Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lunch at School

I went and had lunch with the big kids at school on Friday. Lawson wouldn't let me take her picture so it is only of Wes.

 Wes didn't know what to think that I was there. He proceeded to wave at me and sit down to eat with his friends.  I finally talked him into having lunch with me once the teacher told him it was okay.  Then of course he didn't want to eat because he was not fully prepared for this change of events.  Finally, once he realized I wasn't leaving he loosened up, ate, and we talked about his day!

He told me while I was there "I love spending time with you"  he melts my heart!!

When it was time to go he wouldn't give me a kiss but I didn't push it.  I have a feeling this is the slow process of him not needing his mama so much.  I will just treasure the moments he will let me kiss him and not dwell on the fact that my little boy is growing up!!

I am very proud of Lawson and Wesley!!! They are both doing great in school, they seem to enjoy it and adapted nicely.  Of course, now we have a three week break so we will have to start over again but I think they will do well!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Lawson's Last Day of 2nd Grade

2nd grade for Lawson had its fair share of challenges. New school, then 3 weeks later new teacher,LOTS of homework, friend issues, deciding she hates school and making life miserable, to loving school and making the most of it...

What a year. Happy to say we survived, she did great!

Lawson's Teacher Ms. Chesser.

Lawson's picture for LAST DAY OF SCHOOL for at least a week!! Then she started 3rd grade!!

Here are some pictures from Lawson's last few weeks of school.

Field Day

School Spirit Week (wacky tacky day)

Award ceremony

Skit time

What do brother and sister do when we are at the school....sit and wait patiently (most of the time)

We are very proud of Lawson and all she has over come this year!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Lawson's 8th Birthday

For some odd reason I avoid writing these posts. I am not sure 100% why but there is a good chance I am in denial.

My baby girl is 8!!! As she will tell you 2 years from 10 and 8 years from getting her drivers license. Ugh!!

Lawson's big gift from her Daddy and I was getting her ears pierced. Long story on that fiasco, but bottom line is we got them pierced and she loves it!!

On her Birthday... My precious baby girl!!! Seriously, where have the years gone?

For her birthdays she did not want a birthday party but go to the mall, have her BFF come over for a sleep over and go have sushi. Her are picture of her celebration.

I love you, L-bean!!! Mommy and Daddy love you so much and we are so proud of you!!

VBS 2013- Everywhere Fun Fair

This year we were able to go back to Vacation Bible School since we are not on the swim team this year. The theme was Everywhere Fun Fair. It had great music, great lessons, great crafts (I say that because I was in charge of crafts, haha!!)

The most important part the kids had fun and experienced the church in all it had to offer for them! Every night we would have dinner, then Lawson would go to the sanctuary for Bible Fun, Wesley to his class, the Cailyn to the nursery.

Here are some pictures of our time. Great shirts...

Sing Praise!!

The biggest ham, or the child who enjoyed the music the most was Cailyn. Oh, I wish you could of seem her!!! I will try to upload the video. In the mean time here are pictures of her dancing down the aisles!

We loved VBS!!