Thursday, October 27, 2011

Track out trip to VA

I am really liking this whole track out thing.  We can take trips in the middle of the school year and make it a long weekend.  NICE!! The kids and I went to VA to visit my family  to see Lauren & Will’s new home (stunning) and just relax (really there is no such thing with 3 kids but you get the point.)

We were planning on leaving on Thursday but Wesley got sick, a quick trip to the doctors only to find out Wesley had croup and I thought our trip was a no go.  The doctor told me he was not contagious so if he had a good night we could go.  Well, he had a great night so we were off.  3 kids, 6 hours, we made it there! 

Saturday, we decided to go Apple Picking, Nana and Dah met us up Lauren’s.  Cailyn and Dah playing on the floor.DSC_2141

Nana with grand girls!DSC_2166

The big kids.  I didn’t notice it at first but looking back at pictures I can tell Wesley wasn’t really well, but he was having a great time.DSC_2159

Nana now with all the grandkids!DSC_2169

After we went apple picking we went to a winery for a picnic and wine.  Picnic and wine, people really do that, and we did it with 4 kids!! DSC_2174

The kids had so much fun!!DSC_2187

Then we got back to Lauren’s and Wesley started feeling sick again.  My buddy was a fever and took a NAP! Crazy.  I actually missed my wild little boy!!

Luckily, the next day Wesley was feeling MUCH better. Amazing 24hrs can do.



Sunday, we had dinner at Mom and Dads. Ryan, Will, Lauren and McKenna came over.  We had yummy steaks and sweet potatoes (Lawson’s request.)

Uncle Ryan got lots of snuggle time with Cailyn.  She loves her uncle!


Then when it turned dark, the real party began.  SPARKLERS!!DSC_2252DSC_2256

As luck would have it I got sick too.  So we had to stay an extra day.  We had such a great time and I just love spending time up in VA!!  Love you all!!! We will see you again at Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Many Faces of Lawson

Early in October (yes that is how far behind I am) Lawson and I played Barbie’s on a picnic blanket outside.  We were having the best time laughing and playing.  Of course, I had to capture the moment. 

Mommy and Lawson Oct 2011

Then I realized how perfect the lighting was so L and I had an impromptu photo shoot.  She is such a good sport.

Lawson 6 yrs old  Oct 2011

Then we got inspired. Here we have the many faces of Lawson.

Many Faces of Lawson Oct 2011

I love my L-bean, L, or L-dub!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Daisy Girl Scouts

I am so proud of Lawson.  She is officially a Daisy Girl Scout.  Back it early October she had her ceremony.  She absolutely LOVES Girl Scouts!!  Her Daisy leader is Miss Betty and is 83 years old, one of the oldest active members in Girl Scouts in NC. 


Do you like her feather?  She made this on her own, from her feather boa!! She says everyone is wearing feathers in her hair these days…just so you know!!


I love everything GS stands for and love to see Lawson’s enthusiasm for the organization.  She has already had her first GS outing (without me). Terrifying but it is part of the process of her spreading her wings. She went on a Haunted Train Ride about an hour away.  She had a great time, but told me she really missed me (I think she knows how to make me feel better)!!

Congrats, Lawson!! We are so proud of you!DSC_2073

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lawson is keeping track

Lawson is tracked out still and she is trying to keep the house in order.  #1 person she thinks she can control…WESLEY.  The child put a HUGE sign in the hallway depicting when he is bad and good.   I could not help but laugh!!

She thought of everything a box for the pen and stickers for he is good.  All accessible…


Oops right now Wesley has more sad faces then stars…


Wesley checking out how he is doing.


Lawson is such a little mommy!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fireman’s Picnic

The first weekend of October is our town’s annual Fireman’s picnic.  Collins happened to be out of town on a fishing trip so after the baby woke up from her nap we went to check things out and met up with Elizabeth and her sons.  We also saw a lot of our other friends there too!! It is so fun living in a small-ish town!!

One of their demonstrations…that was not moving along fast enough so we moved onto food!


Now, this was cool and scary. 


The best part was getting to play on the fire trucks.  Of course, they are a lot cooler when they are out for play and not parked in your driveway. I am just saying…DSC_2006


Of course, some of us might use the huge front bumper as a stage…


Anderson, Lawson, Wesley, and Owen.  These kids had such a good time together!


We can’t forget Cailyn…she was there too!!


Me and my kids!!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Next Taylor Swift

I can hear it now…”Ladies and Gentleman I am proud to present Lawson to the stage”

Lawson the Star 6 yrs old

However, if singing is going to be her thing…she might need some singing lessons…soon!!


(I will be honest, I busted out laughing when I read this…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!)

Dream Big, baby!! We support you in all of your dreams!!

Lawson Dream Big 2011

Lawson is going to see Taylor Swift with her Grammy and Pops in November.  She is SUPER excited and is getting ready! 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We are still here…

Things have been super busy around here!!   Short synopsis of things going on here…

Lawson is tracked out right now, so I have got her working…girl has to learn to earn her keep!


Wesley was sick last week, but doing fine now.                        DSC_0355

Cailyn is just busy being cute…


I am just trying to keep up!  We went to VA last weekend then I got sick. Right now I sound like a 70yr old smoker, but I am feeling much better.


We hope you are doing well!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cailyn is 8 months old

8 Months Old

I say this every month but I can’t get over the fact how fast time is going.  Cailyn is 8 months old.  Wow!  Cailyn is just our little doll baby.  She is so much fun and SO HAPPY!  This child just lights up a room.   I thought I would share 8 happy things that Cailyn is doing these days…

1. You make eye contact with her she immediately smiles!

2. She eats everything you offer her although I think her favorite food right now is butternut squash. (BTW- do not get between her and her food, you will get yelled at!!)

3. She has slept through the night several times but it is not a regular occurrence.   She typically wakes up once at night normally around 3AM.

4. She still has zero teeth but the bottom two are trying their best to break through

5. She is perfectly content not moving.  Although if you do place her on her belly she does push herself backwards. (by no means is this crawling)

6. The sweetest moments is when she is going to bed and I nestle her on the front of me and rock her.  She will pull up and look at me and say “dadadadada” melts my heart every time.

7. She is in size 9 month clothes on the verge of 12 month old clothes.

8. She is soaking everything in these days and watching and exploring everything. 


I try to remember to slow down and just treasure each and every moment!! This time is going by WAY to quickly.  I LOVE YOU, CAILYN!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

We are NOT in Madrid, Spain

If you have received an email from me asking for money because I took a quick trip to Madrid, Spain PLEASE IGNORE!!

Apparently, these people are complete idiots because if they knew me they would know I have a hard enough time getting 3 kids ready for church, let alone going all the way across the world.  Geez!

Hopefully I will get my account will be fixed soon because they changed everything including my Facebook account.  Otherwise, I will have a new email account soon.

PLEASE do not email my fittsfamily account, because they are responding back to people!  Scary!