Monday, September 29, 2008

First Day as a SAHM!

What a great day!! With these smiles how could it be a bad day???

Let’s see…
  1. Made muffins in the morning- Wonderful
  2. Our Marbles Kids Museum visit was abruptly cut short once we couldn’t open the doors (Closed On Monday)- Not so wonderful
  3. Found another museum to take the kids and Lawson got to touch an alligator- Wonderful
  4. Walked several blocks in downtown Raleigh –Not so Wonderful (I don’t like to exercise when I am not prepared too)
  5. Got both kids to take a nap at the same time- Wonderful
  6. Played, sang, and read with the kids- Wonderful
  7. Wes took another nap and woke up with a high fever – WHAT!?! He is getting his front top teeth at the same time. It isn’t bothering him too much, he is just a hot box! Poor little guy! - Not so wonderful
  8. Cooked dinner and cleaned it up- Both a phenomenon in and of itself!!- Wonderful
  9. Lost count of how many times Lawson changed her shoes- kinda wonderful
  10. A guy named Wes won on Jeopardy today. (Why I’m I mentioning this?) I never watch TV let alone Jeopardy (yuck) but since a guy named Wes was playing I had to see if he won and he did. Maybe my Wes will be a smarty pants too!! - Wonderful
  11. Both kids in bed before 8:30PM- Awesome!!

First day was a success plus I even found time to blog & read emails. Hope everyone else had a good day. Tomorrow is Lawson’s first day at Preschool.

Lawson in shoe change # 1000 or close to it! (just kidding)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Exciting News from the Fitts’ Household

No, I am not pregnant! Today is my last day with my current company. I am going to be a Stay at Home Mommy!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. This is something that I have wanted for a very long time and with the close of my current contract and all the uncertainties at my job we decided this was the perfect time. I have been with this company since I got out of college (years not to be included). I started out in VA and then they moved me to NC. I have no complaints or grips (I have already gotten those off my chest) I just needed to reprioritize things and my family comes first! When I look into my kids eyes I know I am making the right decision!!

Lawson will be going to a pre-school program 3 days a week at a local church. It is 1 mile away from the house!! She is ecstatic to start her new school. We have been buying her new clothes for the new school and in her very girly way she says “When am I going to my new school, I want to wear my new clothes?”

Wes, he has no clue. He has just started the separation anxiety stage. When I drop him off and I start to walk away he will start waving his arms and start grunting. Then try to crawl towards me as fast as he can!! It is heart breaking! I guess I will be able to avoid those day now! At least for a little while!

As for me, I have wanted this since Lawson was born. I use to be a hard-core career girl. For now, I just want to be a mom. I still have that career girl in me but right now she needs to stay idle and concentrate on her family. As I see it according a stay-at-home mom’s salary would be $134,121, if given a salary. If I keep that in mind I am getting a nice raise. However, instead of it being in dollars it will be in kisses, hugs, viewing milestones first, and lots of other wonderful bonuses!!

So what does that mean for the blog now that I can’t use company time to blog? (hehe- like I am doing now!!) I will try my best to keep it updated. I am sure I will find time (maybe). I like blogging. It is therapeutic for me. I have always been a journal writer (even though my writing stinks). So I don’t see me completely stopping, I just don’t see my posts being as frequent.

Wish us luck!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An Unusual Lovie

While most children find a plush toy or silky blanket as their lovie. My son has found a boulder. Yes, a boulder (plastic, of course)!! Recently, he has taken this boulder EVERYWHERE!! If I would let him he would sleep with it!!

This weekend Nana and Dah brought him a 'Little People' Dump truck that came with a boulder and a little person. Wes immediately grabbed the boulder and hasn't parted with it since. He will crawl with it- and he sounds like he has a peg leg!! He pulls up on furniture with it in his hand- no problem. He will play with other toys using his other hand. He even drinks with it. Try to take it away and he will quickly switch hands or put the death grip on it so it is impossible to remove!!

I think it is save to say he is all boy! He is practicing his grip for when he becomes a basketball star! Actually, when I look at this picture it looks like he is about to throw a curve ball for baseball!! Love ya, buddy!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I can't resist!!

Now that the weather is getting 'slightly' cooler I decided to put Wes into some overalls. I love boys in overalls!! SOOOO cute!! Side Note: I love boy clothes as much as I love girl clothes!! Too bad he wasn't in this outfit very long, it was a 9 months and the snaps kept on breaking open. We are officially in 12 month size clothes!! He is my big boy!!

I LOVE this pictures of Lawson!! This has her personality written all over it!!

Lawson and Wes enjoying a wagon ride on a lazy Sunday!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Nana and Dah's visit

This weekend Nana and Dah came down to visit us. The came in last Friday evening and left early Sunday morning. Although their visit was short we made the most of it and we had a great time.

Lawson, of course, was awake when Nana and Dah arrived. I know it melted my mom's heart to have Lawson run, full speed, into her arms. She did for one second have a moment of not knowing which grandparent to hug first. But quickly jumped into Nana's arms. From that point on Lawson was very busy talker. Asking lots of questions "where is Butler, where is Buster (the cat), why didn't you bring the cat, etc..." It did make me feel good that she never asked "What did you bring me? because typically grandparents means lots of goodies!

Mom and Dad were amazed at how BIG Wes is now and how much he is on the move and pulling up on everything! Wes gave the strange facial expressions when he saw Nana and myself together early Saturday morning. He had a very puzzled look on his face. Like he was saying "who are you and why do you look like my mommy?" I don't see it... haha!!

Saturday we went to Ken's Corn Maze. By the time we got to the maze it was lunch time and they told us it would take anywhere from an hour to 2 1/2 hours. I thought This is going to be a mistake!! Lawson was a trooper. She did need to be held a couple of times and she did remind me "It is time for me to eat lunch and take a nap" Who are you and what did you do with Lawson? Overall, she did great for walking almost 2 miles!!!
Wes just fell asleep thanks to a new backpack carrier! Nana knows how much Wes likes to be worn, but he is getting a tad big for the Bjorn, so she got us a backpack carrier. He loved it and when he was awake he was smiling from ear to ear!

Passed out!!

We conquered the Corn Maze in 48 minutes. Dah and Collins led the way. What fun!!

It was a treat having them here. We love you and will see you soon. Hopefully, before Wes is walking!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

3 Years, 3 Months, 3 Weeks, and 3 days old!

I noticed on the Lawson's age ticker that Lawson is all 3s today. (Elizabeth I know you love that, my numbers friend). So in honor of Lawson and all her threes I thought I would write in 3s about Lawson.

3 things Lawson loves
- Barbies
- Going to the Grocery Store or CVS
- Watching Betty Boop

3 things Lawson dislikes (this is a struggle)
- Going to bed
- Bad smells
- Sitting in time out

3 things Lawson says all of the time
- "It's okay sweetheart"
- "Let's Rock n' Roll"
- "Can I have 3 because I am 3?"

3 ways Lawson makes me smile (could name a lot more)
- How eager she is to help me
- Her witty comments and observations about EVERYTHING!
- How much she loves her family!!

The Best Big Sister!

Lawson is the best big sister Wes could ever ask for!! This picture makes my heart melt and makes me so proud!!

Kids- I love you more then I could ever tell you!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Melinda's Visit

This weekend my very dear friend from college came into town for what was to be a "Girl's Weekend" Well, that didn't happen for one reason or another. So it ended up being Melinda's in town lets get the families together. We had a really nice cookout Saturday night (thank you Heather). I think being with 5 kids was very good birth control for our newly wed Melinda! She loves to love on the babies, but I think she loved even more giving them back!!

Melinda it was wonderful seeing you! Thank you so much for coming up and seeing us. Next time Girl's Weekend - NO KIDS ALLOWED- I promise!

Melinda with Holden and Wes

Lawson and Siena

Quinn and Lawson (sharing so nicely!!)

Melinda getting some extra kisses!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Look at what she does to me!!

I think one of the down falls of being a younger sibling is the fact that the older sibling has their way with them. Apparently it starts young!

Wes in mommy's cool sunglasses from the eye doctor.
Kinda looks like The Terminator- I'll be back!!

Excuse me, what is on my head?

I don't think pink is my color!!! But it is fun when my sister pays attention to me so it is okay

I remember smearing red lipstick all over my sister, Lauren, and leaving her be so my mom would find her alone! Mom originally thought Lauren was responsible but guess what? Her evil sister was the instigator!! Hehe!

Last of the Vacation Pictures

After reviewing all of our pictures it dawned on me we have none of the whole family! I will have to remember next time to ask someone to take our picture!

3/4 of our family in front of a waterfall on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Now mommy's turn

Bath time!

Lawson trying to catch 4 deer. These deer moved about 5 feet away when she approached them. Needless to say they are not scared of humans.

That's it of the vacation pictures hope you enjoyed them!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Lawson Talk

I thought I would end this week with a funny...

At Lawson's school they reward each child with a sticker if a child had a good day. If you get 4 out of 5 stickers you get a prize on Friday. On Wednesday I flipped over her card to see if she had a sticker and there was no sticker. So here is our conversation...

Mommy: Ut oh, What happened today Lawson that you didn't get a sticker today?

Lawson: Mommy, we can talk about it when we get home!

Mommy: thinking-she has heard this phrase a couple times too many! So when we get home you are going to tell me what happened?

Lawson: {using her hands to emphasize her point} Yes Mommy, when we get home we will talk about it!

Sure enough when we got home we talked about and she says it will never happen again. (Look at who is the little mommy!)

Biltmore Estates

Unbelievable!! This place is like a castle but the amazing part it is a home that was built for a family of 3!! With 255 rooms and dining hall that could seat 64 comfortably makes my humble home look very tiny!

I am not sure which part put it over the top for me. The grandness of EVERYTHING or the swimming pool and bowling ally in the basement.

As I have said before the kids were great. We went for 2 days because if you go after 3 you get to go the next day for free. Collins and I promised each other we would go back (without kids) so we could spend more time there and indulge in the Wine Vineyard! hehe!

We are here!!
The Carpet Garden. 144,000 plants make up this display!
Mommy and Wes
Lawson at the Carpet
Pretty Flower (I love our camera)

Next day at the Gardens
Lawson churning butter

Mommy and Wes. This Horse was huge- it is one size down from a Clydesdale
Lawson not so sure about him
Lawson likes this sheep that is sleeping!

At the Bass Pond on the Biltmore Estates
The Garden House
Waterfall off of Bass Pond

Thursday, September 11, 2008

In Honor of 9/11

Can you believe it has been 7 years since that awful day? Do you remember what you were doing that day when you heard the news?

I remember hearing the news from my boss that an airplane had hit the one of the Twin Towers. Then news came moments later that another plane hit the other building. I remember thinking this was no accident but what is going on!! I worked approximately 2 miles from RDU and I remember being scared out of my whits. Especially when we heard a plane had hit the Pentagon. What an unreal day. My friend Elizabeth came to pick me up and took me over to MC to see my sister. The fear of the unknown was awful!! That day will always be etched in my mind. Share with me what you remember about that day?

To the people who lost their lives that day you will always be remembered.

To the Troops overseas God Bless you and Thank you! I support you!

This is a memorial in Fayetteville, NC. These are actual steel beams from the Twin Towers. This represents the papers that fell from the building.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How did Wes enjoy his vacation?

I think he had a good time!!

Just kidding!! Besides Wes not sleeping through the night. Wes was an angel during the day. I wore him in the Baby Bjiorne (thank you E) and he loved every waking moment. He never squirmed, whined or cried on any of our adventures out. What a blessing!!

We did find out the Wes loves Veggie Puffs. He now stuffs his face with them. It is so much fun to watch him feed himself. I have decided now is as good of time as any to teach him sign language. Currently, his idea for 'more' is squealing at the top of his lungs and banging his arms on the high chair. We are looking for something a little more subtle for "more." So everyone in the house is participating in showing Wes sign language. Hope he picks it up soon!

Lawson Loves Barbies- Who Knew

Tuesday we spent the day at the resort. Collins stayed at the townhouse with Wes and I took Lawson to the pool. I normally never get my hair wet but decided to be as involved as I could with Lawson's pool time, so I braved the cold water. We had a good time but I think Lawson got cold and decided to go to the baby pool where the water is only 1 foot deep and warms up quickly.

In the baby pool was a Mom and a little girl who looked about Lawson's age. Lawson started talking to the little girl "whats your name?" {so cute} and the girl said "Presley" Lawson asked her "can I play with your Barbies?" and the mother said "yes honey you can" What was to follow I was not expecting...

Mother of Presley (MOP): Do you like Barbies?

Lawson: Yes

MOP: Do you have any Barbies?

Lawson: No, my mommy doesn't buy me Barbies!

Mommy {slightly embarrassed}: Honey, you have never asked for Barbies.

Lawson (not taking her eyes off the barbie): Yes I have. {WHAT?}

MOP: Do you like Ariel?

Lawson: No I just like Barbies

Mommy's thought: WHAT YOU LOVE ARIEL!! This women must think I completely neglect you!!

So Lawson played with the 2 Barbies for probably an hour. Then it was time to go. Do you know what is going to happen next? After talking with Lawson, trying to reason with Lawson she refused to give the dolls back to Presley. Finally, I had to just take the Barbies away from Lawson to give back to Presley. What followed is every mothers' public nightmare.... She screamed, she kicked, she cried, she went limp noodle on me. It was awful! To top it off MOP says to Lawson in the middle of this "Lawson we will be back at the pool this afternoon and you can borrow Presley's Barbies again" {Thanks woman, no telling what she thought!!} So what seemed like the longest walk to the car and drive back to the condo. Lawson finally calmed down.

After Lawson took a LONG nap. She awoke saying "lets go to the pool and play with Barbies and when mommy says it is time to go we will give them back to Presley. But my mommy is going to buy me Barbies." {we shall see about that}

We did return to the pool and get this- Presley's mom returned dropped her bag off and as she walked by gave Lawson the 2 dolls and said when you are done just put the dolls back in the bag. Never saw her again or Presley. Lawson had the time of her life playing with those two Barbies. This time when it was time to go we had no issues returning them {thank you, thank you} Our new issue trying to find Barbies in the middle of no where. "I want three Barbies because I am three!!"

Mommy Note: We did buy Lawson 2 Generic Barbies (couldn't find the real things) and she LOVES THEM!! Don't think I spoil Lawson because I really don't. She did get in trouble for her behaviour, but we have to remember she is 3. I am not going to let one incident's ruin our whole trip. Besides this one episode she was awesome!!
Bottom Line: Lawson loves Barbies!!

Tweetsie Railroad

What a cool place to take your kids. Tweetsie is a neat place to go and the setting is beautiful. The drive from Lake Lure to Boone was approximently 2 hours. It took us about 2 1/2 because the fog was so bad and Collins could only drive but so fast (plus can you say curvy) Locals. It was a little cold and overcast at first (why Wes looks like Larry Bird with his socks up to his knees) but the day turned out to be perfect. Lawson's favorite part was the train. We saw the cowboys and indians and I think the Indians won. We tried to see the cloggers but our timing was off (sorry Jenn ex-clogger)

The kids were perfect!! Lawson really had a good time. I so wanted to buy her a cowgirl hat (like our freind Avery) but she wanted an "expensive" ring. So we upgraded this time and bought her a $2.99 ring. We haven't lost or broken this one yet. She is such a girly girl!

Wes just hung out with me. Never complained or squirmed one time. I think he liked the view and got to see everything with little effort.

First, we had to Saddle up to get to the train!

On the train ride... Lawson is not so sure about this. Wes, on the other hand, is saying "bring it on"

Lawson loved feeding the goats!

Yuck they are licking me!! (i am such a wimp)

Panning for gold. We didn't luck into any this time.

Daddy and Lawson on the Chair lift

Mommy and Wes on the Chair Lift (my favorite part)

So daddy, what are you going to buy me??? (we heard this a lot)

Trying on a Indian Hat

Mommy, Lawson and Wes

Bye Tweetsie Railroad we had fun- see you in a couple of years when Wes is a little older!