Saturday, June 28, 2008

First Tooth!

I am almost forgot to mention what I found out yesterday at the pool. Wes has his first tooth breaking through. He hasn't been fussy or drooling too much so I had no idea!

Trying something new- green beans

Mom- what is this stuff?

Now that look says it all! (a look I am sure to get familiar with as he gets older)

It's okay Mom- I still love you!

Again?? Are you sure this stuff is good for you?

I am going to have a talk with Daddy when he gets home!!

He ate it all without too much protest but it didn't look like he enjoyed it. Maybe we will skip the green beans today and try something else.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Bye Bye Bumbo

We have retired the Bumbo seat and now Wes is in a high chair. Our days of sitting on the kitchen table to eat are over. Wes was getting so strong and long that he was pushing himself backwards and almost popping himself out of it. I pulled out the old high chair last night. Lawson recognized it immediately and said "when I was a baby I sat in here, but I am not a baby anymore, Wes is" When she first started talking I was afraid she was going to get a little possessive but she didn't.

Wes doesn't mind where he eats as long as he gets to eat!

Lawson likes it that Wes now sits with us at the kitchen table (notice the purple glove by her plate!)

Notice that beady green eye in the background, that is Chewy waiting for clean up duty.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lawson's First Dentist Appointment

Today we had our 'happy' visit at the dentist. It went perfect. Normally at the happy visit the doctor just looks at your mouth and counts their teeth. Lawson let them count her teeth (20 white shiny teeth) and clean them. I was very proud. All it took was the hygienist to give her some purple grape smelling gloves and she was in hog heaven. The only hickup we had was taking away the gloves at night time.

Amy (hygienist) explaining what she is going to do next

Hit me with your best shot... I'm not scared

Ms Hollywood (Lawson) doing the necessary prep work to stay beautiful

Dr Wingate talking to her about her finger sucking and helping her with her gloves

The visit was wonderful. I highly recommend Dr Wingate and her staff!! See you in another 6 months!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Snug Bug!

Here is Wes from this weekend. I thought I would post this so you could get an idea of how big he is. I weighed him this weekend and with clothes he weighs approx 19lbs.

As my Daddy Bob would say he is a "long tall drink of water"

My snug bug!!

Wes is Sitting Up!!

My Baby is starting to sit up now. He loves to be upright and believe it or not stays that way for a really really long time. It seems like it happened overnight! Sitting up at 5 1/2 months!!

Enjoy the pictures...

Look at me mommy

I am soooo proud of you baby

Lawson playing with her baby brother... she loves it that he is sitting up now...I guess Wes likes it too!!

To make sure it wasn't a fluck I tried it again this morning... Check out his new shirt from Australia

Lawson and Wes 06/25/06

Aunt and Uncles in VA

This weekend we went to VA and had such a good time!! Wes got to meet his Uncle Ryan for the first time!! They got to bond. We had such a fabulous time hanging out with everyone! I love you all so much and miss you!!!

Special note: So I realized after calling Lawson - Lauren and Wes- Will that I have named my children with the same first letters as my sister and my brother-in-law. If you know me you know I can never get the name of something right the first time. So either I did this to confuse myself OR I love my sister and brother-in-law so much that we subconsciously named them after their first letter. Who know!

Uncle Ryan meeting Wes for the first time

Happy Wes and Lawson playing around

Just the Boys!!

Ryan and Lawson

Lawson and Lauren playing around!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mommy- aka- Bag Lady

I was telling mom the other day how happy I was to be working from home now and I could retire my days as ‘the bag lady.’ She asked me what I meant and I counted off to her all of the bags I require on a typical morning going to work. She said I should take a picture so I would remember. I realized after I took this that if this was a Monday I would also have a bag full of diapers for Wes and Lawson’s ‘Big Sister’ bag for her change of clothes for the week.

From Right to Left -Laptop, pump, VIP- Wesley, purse, lunch, & Wes's diaper bag

Summertime, Summertime!!

Lawson and Wes 1st time at pool (Summer 2008)

Hey Big Sis, where are you going?

Lawson pushing Wes in his float

Yesterday, as promised I took the kids to the pool. This was our first time at the 'real' pool this summer and we had SOOOOO much fun! (thank you Nana and Dah) Last year I took Lawson 2-3 times a week with another friend and her baby. This year they decided not to join but I decided what the heck. Although I will have a 5 month old it will be okay. I was right, it was more then okay, it was pure bliss!! I had one of those moments that I was smiling so hard it hurt. I loved watching my children play in the pool. This was Wes's first time at the pool and he was soaking it all in! Lawson didn't take long to remember how she loves to go underwater and splash and play. She didn't seem to mind that Wes took some (lots) of my attention because she was quick to find other kids to play with her.

Lazy summer day!

Wes loved being in the water. He never fussed, he just smiled and kicked his arms and legs in his little float. After a while he ended up falling asleep in his float!
He is just like his Mommy and Nana- the only thing he was missing was a cold refreshment (and I am not talking about a soda pop)! It was so cute. I am so glad I brought my camera so I could capture some of these priceless moments.

If I haven't said it recently I am so blessed and I love being a mommy to these two precious children!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lawson playing in the pool (kinda)

So yesterday I promised Lawson that if she got a sticker for good behavior at school I would take her and Wes to the pool. I called and sure enough she had received a sticker. For those who don't have a 3 year old, there are days that they do not have "good behavior." Well, my plans didn't quite work out the way I wanted them to and I got off work a little late. So while I was at home (I work from home a couple days a week) I set up a blow-up pool on the deck. At the time it was a great idea.

I was so proud of myself for finding a way not to disappoint Lawson. I got the air compressor out and blew the pool up. Cleaned it off and filled it up with water. I felt a little guilty filling it up with water since we are under water restrictions but not quilty enough to disappoint a little girl. Well an hour after I had filled it up with water 2 of the 3 air chambers had deflated!! The pool was the sorriest excuse for a pool there was. The good news is Lawson didn't seem to mind!

Tonight we are going to the real pool!! Mommy and 2 kids, that will probably be another story!!

Eating Cereal!


I love cereal!

This weekend we started Wes on Rice Cereal. He LOVED it!! He ate more then he probably should have at his first sitting (Friday, June 13th). It was like he was saying why have you been hold back on me???

Lawson reaction was priceless.... "Mommy what are you doing? Wes doesn't eat food he drinks from your boobie."

Moments Later- "mommy he is making a mess, LOOK, that is messy! He is Messy Wessy!"

This is the one nickname I do NOT want to catch on!! When I told my hair dresser what we were going to name our baby she said (as she will say anything) "oh, I knew a boy in jr high school named Wes and we called him Messy Wessy" Luckily Lawson hasn't repeated it but why is it that a 3 year old can come up with a Nickname so fast????

So my Angel is eating cereal now. I need to read up on what to feed him and when. I can't remember!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Collins!

I thought I would post a little walk down memory lane....

Lawson's Birthday!

Wes's Birthday - "This is a piece of cake now!"

Daddy and his angels!

Daddy we love YOU! You are the best

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just feel like writing

I soooo should be doing work work right now but I am thinking about the kids so I thought I would write about my angels.

Yesterday I took Lawson to her 3 year appointment. She was an angel. She actually loves going to the doctors and get this- she wanted them to give her a shot. (I don't think she realized doctor shots hurt!!) Anyway, she isn’t due for a shot until she goes to kindergarten!! Did you say kindergarten??? That is crazy talk!! The doctor said she was in perfect health was impressed that the only time she went to the doctor in her 2nd year was for pink eye!

As far as her stats she is in the 90% for weight and 95% for height. I think the measurements were 38lbs and 39 ½”. She is a big girl!!

Lawson constantly is cracking up me and her daddy. I wish I had a tape recorder on all of the time. She is hilarious!!

Now for Wes…On Sunday, he turned 5 months old! He had a runny nose this weekend but seems to be fighting it off pretty well. He hates to get his nose cleaned. I swear, I think he is swatting at me when he sees me coming with a tissue.

I haven’t wanted to admit this but I am today. WES IS NOT SLEEPING THRU THE NIGHT!! IT IS KILLING ME!! I use to brag how Lawson started sleeping thru the night at 8 weeks and truly woke up once during the night before Wes was born. Now that Wes is not sleeping thru the night neither is Lawson. Some nights are better then others, but I can count on 1 hand how many times Wes and Lawson have both slept thru the night. Collins could sleep thru a tornado so he isn’t much help (he is helpful with so many other things I try not to complain) but I have the nights solo. The nights are not too bad he is up for 15 minutes tops and then back to bed. If I have a gripe it is that I am still waking up and working! I would love 1 full night of sleep!!

Now that I have gotten that off my chest we can move to the cute stuff…Wes is rolling everywhere these days. He won’t stay still. On Sunday I noticed him pushing up on his hands and trying to push his butt in the air. It is so cute!! I think he is testing out his crawling skills. We are not close but it won't be too long!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Retirement!

It is official, Grammy has retired from teaching!!

Congratulations we are so happy for you!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Do you smell that?

No- I am not talking about that type of smell. I am talking about the smell that triggers a rush of memories. Good or bad. This weekend I had one of those moments that brought back a flood of memories. I was ironing (this is a shock unto itself) an outfit that was once Collins’ as a child and now Wes was wearing for pictures. As I was ironing the smell of Collins grandparent’s house overcame my senses. As I sat there ironing this adorable outfit I remembered Fitts, his grandma. Although she never saw Collins and I marry she quickly accepted me as if I was her grand-daughter. Fitts made lots of outfits for Collins and Taylor and now my Little Boy can wear some of them. These outfits are 30 years old and look brand new. Thank you Grammy for keeping these clothes safe from hurricanes, house moves, and purges. I am so happy that these clothes can be passed down to my little boy. It is amazing to me that after lots of washings these clothes can still smell like a household that has been gone for many years.

Isn't the sense of smell an amazing thing? A scent can come from anything and then can trigger a memory or memories. What a wonderful gift. As I was writing this I thought of some other smells that I love!! These are in no particular order…

- My babies' smell. Oh I love that smell and wish I could bottle it up!
- Hubby’s smell. They say if you were given 30 white t-shirts and one of them were your husbands you would be able to pick it out. I think I could!
- Grandmommy’s Royal Secrets- Several years back she gave me a bottle of Royal Secrets and though I have never worn it myself but I do open it up and smell it every once in awhile. I miss you Grandmommy!! I hope to see you soon.
- Basketball gyms! I love the smell of sweat, leather, & varnish. Don’t ask me why but I love it

Tell me about a smell that brings back lots of wonderful memories for you??

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Lawson...

Lawson testing out the carseat base!

Face painting day at school!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Friday Evening

Daddy and Wes relaxing

Lawson not quite ready to relax!


Lawson's Birthday Party

How many birthdays does a 3 year old get in a month? Well, if you are Lawson you get 4!! This was the final BIG one hosted by mommy and daddy. We went to Marbles Kids Museum and had a blast. We invited school friends, mommy & daddy's college friends, work friends and mother's group friends with kids Lawson's age. The set-up at Marbles was perfect and so easy!!

Everyone getting ready for the big party - notice Wes's bib says "I love my big sister!!"

Everyone singing Happy Birthday to Lawson

Play time...

Dr Fitts is in the house...

Time to go fishing...

The birthday girl afterwards!!

After nap time we opened presents!

Thanks to everyone who came to help us celebrate Lawson's party. Hopefully, it was a fun time for everyone!

PS- I can't believe my baby is 3!!