Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lawson Update

This is Lawson on her way to school one day. I had to get a picture because she looked so cute. Of course, you ask her to smile for the camera and she will give you this look. Still very cute! Also, you can see half of Mr Chew. He will be 9 years old in October!

Lawson's newest song she loves to sing is B-I-N-G-O. Then we have the regular ones like Baa-Baa black sheep, and Etsy-bitsy Spider.

On a cute note, this morning Lawson asked me "Mommy, what side is baby brother on? I want to give him a kiss" I really do hope that she is that sweet when he arrives. I have a feeling she is going to be a great little helper.

Pregnancy Update: I am doing well. I am 25 1/2 weeks now. I go in next week for an ultrasound. Hopefully by the time we see "baby fitts" we will have a name picked out and can introduce you to him by name! (Maybe)

I have to make special note that Raleigh finally got some rain. Lawson was able to wear her new rain coat and rain shoes. Lawson loved jumping in the rain puddles. As you can see Chewy is never far behind Lawson. They are the best of friends!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Melinda's Bachelorette Party

Several of us MC girls went down to Charleston, SC to celebrate Melinda's upcoming wedding by hosting her a bachelorette weekend. We had a blast! Times have changed from our early 20s. 3 of the 7 were pregnant and 3 of us have a baby or toddler at home. I have to say it was refreshing to get away for the weekend and not have to worry about the things us moms typically have too (Although I did call home several times, just to check-in). We didn't close down the town like we use to but it was so fun to hang out with the girls! Best Wishes to Melinda & Ben!

Collins survived the weekend! He did a wonderful job. This is what I came home too!! What a sweetheart! I think they really missed me.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Lawson and I had a wonderful time going to Pullen Park and then the Farmer's Market on Saturday. After we did the fun stuff I decided we needed to go to Joanne's Fabric. This whole time Lawson had been diaper free and letting me know each time she needed to go. Well we got into Joanne's and the line was a little longer then I had anticipated. Lawson looks at me and says "Mommy I need to pee-pee" So I drop everything I have and frantically look for the bathroom. As we are walking towards the back. Lawson says "uh-oh" and sure enough she is going on the floor. I quickly move her to behind a display case and let her finish in one place. (what else was I to do?) so I look at all of the material that would make perfect wipe rags and resist the urge. I also resisted the urge to just walk away. So I carry my 2 year old to the front with wet pants, as she carelessly says "Mommy I peed on the floor, not nice" Needless to say with a beet red face I ask the cashier for something to wipe up the mess. The manager was very sweet and said all mothers have been through this and not too worry.

Then today, Labor Day! Today we went shopping and not too much else but relax (whatever that means). I was trying to get Lawson to take a nap and Ms. Sneaky came down stairs covered head to toe in pink something. Collins immediately pops up and says I got the paint you got her. I had no idea what the pink stuff was but quickly realized it was the pink paint from the touch-ups from Lawson's big girl room. (she still has not transferred over to a big-girls bed) We were very fortunate that Lawson was the main victim to her artistic ways. The carpet (brand new!) only got a little on it. I wish I had taken a picture but that was not my first thought at the time.

Although our Wolfpack team didn't win and we didn't go anywhere exciting we had a nice weekend! I hope you all did too.

Special Request: I ask that anyone who reads this blog to please keep Hinton in your thoughts and prayers. His mother, Melissa McGee, was a Meredith Angel and Hinton at 11 months old is the victim of child abuse by his babysitter. He is at WakeMed with severe head trauma.