Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Time 2012- what have we been up too?

All of out summer travel and plans have come to an end and now it is time to settle in for the fall schedule. Despite Lawson being in school most of the summer we did travel lots and really enjoyed ourselves. What have we been up to you might ask?

Lawson did swim team this year. It was a learning year and she really did enjoy it and was THRILLed to receive her first trophy.

We all enjoyed the pool. All of my children are water bugs.

Wesley has learned how to swim across the pool without stopping and is now allowed to jump off the diving board. Life is good for this boy!

Cailyn has worked very hard this summer to become a toddler and sure enough she is now a true toddler...

Our chickens are now laying eggs!!! Yippee! We average about 1-2 a day!

Our crazy raised garden did way better then expected and took over our front path!

Now we are working on our fall garden of beets, broccoli, lettuces, and collards!

I did get away this summer with 5 of my closest friends from MC! We always have the best time together!

Last, the kids seem to keep on growing! This picture seems to depict each child's personality to a T.

This was a picture taken before the big kids went to Grammy and Pop's for a couple of days. They were treated to going to the beach twice with out mom and dad!

I hope you have all enjoyed your summer as much as we have. I have more stuff to write about our summer travels coming soon!

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