Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cailyn's Surgery-Ear Tubes

After several ear infections and lots of fluid behind Cailyn's ears it was time for something to correct her discomfort and her significant hearing loss in her right ear. We first had the surgery scheduled for August 31st but after a well check-up we found out Cailyn had the mouth portion of Foot and Mouth disease therefore it was cancelled. Ugh!

Our day arrived Sept 14th. We woke up at 5am got in the car and we were off. I was shocked at how well she did. Cailyn never fussed once for milk or food. She just went with the flow. She probably wasn't hungry due to the fact she was awake before her normal waking time 7:30AM. We got some pictures before the surgery. She loved entertaining the nurses!

Here is my happy girl! Yes, I had to put her in a bow!

I also kept her busy with crayons and paper. She is like her sister and is an artist!

Picture of mommy and Cailyn before her surgery. Love my girl! The hardest moment was them carrying her away from me towards the OR and her screaming "maw, maw," Talk about painful to the heart!

I was literally in the waiting room for 5 minutes when they called me back. She did great!

She slept a good portion of Friday and was in the best spirits while she was awake. Have I noticed a difference? Yes. She is happier waking up in the AM. She is trying to repeat more of my words (understanding my words helps!) overall she is my happy happy baby!

thank you to all of our family and friends for your thoughts and prayers! Our baby is doing great!

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