Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lunch at School

I went and had lunch with the big kids at school on Friday. Lawson wouldn't let me take her picture so it is only of Wes.

 Wes didn't know what to think that I was there. He proceeded to wave at me and sit down to eat with his friends.  I finally talked him into having lunch with me once the teacher told him it was okay.  Then of course he didn't want to eat because he was not fully prepared for this change of events.  Finally, once he realized I wasn't leaving he loosened up, ate, and we talked about his day!

He told me while I was there "I love spending time with you"  he melts my heart!!

When it was time to go he wouldn't give me a kiss but I didn't push it.  I have a feeling this is the slow process of him not needing his mama so much.  I will just treasure the moments he will let me kiss him and not dwell on the fact that my little boy is growing up!!

I am very proud of Lawson and Wesley!!! They are both doing great in school, they seem to enjoy it and adapted nicely.  Of course, now we have a three week break so we will have to start over again but I think they will do well!!!

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