Monday, March 31, 2008

Wes's First Day at School

This morning I did the thing I have been dreading since Wes was born. I dropped him off at daycare. It was a little tougher then I thought it was going to me. This morning he woke up around 4:45 he ate then I laid him back down. I got ready and then woke Wes up. When I woke him up he was smiling from ear to ear!! So happy!! I am thinking to myself "buddy why are you smiling don't you know where you are going today" but through watery eyes I kept on smiling. I knew I was close to breaking down at any moment and to hear him cry would probably do it so I was dreading putting him in his car seat. On most occasion Wes lets me know how unhappy he is that he is in his car seat. So I put him in his car seat and all he does is SMILE!! Now, I am grateful for having such a happy baby but come on!!! I am taking you to school you are suppose to cry. I think it would have been easier if he had of cried but he didn't!! He was all smiles. I stuck around long enough for feeding time again. I don't know if I stayed around to wait for him to cry or for me. Either way he did start crying and would not take a bottle. So Mommy took over and went into the office. Once he was comfortable in a swing I took off (1 1/2 hours later).

When I dropped off Lawson she left me without looking back. She was off playing with her friends. I had to beg for a hug and a kiss. I needed that hug and kiss. I needed reassurance from my oldest child I was doing the right thing. As I watched her start playing with Sara I knew I was. Lawson loves her friends at school. Sara has been her playmate since they were 5 months old. I remember when Sara would come in the room in the mornings Lawson would practically jump out of my arms to get to her. So as I looked around Wes's new room I wondered to myself "who will be his best bud?" "who will be the one that Wes talks about and tells me XX is my best friend" Only time will tell but for right now I want time to slow down. I want to treasure everyday, every moment and just soak it all in. Each day is truly a gift from God and I am so grateful that he blessed me with two beautiful children and a wonderful husband.

Science Museum

This weekend the weather was yucky so we took the kids to the Science Museum in Raleigh. We are starting to not be afraid to take the children places. It is not the germs that stop us just the unknowns of what can happen with two kids in public. I am happy to say everything went perfect. Wes was so good the entire time. He was awake most of the time and sat in his car seat and enjoyed checking out his new surroundings. Wes was sporting his froggy outfit for the special occasion. Then Lawson was a great listener!! (we sometimes have issues with listening) She loved looking at all of the bugs, fishes and dinosaurs. It was a great weekend!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Daddy's hunting buddy...

One day!

Thanks for the bib Donna, Baker and Owen!

Going Green

Okay I am not talking about the environment today. I am talking about Lawson's outfit today. It was very special!
Lime green shirt

Mint green pants

Lime green underwear

Green sweater

white socks w/ green sandals

Oh!! Don't forget the green hair bow

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lunch Date with Katie Lynn

Wes is a happy camper sitting by such a cute girl!!

This afternoon Wes and I went to visit Jennifer and her baby Katie. We had a great time. Katie is such a happy baby. Katie is 11 days younger then Wes. Thanks Jennifer for having us over.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Other Easter Pictures

Grammy and Wes

Tether Ball time...

I am the Queen of the World...

Reading time with Pops (Big Mac in the background)

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Grammy, Pops and Uncle Taylor shared Easter with us. It was also Collins' birthday (Happy Birthday Collins) on Saturday so we had double celebrations. Lawson got spoiled once again by her grandparents (Collins' parents this time). Between the purple bunny as big as her, the Snappy Farm book (which she loves) and the Tether ball pole in our backyard it was Christmas all over again. Thanks Grammy and Pops for everything! I remember getting Malt Robins Eggs and Peeps and thinking I had hit the jackpot!! Lawson loved finding Easter eggs when there is no competition!! The weekend before we went to the Meredith College Easter Egg hunt and just watched everyone. When she is in her comfort zone she is wide open!!

We left Wes and Lawson with Grammy while we picked up Collins' new propane grill. I left a bottle of milk in the fridge but since he hasn't been taken a bottle well I left only 3oz in the bottle and 3 oz in another container. Well Grammy gave him the bottle and he drank it like a champ (Jennifer- see if they are hungry enough they will drink from a bottle). Well, after he finished 3oz he started screaming because he was not full. Grammy didn't see the extra bottle so asked Lawson "where does your mommy keep the extra milk?" and she said "in her boobies" and Grammy said "I know that but where else" Lawson said " oh oh in the fridge-ridge" and saved the day and found the extra milk!! She is not only a comedian but our little helper!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm a Barbie Girl

I asked Lawson last night what her favorite song was. She said "Barbie World" What happened to "Twinkle Twinkle little star" or "Baa Baa Black Sheep"???? Without laughing (to hard) I said how does the song go... "Im a barbie world, get all dirty in the mud" WHAT??? So again I said how does the song go "Im a barbie world, and a barbie girl" So in honor of Lawson here is the song. Trust me this song is not in my collection but in her daycare's collection. I have to admit it does have a good beat to dance too.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

I love warm weather!

The weather in NC has been beautiful this week but it looks like this weekend is going to be a rainy. I am not complaining because we are still in desperate need of rain. So I thought I would post some pictures of the kids enjoying the beautiful weather while we are all stuck inside!! Everyone have a nice weekend.

My little basketball star!!!

Look at me- I can dunk!

Lawson and Wes just chilling!!

Watch me go fast!!

What sweet kisses!!

Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying the warm weather!!!Lawson loves to be outside. Her favorite activities are playing on her playset, drawing with chalk and playing basketball with daddy. Now that Wes can sit up in his Bumbo seat he loves to watch Lawson play. Lawson will play a little then run back to Wes and give him a kiss. Then play a little more and come back to give him a kiss. She can't wait for her brother to play with her!!

I love it when Lawson asks me while shaking her hand, and looking like such an angel "do you want to go ouuuutsiiide, and plaaay? You do, okay everybody line up and we will go ouuuutsiiide!!! Isn't that nice"

Thursday, March 13, 2008

2 month well check-up

My baby boy is growing, growing, growing...

Weight 13lbs 9 oz- 85%
Length- 24 3/4" - 75%

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Weekend with Nana and Dah!

Lawson Crazy in Pink

Why put one in your hair when you can put 3 hair bows in your hair?

This weekend Collins went to Birmingham, AL to be in a friends wedding. While Collins was gone Nana and Dah came down to visit (help me) with 2 kids. Earlier in the week Lawson was informed that Nana and Dah wanted to take her shopping. Lawson told Nana on the phone "I want purple pants, they are my favorite" All week all I heard “Nana is buying me purple pants.” So Saturday we were on a mission for purple pants. Have no fear we were successful in finding the purple pants. Our simple mission led too much much more. We went shopping for 4 hours and everyone behaved!! Like a typical female Lawson loves shopping and like a typical male Wes slept the whole entire time. Grandparents are wonderful for spoiling grand kids! Lawson’s favorite thing was the new pajamas she picked out. As soon as we got home she changed into her new pj's along with her new underwear and new sunglasses all pink. She was crazy in pink!!! She was also crazy tired so Nana and Dah got enjoy the pleasantries of a 2 year old. Mom reassured me “you were just like her Maridith, enjoy!!” I am not sure if that is reassuring or just plain scary!!

We did get to enjoy many laughs. Lawson was the victim of being in the right place at the wrong time and Wes spit up all over her. We are talking projectile amounts! Lawson wasn't too thrilled but she got over it pretty quickly. The best part was we caught it on film. I don’t know how to do video clips but once I do I will post it. It was hilarious.

We had a wonderful weekend. Thank you Nana and Dah!

Monday, March 10, 2008

For Uncle Will


I have never been a big fan of chores but none bother me more then laundry. I HATE LAUNDRY. It never ends. I think that if I were to ever be a millionaire I would immediately hire someone to do my laundry. I am just venting because yesterday I did 5 loads and today I still have 3-4 more loads to go. Tonight all of laundry baskets will be empty but I know that will be short lived, because bed time will roll around and the baskets will be full once agian!!! I know it is the same in everyone's household but for some odd reason today it just really got to me. Gotta go I just heard the buzzer to the dryer.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wes is 2 months old!

My baby boy is 2 months old today. We have our 2 month check-up next week. I will post his stats then. I am guessing he is about 13lbs. In other news, for about a week now he has been sleeping 7-8hrs straight at night!! Thank you, Wes!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Aunt Lauren came to visit!!

This week my wonderful sister came down to see me and the kids. We had such a great time. Lauren was sweet enough be bring presents!! Lawson got an Easter basket with chalk, a bunny and a book. She immediately took the chalk and got to work! She told Aunt Lauren "lay down and I will draw your body."

Then she read a book to Aunt Lauren. She loves to read!!

The next day we went to Marbles in downtown Raleigh. That place is amazing. It is a kids dream playland. It is so cool. Of course my childs favorite part was mopping the deck of the ship. She didn't just mop one spot she mopped the entire deck even the corners. I just need to figure out how to get her to mop my kitchen!! I think it is about time she has a few chores!!

Wes joined us as well but he just slept the whole time!

Thank you Lauren for visiting us!!! We love you!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Layout

One might say I have to much time on my hands, while I like to say I am learning new stuff about the internet. Okay, so I didn't really learn much because all you have to do is follow directions, but it is new to me. I decided my layout was to ordinary so I went to Matiekay's blog to get a free blog layout. I like it for now! Let me know what you think!

Lawson being silly!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My name is mommy!

About 2 weeks ago Lawson asked me "what is your name?" I said "my name is mommy." She said very seriously "no it isn't, what is your name?" I said with a smirk on my face "my name is mommy" My child said with a huge smile, like she had just stolen cookies from the cookie jar and didn't get caught "no your name is Mar-beth and daddy's name is Collins" I told her no my name is mommy and daddy is daddy and she didn't question me again. Then this weekend I was talking to Collins and Lawson was saying "mommy mommy mommy" and I wanted to continue my thought before I answered her because I knew she was not hurt and it wasn't an emergency. Then out of no where she says "Mar-beth, I am talking to you" Now the mother-of-the-year would of known not to respond, but I was so shocked of course I stopped talking and gave her the attention she was looking for. Now, that this has occurred several times I am doing a better job of not responding to her calling me "Mar-beth" but I think this is just my little girl is just constantly testing the water!!

Wes and Mommy!

Wes and Mommy just chilling out!! (7 weeks old)

Leap Day Special!!

My Leap Day was wondeful! Collins took off so I could have a couple of hours to myself. So I took off and went shopping at Triangle Town Center. I am proud to say I only bought stuff for me- not for the house or kids. I think this is the first time in 2 years. I bought some pants but could not bring myself to buy any blouses. Is it just me or do all of the latest "fashions" look like maternity clothes??? If I wanted to wear loose fitting shirts I would continue to wear my maternity clothes in my closet. After a semi-successful shopping trip I went to the spa!!

Elizabeth got me a gift certificate to Skin Sense and I got a full body massage. It was wonderful. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU ELIZABETH!! I was so relaxed and felt so good I didn't want to leave! On top of that Collins made a wonderful dinner, he is the best cook and loves cooking for us!

I think the only thing that would of made the day better is if I had a girlfriend, sister, or mom to share this day with!! Maybe next Leap Day!!