Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Take a walk in the Park

We are trying to do something every morning while Wesley is home this summer to keep this as the "best summer ever" according to him. Today we went to the park at Lake Benson! We walked the trails, had lunch by the water front, and played. It was a wonderful morning. Wesley loves to explore every nook and cranny and Cailyn just loves to follow! Watching them interact is so fun because they really have a special bond. Of course, we were missing Lawson! She seems to always be in school. School for her doesn't end until June 28th then starts back up July 8th. Yuck!!

One of the highlights was listening to a young Asian girl sing songs from "Sound of Music" she had a fantastic voice!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

No School~due to power outage!

Yesterday around 6PM a freak storm came through for 10min with high winds and rain. It made a mess in our yard with zero damage but others were not so lucky. Lots of trees down and no power.

Lawson's school was one of two that did not have power on Friday. Isn't that strange?!?!

On the down side Lawson's field day was postponed. On the upside we had a beautiful day together! We cleaned, we played, we hung out and it was just a great day!!! Here are pictures of our day...started off with snuggles, then outside cleaning up limbs, then Porter's for ice cream!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wesley’s Preschool Graduation

On May 22, my big boy officially graduated from Preschool.  I was so proud of little guy!!! Here is official graduation picture.


Oh my, how this little man melts my heart.  I will be honest Wednesday when I dropped Wesley off at CEC for the last time I just stopped in the parking lot and cried.  I couldn’t believe 3 years had gone by so fast.  This was his last day walking into CEC.  Yes, I took a picture of him leaving the car!


Here is Wesley’s first day at CEC… dreading going to school… How times have changed!!!

 Wesley 2010 First Day of Preschool 1

Just a quick snapshot.  Please pass me the tissues!!!

Wesley Preschool Collage 1

Last picture before the ceremony…


Mommy and her big boy!!!


His graduating class before the ceremony.

DSC_0848 .

The Class of 2013 from Highlands CEC. They were each presented their diploma and Bible in their cap and gown.  Then they left the sanctuary and came back without their cap and gown and with their backpacks. 


I might of gotten misty eyed seeing all these kids for the last time together looking oh so adorable!!! After several sweet songs and a prayer it was over.


Wesley walking out of the sanctuary!!! Ready for Kindergarten!!!


Wesley and Daddy!!


I have been told a time or two that I talk too much.  I am saying my farewells to Wesley’s beloved teacher Ms. Ann.  Our friend is waiting to take pictures of us and apparently is snapping pictures. I have to laugh because this is a perfect picture of the kids bored, Collins waiting patiently, and me still talking…


Family Picture with the New Graduate!!


Wesley, your Daddy and I are so proud of you!!! You have grown so much the last 5 years and we have enjoyed every moment.  As sad as it makes me sometimes on how fast time is moving, I want you to grow up!! We will always be your biggest fan. 

A little about you… You are shy, but not a pushover.  You have a drive to win and sometimes have a hard time losing.  You know God, you speak about God all the time.  I will miss having the Bible as part of your daily curriculum.  You love bugs, blocks, dinosaurs, and playing outside.  You know all your capitol letters and most of your lower case.  You can count to 120 and you love doing math problems (most of which you give to yourself).  You still write your ‘s’ backwards.  You are one of the most loving little boys and I am SO PROUD YOU ARE MINE!!!

Check out those curls!!

Cailyn's hair is getting longer and the curls are getting bigger!!