Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blueberry Picking 2010

Seems we have yearly tradition going (this being our second year) of going Blueberry picking.   
The kids dove right in and really enjoyed the whole experience.  Lawson has one more year of experience then Wesley but Wesley was by far the best blueberry picker this year.  He could identify the blue blueberries rather then the green or red blueberries and was very eager to participate.

Halfway through here is Lawson's bucket. She lost interest and it was VERY HOT!!

Here is Wesley and Daddy's Bucket!! **Notice the flush cheeks

Then to keep Lawson entertained I gave her the camera.  And these are the picture she took...

Daddy having fun!

Yes, this is a blackberry not a blueberry but you have to get there at 7AM to get the blackberries otherwise they are all gone!

More pictures (like 100 of them) but here are a few more..

She took this picture too! I was impressed...

At the end we got to feed the goats!!
It was a fun morning and no (to the people who know my history with blueberries) no one got sick.

That evening Daddy made us Blueberry Cobbler (Karen's Recipe)!! Yum, Yum!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This is payback for the man you thought it was a BRILLIANT idea to go all 1950's on me and get a corded phone in the kitchen!
With this contraption I can not discretely chase after kids, separate children, or give them "the eye" if they misbehave while on the phone!! It seems that all hell brakes loose when mamma is on the phone!! And it is even worse when they know I can only move 3 feet!! Can you tell I have a lot of love for this phone??

The only plus to this phone...we always know where 1 phone is at all times.  I tend to misplace phones.  Oops!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Grandmommy's Great Visit

I few weeks ago my grandmother (the kids Great-Grandmother) came to visit the great East Coast then the South.  I say East Coast first because she flew into Northern Virginia first and that is NOT the South.  It was only when she got past Richmond was she in the South.  Moving on...
My Grandmommy is my dad's mother and I have not seen her since 2007!! That is a crazy long time. She use to live in SC but to be out of the humidity and be closer to her daughter she moved to AZ.   This month she made her way to VA and spent a couple days there, then drove to my house for 1 evening then drove to her old hometown to visit friends and family, then traveled back to my house then back to VA. (Did you catch all that?)  

Lawson and Wesley first meeting: I tried to talk up Grandmommy to L & W as to who Grandmommy was and where she was coming from.  Lawson's question were "Does she look like Mamma II?  and is she as soft as Mamma II?  Haha!  Lawson met Grandmommy when she was young so she did not remember her and Wesley had not ever met her.  Let me tell you, the children where not shy towards her for one moment.  They just loved her from the moment they laid eyes on her.  Wesley gave her a kiss within the first 2 minutes of meeting her.  What a Blessing!! 

Grandmommy spent every minute possible soaking in the kids and spending time with them.  It was so special and I caught a few of these moments. 

Lawson just loved that Grandmommy loves to read as much as her! Lawson was cracking up as they were reading the newest Highlight Magazine.

Lawson got the privilege of combing Grandmommy's hair. 

Snuggle time with Grandmommy!!


My kids love to read and Grandmommy loved reading one of my dad's favorite stories as a child.

One of the non-verbal signs Lawson loves you!!

After 2 wonderful evening with my Grandmother it was time to say good-bye.  I think one of the reason I have taken so long to write this post is because I knew I would cry. (Yes, I am crying right now) I just love my grandmommy and miss her dearly!! I am so thankful that she endured the long journey to see us and so many other people who love her!!  Our time together was priceless!! 

Also, many thanks to my dad who arranged the whole trip!!We love our Dah!

Here is a picture of me with my Grandmommy and the kids. 
We love you Grandmommy!! Thank you for such a wonderful visit!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wesley-ism Questions

I have mentioned before that Wesley is already made a name for himself at church as "Messy Wessy." Well, I had to make sure he did not receive that name due to his behavior and they assured me he was excellent it was just because he is BUSY and asks a ton of questions....some examples from VBS...

- Why are you doing that? What is that?
- Some random person walks in the room. Wesley goes up to them with his finger pointed and says " what are you doing in here?"
- Or the best one getting him to say "Praise God" during a song and with all of his million questions and comments he says "I don't know what that means so I can't say that" the teacher said she almost fell off her chair when he said that.

Then at home ( what prompted me to write this post) these are the type of questions I get on a regular basis "mommy why do goose lay eggs and cows eat grass?"

Somtimes I truly forget he is only 2...

He might be a mess but he is my mess and I LOVE him!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Messy Wessy Strikes Again


Lawson is ALWAYS a princess

Yes, she is wearing heals at the pool. They were accidently left in our bag after our trip to VA and she found them. Needless to say she got lots of compliments at the pool!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We love VBS!

The kids are having the best week. Lawson is making lots of new friends and Wesley is making sure everyone knows him by his nickname "Messy Wessy."

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Update

Seems like our summer is really picking up speed.  This week Lawson started Ice Skating Camp (a birthday gift from Grammy and Pops) and for her first day she LOVED IT!!  It was a little strange leaving Lawson this morning because this is NOT pre-school anymore.  She was the youngest by 2 years and the oldest was 13, but she felt right at home and did great!  Tomorrow we have to be there at 8AM!! I am not sure who is going to be more tired- her or me?? I am pretty sure me!

**On another note please include my MIL in your prayers.  She has had surgery this past week and more to come. She is a trooper and so is her nurse (her hubby).  Pray for a speedy recovery!!

Now looking at this post you would think it is 30 degrees outside unlike the 90+ weather we are having!! Wesley has been sporting a toboggan these days and looks like a snow boarder. . 
Also, this week we will be in VBS in the evenings!! Wesley and Lawson will be going this year and I will be volunteering.  I am so excited for what this week includes for all of us.    BTW- have you ever heard of VBS in the evenings?  I think it is a NC thing!

Well, that is it from here.  I hope everyone is having a great week.  Stay cool!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wes and Uncle Ryan

While up in VA we saw my brother as well (I don't want you to think I would leave him out.) Wesley loves Uncle Ryan and apparently when they both got dressed Saturday evening they were both on the same wave length.  Now, one gets himself dressed and the other does not, and one can pick up the other up, but just go with me.

It was really funny to see both of them in navy shirts and plaid shorts.  Hopefully, Wesley will be a lot like his Uncle Ryan!  Wesley has got a lot of growing to do but so far he is off to a good start.

We love you Uncle Ryan!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not Alway Wild

To slow this child down set him up with some books.  WESLEY LOVES TO READ!! He is just like his sister.  He was too quiet the other day and this is what I found.

He sat there reading for probably 30 minutes and did not even noticed I took a picture of him!!
Makes me think...maybe I am doing something right!!

EDIT: I accidentally hit the "Publish Post" button before I re-read what I wrote. Sorry this post was REALLY BAD!!!  Hopefully, my kids do not get their grammar skills (or lack there of) from me!!

Visit with Baby McKenna & Aunt Lauren

A few weekend ago (yes, I am slack) we went to visit McKenna and Aunt Lauren.  We had the best time visiting these two.  The reason it was just two people rather then 5 was...Will was away for a "man's weekend" and Mom and Dad were in Norway until Saturday evening.  McKenna was the best baby on the planet. Her face just lit up every time she saw the kids!

And boy did the kids just LOVE Baby McKenna.  Wesley would say "can I please hold Kenna for one minute?"

The love was equally shared.  Lawson and Aunt Lauren have a very special connection.  I never quite understood how my sister could love my kids as much as she did.  My sister truly loves my kids like she loves her own. 

Lawson and Wesley love her just as much!!

Lauren enjoying the kids while McKenna was sleeping. 

Then the princess woke up!! Bright eyed and bushy tailed. Ready to enjoy the water.

Mommy and Baby!!

Now that I am an Aunt to this beautiful Baby Girl I totally understand how my sister can love my children as much as she does, because I feel the exact same way about McKenna. 

Isn't family amazing?  To have so much love and room in your heart?  I love my family.  It means more to me then anything in this world and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful one at that!!
We love you Lauren and McKenna!! Thank you so much for a wonderful visit!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

We are still here...

and cooler then ever.

I will be back to blogging next week!! Promise.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Tour Around Our Container Garden

Our yard is pretty much rocks, rocks and more rocks.  Plus, lack of good sunlight and irrigation it is very hard to have beds of flowers.  For 2 years now the most we have grown is a few herbs and tomatoes in a pot.

This year I have to say Collins has just wowed me with the potential our little plot of land has and I just have to brag. Here is one pot at the corner of our garage.

Here is a cluster of flowers near my two rocking chairs (not shown)  This is the first thing you see coming up our driveway. Doesn't this just make you smile???

Then our deck is also decked out (pun intended)

Close up shots. 

This is Lawson's pot.  She designed and planted this all by herself (Really, all by herself) I think she has a green thumb like her daddy.

Solo Pictures...

This is actually in the ground. Our neighbor gave us this lily.  I love the deep red and had to take a picture

At our old home we had TONS of flowers & seasonal color year round.  It is so nice to see some color at our "new" house that we have lived at for 4.5 years.  Thanks Collins for bringing back the color!! It is just gorgeous!!!