Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tea Party Continued...

Lawson loved her birthday "Tea Party" so much this is what I found when I checked on her during 'Quiet Time' in her room this week.

I quickly grabbed my camera to catch this magical moment!!

Lawson with her baby having tea!!

I had a hundred other things I needed to do but I joined her for tea!!! What fun!! If I haven't said this before I am going to say it now...having a little girl truly turns back the clock for me...and these imaginary (magical moment) I seem to enjoy more now then I did 20+ years ago. I loved having tea with a doll, a bunny, and my daughter. I felt for a few minutes I had no cares in the world other then enjoying my company!!
How is it possible that my kids can make me feel so young, but at the same time make me I feel so old???? But don't tell Lawson I am old or she will say "NOOOO MOMMY, you are not old and you are not getting Magic Doors!!!!" She is the best!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Brother and Sister

One of Wesley's favorite thing to do is read or look through books (much like his sister). He grabs a book gets himself comfortable in a chair and goes through each page. It is the sweetest thing I have ever seen!!

Wesley reading while mommy is doing Laundry (finally caught on film)

The next time I check in on him this is what I find!! Lawson reading to Wesley!

Just to give you an idea of what our normal Attire is at home...Check out Lawson's shoes!!

I Love my kids!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lawson's Birthday Pictures

This is the last of the birthday pictures and I have to share!!!

Alicia got Lawson a Snow White dress-up outfit and she immediately put it on when she got home!!! As of yesterday the plastic high heel shoes are broken!! They were well loved for 5 days.

Blowing out her #4 candle!!!

Great-Grand mommy sent Lawson $5!!! The money was burning a hole in her pocket so Sunday we went to Target and bought 'Thumbalina' from the $5.50 section and she paid for it all by herself!!! I was so proud of her!!

Beautiful jewelry box from Uncle Will and Aunt Lauren- It houses her money & jewelry!!

Sound of Music from Nana and Dah!!

Finally an art easel from Nana and Dah!!

It was a great 4th birthday!!

Funny note: In our house the rule for time-out is 1 minute for every year of age. Lawson went into time-out on Tuesday (a day after her birthday) and I told her "Lawson go to time-out for 4 minutes" She said "No mommy it is 3 minutes" I said "Well, honey you are 4 years old now and now it is 4 minutes." She walked away grumbling something, because I think she realized then getting older is not as beneficial as she once thought! Hard lesson!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Strawberry Picking Tradition

It seems we have built us a tradition in our family to go strawberry picking around or on Lawson's Birthday. This weekend marked our 3rd Annual Strawberry Picking trip.

The first time we went was with Grammy and Pops when Lawson turned 2 (2007)
(Speaking of colorful sunglasses)

Lawson age 3 (2008)

Wesley 5 months old

Lawson 4 yrs old (2009)

Wesley 16 months old

This time Nana and Dah got to pick strawberries with us

Yummy Cotton Candy Ice cream

Nice job sharing!!

Wesley broke out in red bumps all over his arms and legs. It went away as soon as we left the fields. My guess is the leaves??? He is not allergic to strawberries, so who knows. Everyday is an adventure!!

Pullen Park Adventure

Last Friday I took the kids to Pullen Park for our morning out adventures. Pullen Park is one of my all-time favorite parks in Raleigh. Mainly because it has a train and a carousel. We met up with The Lails and the Spesshardts and we had a wonderful time. The kids and I had a picnic out there before we went home. It was a great, humid-free day!!

Mommy, Lawson and Wesley on the Carousel

Now this is fun!!

Charity, Siena and Britain (hiding behind the ear)

Feeding the ducks, geese and turtles (thanks for the bread Charity)

Train time!!

Lawson on the boats. The last time she was on these boats (2 yrs old) they had to stop the ride because she was standing up!! Big improvement!!

Wesley on the carousel ride (the second time), he is not a big fan!

(I took this myself)

Heather, Quinn and Holden. Now these boys loved the carousel ride!

Lawson smiled the whole time!!

The "big kid" riding on the boats

Mommy Rant...the 8o's fashions are back and they truly are as ugly now as it was then.
The colorful sunglasses, tight pants and baggy shirts are so bad. The park was full of teenagers on a field trip. I swear one teenage girl looked like Debbie Gibson with vest and the black hat.

I almost choked on my own laughter!! I also realized I really don't get out enough and yet another sign I am not as young as I think I am!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lawson's Birthday Tea Party

My little girl is 4 TODAY!! Happy Birthday Lawson!!! To celebrate Lawson's birthday she asked for a Tea Party. Wow, my little girl is turning into a little lady too!! Saturday we went over to the Pineapple Tea Room in Apex. It was so much fun!! Lawson dressed up like a princess for her "Princess Tea Party." She got to invite one friend and everything was PERFECT!!

Nana and Lawson

Lawson and Mommy- Look who is 4!!!

Nana and Mommy dressed the part by wearing cool hats!! Our princess dresses were at the cleaners!!!

Lawson invited her BFF Alicia. The girls had SO MUCH FUN!!!

Sparkling punch to clean the palate. Side note: I was sweating because I was afraid Lawson or Alicia were going to break something. Nothing broke and they truly were perfect mannered princesses!!

Cheers to good friends!!

Look who really got into the groove of the tea party. She drank all of her decaffeinated tea!!!

Mommy, Nana, Lawson, and Alicia

Hello sweat ladies!!

All of the guests at the party

Now that looks yummy!!

Lawson got tickled and her laugh is just awesome. It makes my heart sing to hear her laugh from her gut!!

Mommy got tickled too (after I relaxed) and I had a great time!!

Lawson serving Nana some tea!! What a great host!!

After the Princess Tea Party the girls went outside to dance!!!

Lawson my sweet little girl I love you more then words can explain. You make me and your daddy so proud!!! Happy 4th Birthday!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Schools out for summer....

You know the song, right??? It has been running through my head all day, why???

Today was Lawson's last day of pre-school.

To celebrate the whole pre-school met up at a local park to celebrate. The kids had a really nice time and the park was very shady so it wasn't too hot. It has a wonderful pond there and we saw lots of turtles and ducks!! Wesley learned how to say "duck" today!! I wish I had pictures to share but I forgot my SD card in the computer (oops!!)

As we were coming home I realized this will be my first time being a SAHM that I will have 2 kids 24/7 for the next 3 months. (I am slightly nervous) Our activities are go to the pool lots, trips to see family and friends, and arranging LOTS of play dates. I do plan on making the most of our time together this summer because this will probably be my last (and only) summer as a SAHM!! It is going to be a wonderful summer!!!!

Good-bye school year, Hello summer!!!!

A visit from Miss Katie

We had a special treat and our friend Katie and her mom stopped by today hello!!

Katie saying "I am here the party can start now!!"

Lawson knows how to entertain, so she got out her Barbie car and balloons for Katie to play with!!

Wesley just loves balloons!!

Wesley being extra sweet and giving Katie a balloon. Looks like he also going to give her a kiss!!

Here you go sweet girl!!
Thanks for coming by to visit!! We will be seeing lots of Katie this summer because her family is joining the same pool as us!! Yippee!!