Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wesley Update

Wesley has a horrible case of hives and the reason is still unknown. I took him to Urgent Care to get him some relief and I got huge dose of comic relief. After a nice steroid shot in the butt Wesley's comments... "I have officially become a man. I took that shot without moving or screaming" Next comment "will my toots start coming out of the new hole in my hiney". Oh Wesley!!!

Wesley's outbreak of hives

Having to explain to Wesley why he has to stay home today rather then go to school. He has broken out in hives all over his body and can't stop itching!! He is so sad to miss school and the book fair. **If my parents said I didn't have to go to school I would be having a party!!

Today we will work on at home treatments and re-wash all his laundry in new detergent. Can't figure out what caused this!!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Fun

Soccer Season is in full swing and we are enjoying watching Wesley play. We have had two games and he has scored in both games (go Wes!!!). Collins helped Ryan move to a new apartment. Lauren and I met up with the kiddos to go to a beach party in her neighborhood. The kids had a
Great time spending time with their cousins. Cailyn did get sick Sunday morning so we chilled all day. She is feeling fine now!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Easter at Grammy and Pops

The kids and I drove to the beach to see Grammy and Pops and back to the crystal coast. We had a great trip and was happy to be back in NC. We had one really nice day so we were able to go to the beach. Wes and I were able to get in a couple runs. He was a great running buddy (besides having to carry him one time because of stomach cramps, 76lbs gets heavy fast!). We enjoyed hanging out with Grammy and Pops and going to some of our old stomping grounds - Sugarloaf, El's and trying out some new ones! The big kids were able to go to Sunday School on Easter and loved it. Cailyn wasn't able to go due up pink eye. Collins drove down Friday and left Sunday ( he was happy to be back too) It was a great trip and we look forward to going back this summer! Thank you, Grammy and Pops!!

Manassas National Battlefield

Not even 10 minutes from our house is a huge Battlefield which is where the battle took place during the Civil War July 21, 1861. I love Civil war history (mainly Gone With the Wind) but I still love learning what I can. We took the kids to this "park" and walked and explored. It was awesome and the kids walked over 4 miles and didn't fuss (much). We took a horse trail to the river and saw the treasured blue bells in bloom. Absolutely breathtaking. Of course, I couldn't help but think of Bonnie Blue... (I love GWTW). Here are pictures from our wonderful adventure. Can't wait to go back.

Cailyn is all registered for Kindergarten!!!

She is ready to be a cub!!! Future class of 2029.... Good grief, that seems like forever away but don't blink because it will be here before we know it!!!! We went to lunch with Wesley and she left saying "I can't wait to be a kindergartener". (My heart isn't quite ready!!!)