Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Cailyn

1 year ago today at this time I had to call my sister to see if I was in labor. Sure enough, Cailyn Lea was on her way! What an awesome year. More to be posted later!

Happy Birthday, Cailyn!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Cold Yucky Weekend

We spent a lot of time inside thanks to the weather.  I snapped some pictures of the kiddos playing so nicely together in their cardboard playhouse.




Hope you had a nice weekend!

Friday, January 20, 2012

You have to see to believe- Cailyn

Cailyn 11.5 Months crawling and drawing
This will show Cailyn’s unorthodox way of crawling and what she does immediately with a pencil.  She cracks me up!!
Please ignore any undergarments you might see. I tried to recreate this same scene but on the second take Cailyn stops mid-crawl and starts pooping.  LOL! This one will have to do!
Also I updated the Cailyn is Crawling Post if you want to see her trying to crawl the right way!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Wesley is 4 years old

My baby boy is 4 years old.  WOW!! The years have flown by.  My big boy who came in weighing 8lbs 8ozWesley 002

is now a little boy full of life and energy.  His smile is contagious and his eyes smitten you the moment he glances at you…Fitts_Nov11-53

The top 4 things Wesley loves right now at age 4…

1. Pretend Hunting and Fishing

2. Spiderman

3. Playing with his sisters


4. His mommy

okay…I might of just thrown that last one in there but he did tell his preschool teacher he didn’t want to grow up because he never wanted to leave his mommy.  I am thinking that makes me a favorite!!haha! 

His birthday celebration seemed to be a week long.  First we celebrated that day with a special chocolate donut breakfast.

Then later that day we opened presents on facetime or skype with family!!

Then the following Tuesday he had cupcakes with his friends at school.

Then on Saturday he had a birthday party with all his closest friends.  What a fun time!

The picture below reminds me of his 2nd birthday party (and no it is not because he has his age on his shirt) it because I can not get a picture of this child sitting still he is always running!!



**When it was birthday cake time I some how forgot the candle!!! As luck would have it one of our dear friends were having their daughter’s 4th birthday next door so I borrowed their candle and quickly returned it.  Disaster adverted!! Thank you, Jenn!!

All of Wesley’s friends…DSC_3856DSC_3857DSC_3860DSC_3861

What a wonderful time celebrated a terrific little boy. 

He did ask if he was going to continue to get gifts every week…haha!! I guess one would think that since ever since Christmas he has received some sort of gift every week!!!

I love you Wes-wes!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

3rd New Year’s Eve Party

We did it again.  Somehow, someway we hosted another great New Year’s Eve Party.  Actually, I know how we did it with the help of my awesome parents, neighbors, and friends!!  This year we had one of our biggest turnout yet and the most babies too!!! It was so fun, and thanks to everyone who came. 
Some great pictures of the night!
Cailyn turned 11months old on the 31st and was the first to bed too!!! Nighty-night baby!!!
Then once the baby was in bed it was Oyster time!! One of the highlights for many!!DSC_3669
These were some yummy oysters this year!!!

The kids…wow, the kids had a great time.  Here is Wesley and his sweet girlfriend, Katie!!DSC_3671
Lots of babies!!!
Lawson and some of her friends!
Then one of the highlights for me was my best MC buds were all at MY HOUSE!!! How crazy is that???  I am so lucky to rock in the new year with my best girls!! DSC_3679
One of our guests got here asleep and stayed asleep…isn’t that crazy???
Then others just passed out…I don’t think it was the punch! (I don’t think!!)
Even Wesley passed out.  My big boy still wants his mommy!!!DSC_3694
Soon after we brought in the New Year everyone left.  DSC_3696
My clean up crew was hard at work…..
Nana was sweet enough to put little guy to bed!!
Then the “after party” started!!  Baker and Donna stayed with us for the evening.  No matter how long we have been apart we always pick up like it there hasn’t been a 8 month gap!!DSC_3700
We goofed off by the fire pit!!!
I love these two!!!
And I love him even more!!!
Happy New Year!!!

Here is too a fabulous 2011 and best wishes for an even better 2012!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Wesley

My baby boy is 4 years old today. We started off his birthday with homemade chocolate donuts with a candle. He was so excited that it was his birthday. When he woke up I started singing to him and he said "stop! You can only sing to me if I have a candle to blow out! That is the rule". Silly boy. I have much more to write about my only son, my middle child but that will be later. Until then, wish my little man a Happy Birthday so he can see all the people who enjoy reading about him on blog land!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas time means family time

Still got lots of pictures I still need to post and stories…so here is a start…

Lawson and Grammy!


My babies first Christmas!

Cailyn's First Christmas 2011

Uncle Taylor was extra huggable this Christmas.         DSC_3567DSC_3578DSC_3581

Cailyn’s favorite part was all of the paper and boxes…she is saying “MORE PLEASE!!”DSC_3587

She did like her riding toy…especially when someone pushes her!DSC_3595

Collin's’ favorite toy (from Wesley) a Potato Gun.  Guys really never grow up!!


It was such a relaxing Christmas…Grammy Gale and I did make Christmas Dinner and it was wonderful but it was nothing over the top (meaning no silver!!)


Happy Baby Cailyn while we were cooking…DSC_3605

My Christmas Babies…                              DSC_3608

The Fitts Family Christmas 2011DSC_3626

Gale and her boys…the one on the right is a bachelor (if anyone knows a cute, level headed girl late 20’s early 30’s let me know!!) haha- I am kidding!!DSC_3629

The original Fitts FamilyDSC_3630

Here is the crew on Christmas Day…I am so blessed!!DSC_3633

More Christmas Posts and New Year Posts to come…