (why does she do that too me??)  After all that look at that smile!!

Mommy, Daddy and the Birthday Girl.

Lawson rode on "Little Man"

Lawson being led by her Daddy!! So sweet

The after the ride and lunch it was time for Birthday Cake.  Look at her smile. Love it!!  

Then it was time to blow out the candles.  A little drama to blow out the candles but it was done. Siena is probably thinking "blow that thing out so we can have some cake!!"

Here is her BIG #5 Cake.

Lawson and the other Princesses at her party (minus Britan) I forgot to take a picture of all the boys.

Nana and Dah with the grandkids

Mommy and Daddy with the Birthday Princess and the Knight (the boy guest received foam swords) 
My little girl's 5th birthday was a total success!! She had a blast, and I think the people who attended had a great time. We could not ask for anything more!!

Oh, this week has contained so many milestones...graduation and now 5th birthday what is next? Keys to the car....  

Lawson told me a couple of weeks ago out of the blue "Mommy I promise I won't grow up too fast and I will always be your baby."  I am holding her to that...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pre-school Graduation Day

Today was a VERY big day... Lawson's pre-school graduation. 
I started to write this and tell you all of my feelings but that was not appropriate.  This was Lawson's big day so I will tell you the story from Lawson's point of view...

Today was my big day. I graduated from Pre-school. As excited as I was 3 days ago, I was scared when they opened up those doors!! Not scared of what the future may hold, (that is for old people to worry about) but scared because there are LOTS of people watching me...

Mommy, please save me.  I just need a hug!! Wait...why are you crying too???

Once we got settled down and watched a slide show and I got see all my friends it was my turn to speak. 

"I know God loves me, because he has given me the Bible." I said it!! I did it!! I told you I could...why did you look so worried mom??

Then I got my certificate and Bible. I love Ms. Sharon.

Then I watched my other friends get their Bible. I love my friends.

Finally it was time to sing. I told my Mom and Grammy this morning I was NOT going to sing the ABC Rock song because I was tired of it, but I did anyway.  I like to torment them so they never know what to expect. 

My mommy and daddy are so proud of me.  They tell 
me that every day!! Mommy and Daddy got me flowers too!!! I am a star!

My Baby Brother is proud of me too!!  Here is is telling me he loves me!!

Pops and Grammy were there too- they love me with all their hearts.
It was a wonderful day!!