Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey-lurky Day

Thanksgiving Day!! It was a team effort. The men were responsible for frying the birds. We ended up cooking 3 of them! Grammy made oyster dressing for the first time and it was awesome, plus the gravy! I made the yeast rolls and most of the other fixings. The day was so stress-free. It was wonderful just to spend time with family and laugh and enjoy each other's company!! It was also Wesley's first thanksgiving!!!

Daddy getting the cooker ready

The turkey supervisors...

"what nice hair you have Grammy"

Grammy, Mommy and Wesley (ready to serve everyone)

Wesley saying the blessing!

Lawson picking at her food. Yes it is Chinet! Nothing but the best around here. {wink} We did use real silver (thanks grandmommy)

Pops, Grammy and Taylor (very very full)

And everyone else is done, except Wesley (the boy can eat)

Hope everyone had as nice and as enjoyable Thanksgiving.

BB's Yeast Rolls

What a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I will post more with pictures with our family but I wanted to brag a little. Since I was having my FIRST Thanksgiving in my home, I for the first time in 30 years was responsible for making "BB's Yeast Rolls" This is my dad's grandmother's recipe. It might sound easy for some but many, many have tried to make this recipe and have failed. With my mom one phone call away, Grammy cheering me on, and BB watching over me, I successfully made BB's Rolls!!! They were so yummy!!! I was so proud of myself I was as giddy as a school girl!!!

Lawson helping me cut out the rolls.

The finished product!! I think BB, Grandmommy, and my mom would be proud!
No Mom, this does not mean I will make them at Christmas- it could of been beginners luck!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Preparing for Thanksgiving

This morning I was running around my house like a crazy person trying to get ready for our family, and ignoring my kids. It then hit me like a ton of bricks I had it all wrong. Thanksgiving is not about getting all the fingerprints off the windows and floors sparkling clean. It is the fingerprints on my windows that I am so thankful for, because I have two wonderful children who put them there. So I stopped cleaning played with my kids then when it was time, I tucked them into their beds for a nap and then cleaned (a little). With all that going through my head this morning I thought I would also sit down and reflect on what a wonderful year it has been.

I have so much to be thankful for. As my minister said if you have a house, cars, food on the table you are richer then 92% of the world! I love this time of year because I get a chance to really reflect on how blessed we are. My list really could be a mile long but I will just touch on a few.

- My wonderful husband. Who knows me too well and puts up with me (big job), who is supportive of my personal goals and really is my rock. I love you babe!

- My sister. I don't know what I would do without her. I talk to her almost everyday and she is my best friend

- My wonderful children. I love them so much it make my heart hurt thinking of how much I love them. I love their beautiful smiles and their unique personalities. It is hard to put into words how thankful I am that God blessed Collins and I with 2 beautiful healthy children!!

- My family. So unbelievable supportive! I am so lucky to have such a loving family. Family is the most important thing to Collins and I! I love you all so much.

- My friends. I am so blessed to have some of the greatest friends in the world. I don't get to see or talk to them as much as I would like, but my friends are so understanding and no matter how long it has been between our talks we can pick up were we left off.

(Dang- Anne Murray- I am crying now while I write this!!)

- My loved ones who are no longer on earth but watching over for me and my loved ones. Thank you!! I do believe in angels!!

Okay the kids are up. Time to play again! My guests will be here soon so...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lawson Talk - Today she is 3 1/2

I write these so I can remember some of the things Lawson says to me.... Sometimes it is hard to remember she is just 3 1/2! Happy Half-birthday Lawson!! Also, Happy 2 year Anniversary to Lauren and Will!!

#1 One night Wes woke up (surprise) in the middle of the night and so did Lawson...

Lawson: Mommy Wes is crying

Mommy: He is okay honey - go back to sleep

Lawson: okay I will, sometimes I cry myself to sleep too

Mommy: Oh that breaks my heart!

#2 Lawson learned to snap with both hands

Mommy: I am so proud of you. You can snap like a big girl

Lawson: Mommy, I am a big girl now can I get my ears pierced?

Mommy: You aren't that big yet.

Lawson: You said I was a big girl?

Mommy: ??????? Dang??????? What to say, what to say!

#3 Just playing in the den yesterday

Lawson: Mommy are we going out today?

Mommy: No, we are going to stay in the house today and play

Lawson: Good because if we go out you need to put some lipstick on.

Mommy: (Thank you child) Why does mommy look bad?

Lawson: Yeah

Gotta love her!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ready for Winter!

Wes all bundled up to brave the cold weather!!

Edit: I made this hat for Wesley!! I am so proud!!

Filling up the Family Car

I realize this is a silly post I just wanted to document that today I filled up my Explorer for under $40.00!! And it typical fashion I was almost out. I went to the Lowes Food Gas Station (what don't they sell?) and I got gas for $1.92 and paid $34.70. This might not seem like a big deal but it wasn't a month ago gas was $3.79 and it cost over $75.00 to fill up my tank. With the pricing of EVERYTHING else going up it is nice to see something going down.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

3 Cooks in the Kitchen

It probably seems like I give my kids sugar all the time. I promise I don't! Lawson and Wes really enjoy being in the kitchen so why not make something as sweet as them (lame I know). Plus it is a great learning tool with counting, measuring and patience (for both Mommy and Lawson) And since all the Pinkalious cupcakes are gone (thanks daddy!) we decided to make a chocolate cake (all homemade). Dinner was in the good old crock pot so we had plenty of time to make it after nap.

Lawson enjoying licking the spoon.

You said you needed a spatula ?

Lawson and Wes goofing off while the cake is cooking. You can't tell but Wes is just giggling with delight. He loves his big sister.

The final product with Lawson's finishing touch of sprinkles!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just like my Aunt Lauren...

Love you Aunt Lauren- hope you get to feeling better soon!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Yesterday was a rainy day, our play date was canceled so Lawson and I made PINKALICIOUS cupcakes. "Pinkalicious" is one of Lawson's favorite books these days and within a week Lawson knew the whole book by heart!! It starts off it was a rainy day and mommy asked the daughter if she wanted to make cupcakes and what color, she responded "PINK, PINK, PINK!" Needless to say when I ask Lawson if she wanted to make cupcakes and what color her response was the same!! So yesterday I was the hero!! I worried a little she might turn pink the next day but she didn't have as many as Pinkarilla!
Like how she is wearing all pink for the occasion?? Also notice the "floor cleaner" behind her looking for crumbs.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

From Drap to Fab- Part 2

No we haven't painted the front door yet (it hasn't been 3 months yet) but we did get some other work done to the front of the house and what an improvement...

The Sidewalk BEFORE...

The sidewalk AFTER:

After 20+ years the brick pavers have finally been installed. On the original house floor plans there is a note "leave 3 inches for brick paver." Then in our backyard there were approximately 1000 pavers waiting to be installed. Special thanks to Total Masonry -awesome people to work with!! Why it took 20+ years I really don't know???? So gone is the unleveled, cracked sidewalk with an 11"step (hazard) and here is our beautiful walkway. Merry Christmas Collins & Maridith!!

A visist to Grammy and Pops

One of the many perks of staying at home with the kids is the ability to get in the car and go. Don't get me wrong it still takes planning and LOTS of packing but we don't have to worry about getting home by Sunday night to go to work the next day! (Nice bonus) Plus, Lawson didn't have school on Tuesday so I decided to go on a road trip (last minute). We did leave Collins behind and we missed him, but the kids and I needed a change of scenery. We left Saturday afternoon to head to Grammy and Pops' house. We had a ball. The kids acted wonderful and it was a mini-vacation for me!! I got to sleep in, take naps and even read a book!!

Grammy and Pops took us out on the boat Sunday- gorgeous weather. Then on Monday Grammy took us to the NC Aquarium. We had such a good time!!

Sometimes Lawson just feels a little crabby... here is the proof...

I just LOVE this picture!!

Wow that is a big shark!

Mommy and her babies!

Love ya Grammy!!
Mommy and Wes enjoying the warm weather

Caption Lawson

Wes was just soaking it all in. He loved being on the boat

Finally- a little pampering. Lawson getting her nails painted

Grammy and Pops-Thanks again for everything we had a wonderful time!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

What about Wesley?

Wes is a busy little boy these days. Today he turns 10 months and he is EVERYWHERE!! Still crawling but that does not slow him down any. He loves to open cabinet, doors and drawers and empty them out!! You accidentally leave the bathroom door open he is in there in a split second!! Wes is really starting to glide along furniture these days. He occasionally lets go and if you smile too big at him while he is standing up solo, he immediately drops because he is smiling right back at you!
He is waving, clapping, and really starting to talk these days. He waves "bye" or "hi" and it melts my heart!! He has ma-ma and da-da down in every decibel possible. Lawson is right there encouraging him by saying "no, not da-da or ma-ma, say Lawson!" Haha!!
He loves bath time but HATES getting his diaper changed. I need vise grips to keep him in place he will not stay still!! (Don't worry none are used!)
Wes is still my happy baby except when he is hungry!! Whew! Watch out if you get between him and his food!!!
Happy 10 months buddy!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Athletic Gene

My family loves sports we are what you call 'sports junkies.' Although I am close to 6 feet tall I am not very athletic. I played basketball for two years in high school and honestly I don't like to sweat so playing sports was not a very good fit for me. I do however LOVE to watch sports. My hubby, he played soccer in High school but I wouldn't call him athletic either (love ya babe). Although we don't play, one of our favorite pass times is to watch sports. Hubby found out very quickly how much I loved sports while we were dating. I canceled our 3rd date within an hour's notice, because I got basketball tickets to see Duke vs NC State. (I am a big Duke Basketball fan, can you blame me?!?!) Somehow over the years he has forgiven me for that one!! (Good thing!!)

My twin brothers on the other hand are VERY athletic. They both played basketball (soccer, baseball, golf, etc) from early childhood through college. On top of that they can pretty much pick-up anything that requires any athletic skill. Example: Ryan went snow skiing for the first time his junior (?) year of college. Then two times down he was on the black diamond slopes with no problems. I go skiing (bunny slopes) for the first time and bust my tail so many times I give up and go back to drink hot cocoa and nurse my wounds.

My point to all this is I hope that my children pick up my brothers' athleticism. And there is hope check out these pictures!

Lawson shooting the basketball. Look at that follow-thru!! (keep your eyes on the ball!!)

Uncle Chad shooting a three, nothing but net!!

Love you buddy!!

As for Wes, the boy loves balls and we have the best time rolling the ball to each other. Oh I can't wait to be a sports' mom (or a dancer's mom or a pianist's mom, or whatever they choose), but mostly a sports' mom. I promise not to be one of the obnoxious mom's who thinks their child is the next Michael Jordon or Kristi Yamaguchi. Regardless of what they choose, I believe one of my children will love sports and hopefully will get some of their Uncles' skill!!

Lawson for Congress!!

None of the people I voted for got into office, but there is hope...

She has my vote!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Poll Results

It looks like the red door won the vote. It only took us 3 1/2 months to paint the shutters, so I expect the door will be ready by Christmas. I will show pictures once it is done.

To be honest my vote is for the yellow door and hubby likes the red door. Since he will most likely be the one painting it will probably be red.

Thanks for everyone who participated.