Friday, April 26, 2013

Wesley's Spring Break 2013

Wesley was very disappointed that he was unable to go "anywhere fun" like Lawson does on her track outs. Lawson was still in school the weather was iffy so we just stayed home. To try and make the most of his Spring Break I tried to schedule something EVERYDAY!!
Here is a snapshot of what he did.

Monday: outdoor picnic and bubble fight

Tuesday: MOPS and he had lots of fun playing with his buddies.

Wednesday:Play date with Rylie.

Thursday: Playdate with Jeremy

Friday: Playdate with Holden. This one was extra special because he got the whole house to himself with Holden and Cailyn went to Holden's house to play with Fletcher.

Wesley said he had the Best Spring Break with his friends. This will be his last "Spring Break" thanks to being in a year round school next year.

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