Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Don't use your teeth!!!

How many times have parents told kids "don't use your teeth you will break your teeth?" Well, Wesley learned a hard lesson. He will be losing his first tooth a little earlier then expected thanks to him yanking on a blow up ball air spout with his teeth!!!

Saturday, he came in with a white face saying he did something bad. And all of a sudden had a very loose tooth. That was very painful and very wriggly!!

By Monday the tooth was turning colors (black) and if you know me I HATE teeth so I though the worst thanks to early childhood trauma with the boys. Tuesday we had a dentist appt. and thankfully all is well. His tooth will fall out on his own and he did not do any damage to his permanent teeth. Thank you, thank you!!! Life with boys....

As I am looking at this picture I see what beautiful baby teeth Wesley has. I wish they would stay this way!!!

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Gale Fitts said...

Oh no! I love how beautiful Wesley's teeth are! Did I ever tell you that this happened to Collins? His tooth turned black the same way. It broke my heart as his teeth were so pretty too! All turns out well. Just glad no permanent damage was done.