Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rainy Easter Weekend

It is Easter weekend there is no family here, and it is rainy and cold. Somehow it doesn't feel like it should be Easter. However we will make the most of it.

This morning Collins caught up on some much needed sleep and the kids and I played in the playroom. It was so cool to watch Wesley and Lawson play...wait for it...Barbies together. It was so sweet. Then the girls wanted to play dress up so we had fun with makeup and dress up clothes! Wesley had a good time dressing up at school for crazy hair day!!

Then for the first time EVER we went to the movie theater as a family to see Rio 2. It was cute!!

After that it was nap time.

I should also add Cailyn broke her pinky toe at a jump house on Friday so she is limping around pretty good and not able to wear shoes.

Hopefully it is warmer tomorrow for Easter. I hope you all have a great Easter!! It is a little different this year but we are loving being together and having a low key weekend!!!

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